When a Sagittarius Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

There must be something wrong if a Sagittarius man is ignoring you. If you manage to get back on track and play your cards right, then he will be back in no time. To help you figure it out, here are the things you need to do when a Sagittarius man is ignoring you.

When a Sagittarius man is ignoring you, you should keep some distance and keep yourself busy in the meantime. Communicate with him but make sure to avoid coming off too strong because he won’t be giving you a chance to talk if you do. Keep yourself busy while he makes up his mind and clears his head.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Sagittarius man.

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Before we dive into the things you need to do when this man ignores you, we should first look at the dark side of a Sagittarius man and consider why he might be ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is difficult to manage or domesticate since he is constantly on the hunt to explore and learn new things. He is afraid of being constrained and made to follow rules or a set code of conduct because he is constantly assessing his options.

This makes it difficult to persuade him to take a relationship seriously. His curiosity knows no bounds, and he is constantly seeking change and education, which makes him even more restless and ends up hurting a growing relationship.

Reasons Why A Sagittarius Man Is Ignoring You

A Sagittarius woman is a goal-getter; therefore, when he ignores you, it’s because, at that particular time in his life, he does not see you as a target or a goal worth pursuing.

He may also ignore you because he no longer finds you intriguing, which would explain the decrease in communication.

You aren’t dull because of it; that’s just the Sagittarius man’s way, and you’re not following it.

Whether you are currently on a second date, a casual relationship, or a committed one, he will ignore you until you reignite the spark that first attracted him to you.

Or else, he simply moves on to the next intriguing person, which can be an improvement over your current place.

When a Sagittarius man begins to neglect you, there is unquestionably a distraction, and you are no longer his top concern.

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5 Things To Do When a Sagittarius Man Is Ignoring You

Ask him directly

A Sagittarius man requires you to engage him intellectually in order to feel a connection with him. Since he is fundamentally a deep thinker and philosopher, stimulating conversation is the key to piquing his interest in responding to you.

Once you’ve gotten his response, you must back it up with a relevant topic to discuss regarding your relationship. It’s crucial that you don’t follow him around or ask about him; instead, just approach him and start a conversation.

Ask a Sagittarius man a question and allow him a few more days so that he has a chance to react. If you don’t hear from him by then, it’s possible that you won’t for a while.

Expecting to have a conversation for hours with a Sagittarius man is unrealistic because when he does talk to you, he will only have brief responses.

Let him open up to you by discussing what is happening with him because you can’t force him to do anything, and you shouldn’t even pressure him.

Keep some distance

A Sagittarius man needs that distance to breathe and not feel suffocated by you if he’s angry with you.

The same holds true if he began to think you were being really possessive. A Sagittarius man will feel more at ease around you if you maintain your distance from him since he won’t be concerned about being overly emotional.

He’ll feel more secure when he knows he can move about without raising your suspicion, but he can become silent for a few more days if he feels too constricted.

When a Sagittarius man remains silent, your initial course of action should be to maintain your distance, and he will start to miss you if you are gone for a while. He will miss you and be curious about what you’re up to as a result of this.

If you take some time off, he’ll start responding to you and might even start initiating contact more frequently. A Sagittarius man will start to open up to you once more after a week or longer of maintaining your distance, and he will respect you more if you back off and allow him some room.

Communicate with him

You must refocus a Sagittarius man’s attention back on you, and you must provide him with a meaningful connection, which is what he desires. He feels disinterested and disconnected from superficial encounters, so make an effort to get in touch with him.

Keep your cool and talk to someone about what has been upsetting you because he’ll recognize your concern and alter his inappropriate behavior if he likes you.

On the other hand, it’s possible that he’ll continue to keep ignoring you, in which case you should let him go if it bothers you.

Maintain a good attitude; now is not the time to vent or blame your Sagittarius man for ignoring you. Simply tell him that you are checking in or have a specific message to deliver without creating any fuss.

If he wasn’t purposefully ignoring you but was simply busy and didn’t have the time or reason to text you, this may persuade him to respond. At the very least, contact him briefly if you can’t ignore him altogether and wait for him to come to you when he’s ready to re-engage.

Avoid confronting him

It’s a frequent blunder for some to react angrily and with a lot of questions when a Sagittarius man ignores them. It may seem legitimate to inquire about his whereabouts, the people he has been hanging out with, the status of their connection, and to demand an explanation for his silence.

However, this kind of behavior will appear intrusive and offensive to a Sagittarius man. Relationships do not, in his opinion, justify altering his routines or his degree of independence. Even if he was intentionally ignoring you, he would feel uncomfortable being questioned or confronted.

Remember that a Sagittarius man’s disregard for you is typically not a reflection on you if you’re unsure about how to respond. Although you might believe he is slowly drifting from you, this is rarely the case.

He might only be doing this because he wants to feel independent and wants to distance himself from the relationship. No matter how tempted you may be to question a Sagittarius man, refrain from doing so.

Due to his intense independence, he will view such confrontations as a test of or even a danger to his independence.

Keep yourself busy

When a Sagittarius man is bored, preoccupied with other plans, or both, he may become silent. When it comes to communicating his feelings to you, he’s not always very good at it. Making plans by yourself is one of the best approaches to getting his attention once he has stopped paying attention to you.

If you act in this way, he will consider you independent and assume you have a ton of exciting initiatives on the go. A Sagittarius man prefers a woman who doesn’t depend on him to be happy.

A Sagittarius man will begin to miss you if you walk aside and keep yourself occupied, learning new things and broadening your thinking. When he finds out that you’ve been studying hard while he was acting distant, he’ll be impressed.

It’s time to move on and leave him alone if you notice evidence that a Sagittarius man is not interested despite your attempts to be more independent.

When he becomes completely silent, the greatest approach to pique his attention is to leave him alone, even if it requires great patience.

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When You Ignore A Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man constantly seeks the next chance, although this is entirely due to his analytical personality and thinking. He won’t waste time on you if he even has the slightest hunch that he is being ignored and will move on to the following chance.

He never stops searching for the next interesting thing to pique his curiosity because he merely avoids passive-aggressive actions like ignoring people.

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5 things to do when a Sagittarius man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Sagittarius man is ignoring you:

  • Ask him directly
  • Keep some distance
  • Communicate with him
  • Avoid confronting him
  • Keep yourself busy



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