The Best Match For A Scorpio Woman

When I think of a Scorpio woman, I automatically think of Megan Fox. Although she is not a Cancer, her as Jennifer is how I can describe a Scorpio woman – secretive and just super cool. Now, if you are wondering what the best match for this Scorpio woman is, read on!

The best match for a Scorpio woman is a Cancer man because he is sensitive to the feelings of others. He is also creative in the field that he is in, just like a Scorpio woman. He is also loyal to his friends, family, and loved ones. They are both intuitive beings and have this deep and spiritual connection.

Want to know why I concluded that a Cancer man is the best man for a Scorpio woman? I have provided details below. So, continue reading!

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Characteristics Of A Scorpio Woman In Love


If we stereotype what a Scorpio woman looks like, she would probably be wearing a black t-shirt with some side bangs and some eyeliner. Being mysterious is what a Scorpio woman is known for.

She usually just sits at the corner minding her own business, but what most people do not know is that she is just observing the people and just studying them.

She also does not like to reveal herself at once. She is not the type to tell her own story. She likes to take her time getting to know somebody to find out whether you can be trusted or not.

In her own way, she likes to protect herself from everything that might hurt her. And so, if you are eyeing a Scorpio woman, know that it takes time for you to even get her interest.


This is another well-known characteristic of a Scorpio woman. She is very determined that she can get a little stubborn like a Taurus sometimes. She knows whatever it is that she wants, and she will do everything in her power to get that.

She will not even think about stopping until she gets to the finish line. And I think this is very admirable. Staying determined and motivated are two of the hardest things to maintain, and a Scorpio woman happens to have both.

When it comes to the person she is crushing on, she will also apply her trait of being determined to get him. If she sets her eyes on the price, then, it’s game over for the competition.

And when you are finally in a relationship, she will be determined enough to keep you happy and satisfied.


A Scorpio woman is not symbolized by a scorpion without a reason. A Scorpio is one of the most dangerous species out there, and all she wants is to protect herself, her friends, her family, and her loved ones.

She is brave enough to take on difficult tasks because she knows that she can do them and finish them with flying colors. As I have said earlier, she is the type to just sit at the corner and observe.

If she sees some anomalies, she will be brave enough to call the one responsible.

Being with a brave Scorpio woman is like having a protector. If she falls in love with you, it is guaranteed that she will have your back.

She will not tolerate things that will not do you good. She will not let anyone hurt you or anybody else that you consider close to you.

Because of these qualities, it’s really important for you to know what your body language is saying to her subconsciously. If what you are saying to her doesn’t align with her perception of your body language, you could be in big trouble!

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The Best Match For A Scorpio Woman

The best match for a Scorpio woman is a Pisces man. Now, before we get into the why, let us first discuss the how. This is all because of their personalities. Both of these signs are ruled by. Two planets.

A Scorpio woman is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet that is the ruler of aggression and sex, and Pluto is the ruler of death and rebirth. On the other hand, a Pisces man is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and expansion, and Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusion.

The Scorpio woman and the Libra man are both water signs, so you can expect that they have a lot in common.

Being water signs, both are ruled by their emotions. They both agree that emotions are the most important thing in a relationship. They are also both intuitive when they get together. 

There is this deep connection that only they can understand. They know what to do without having to say it to the other person. They know what their partner wants and needs.

Characteristics Of A Pisces Man For A Scorpio Woman


When you think of a Pisces man, there is always a word that comes with it, and that word is “sensitive”. When we hear it, we automatically think that this person is weak and that he is sensitive to the things that are said to her.

But the truth is that he is sensitive when it comes to the emotions of other people. He knows how the people around him feel. He knows when somebody is hurting and needs help.

This is probably why a Scorpio woman and a Pisces man have this strong connection, and that is because a Pisces man is a sensitive being. He can already sense whether his partner needs anything or not.


Being ruled by the planet Neptune, a Pisces man is known to be creative and innovative in the area that he is in. He is comfortable in an altruistic existence, and I think this is where he gets his inspiration from.

He may be good at drawing, painting, performing, creative writing, or any other forms of art.

In love, expect to get a gift that has been DIYed just so he can make it a little more special by making it personal.

He will also get creative with the dates that he wants to do with you, and of course, he is creative in the bedroom too! And you know that a Scorpio woman is the sexiest in the zodiac, right? Makes sense now?


If you have ever heard of a “soft boy” that has been trending for a while now, this is how I imagine Pisces men. He is soft-spoken and would rather listen than speak up.

He is very gentle, and when he finds the people that he trusts, he will not hesitate to be loyal to you. When he sees his partner as someone that he wants to be with forever, then he will never let him go again.

Scorpio Woman And Pisces Man Together

As I have mentioned earlier, this duo has a connection that others cannot comprehend. They are both very passionate beings they continue to create this magical, deep, and spiritual connection.

Well, a Pisces man is naturally intuitive, and when a Scorpio woman joins him, they become powerful. The dangerous thing, however, is that there are tendencies that these two will be addicted to one another.

This does not necessarily mean that it is bad, but you know what happens when you get obsessive. When you are with these two signs, you will notice a comforting and almost close-to-home vibe. It is very welcoming.

Just a little piece of advice to all Scorpio women and Cancer men – do not be secretive with each other. Scorpio, you need to tone it down a little bit because if you want this to work, you need to do the job.

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The best match for a Scorpio woman, final thoughts…

The most compatible sign to a Scorpio woman is a Cancer man because:

  • He is sensitive
  • He is creative
  • He is loyal
  • They are both intuitive
  • They have this deep and spiritual connection



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