How To Attract A Scorpio Woman

How to attract a Scorpio woman

Scorpio is the transformational part of the Zodiac wheel where the water element has a fixed nature, which means that the soul crosses on the other side and is unknown, over this Scorpio’s river.

The spark of spirit imagined in Aries materialized in Taurus, spread in Gemini, rooted in Cancer, exploded with joy in Leo, accomplished through realistic actions in Virgo, united with others in Libra, and is now traveling to the deeper and higher dimensions of the mind.

A Scorpio woman is intense, powerful, and vulnerable at the same time. And to attract a Scorpio woman, you will have to be equally strong, but always calm, and what is more important – to have a calming effect on her.

And you will have to radiate that raw masculine energy to catch her glance and capture her heart.

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is Scorpio Woman really so dramatic?

The Scorpio woman can often be very dramatic, but there are two good reasons behind her behavior. She surely did, and she continues to go through powerful transformational events. And the planet Mars gives her this zest, anger, and endurance to cope with those hard events.    

Usually charming, but also a bit narcissistic, the Scorpio woman is persistent and indomitable, and her every action is destined for success.

Her moral strength always triumphs over the will of others, enabling her to achieve her goals quickly and forcefully, but on the condition that she is not too capricious and dark.

She does not deviate even from the greatest dangers and obstacles. Unfortunately, her nature is such that she can often be vindictive or cruel for no reason. Injustice deeply affects her, and when she is offended, she does not shy away from violence, just to prove that she is right.

She is otherwise bold and cunning, she likes changes, seduction, and dangerous missions and she should not be played with.

When it comes to the ideal romantic partner for a Scorpio woman, the natal placements of her Mars and Venus will play major roles. And in her case, things will get a bit twisted, since the planet Mars which can be anywhere in her chart is describing her.

And the planet Venus will portray her partner, and also her desires in love.

Since Venus is never too far apart from her natal Sun in Scorpio, she can have it in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or even Capricorn. And if her Venus is in Virgo, she will seek someone precise, a bit nitpicky, but exceptionally skilled in their profession.

If this planet is in Libra, she might have some secret affairs, and often hostile types of relationships, but she will long for someone calm, lighter in appearance, physically and mentally, and she will tend to secretly suffer for love.

If a Scorpio woman has her natal Venus in Scorpio, she will want someone firm, trustworthy, darker in complexion or appearance, but sexy and courageous. If a Scorpio woman’s Venus is in Sagittarius, she will usually choose older and wealthier partners, who are educated, fun and also, and adventurous.

If her natal Venus is placed in the sign of Capricorn, a Scorpio woman will have the most harmonious relationship with the person who had been her closest friend for a long time, someone practical, down-to-earth, and very successful in their career.

What are the main traits of a Scorpio woman?

Passionate, often impulsive and strange, sometimes mystical and sentimental, and necessarily lucid and penetrating, the Scorpio woman usually represents a secret for those who have known her for a long time. And she always appears so sexy, no matter what her body type is.

Her charm drives crazy everyone who approaches her, but she also instills a certain dose of distrust, because she is almost always incomprehensible, and even arrogant to some people.

The Scorpio woman does not reveal her love for fear of rejection, and when she was sure, she will win any person with ease.

Also, she does not know how to forgive, she likes to break the competition, and she likes to flirt and be at the center of attention. Her success is assured wherever she wants it, especially related to her career. She despises snobs and is very considerate.

The best women of the Scorpio sign are loyal and brave, prudent with a lot of responsibility for the family. Such a woman is capable, of paying a lot of attention to her family and home when she is married.

As a housewife, she surpasses other signs in running a household, choosing the most beautiful details, and often performing all the hard masculine work.

How to pursue a Scorpio woman?

A Scorpio woman is frequently in conflict with her desires and behavior when it comes to love. She dreams about the self-esteemed masculine partner, but even when such an individual appears, she will easily become defensive and therefore, repulsive. This is why she must be approached slowly.

The conflict in Scorpio Woman is derived from the fact that the masculine planet Mars rules her sign and the planet Venus which is essentially feminine in its quality will show her ideal partner.

Although a Scorpio woman dreams about the big, dark, and seductive, trustworthy individual, she will act the same way to repel the opposite energy. And if someone is “too soft” she will despise that person right away.

This is why her ideal partner must be strongly masculine, but they must use a friendly approach in the beginning, so she can feel safe.

After a while, he can act as the “wounded warrior” asking for her help. This is the type of game that will mesmerize her and instantly show her devotion, in case she was interested in that particular person right from the beginning.

How to attract the younger Scorpio woman

If you want to attract a younger Scorpio girl you have to play the “hidden hero” type of game. You will be near her, radiating your powerful masculine energy, but be quiet, attentive, and serviceable until you gain her trust. And from that point, you should pursue her by opening your heart fully.

In a Scorpio girl’s natal chart, her ideal partner is seen through the sign of Taurus. This sign is ruled by the gentle and material Venus. Therefore, she will dream about a person who is sensual, and relaxed, but at the same time her opposite, which means that this person must emanate strong masculine energy.

Therefore, you must present yourself as the relaxed, almost easy-going type of person, who loves to cook, for instance, who loves to have a comfortable home and financially secure future, someone family-oriented, but dangerous, seductive, and ready to open up completely.

She will never fall for those “I have to process my feelings” insecure and shady types of people. She will need to get this special one as a friend and then get her wild romance.

How to attract a mature Scorpio woman

To attract a mature Scorpio woman, you can still use the tactics of the “sleeping hero”, and she will still fall for the trustworthy person who is very skilled and also dangerous. However, in this phase of her life, she will start to long for some good old-fashioned romance, too.

There is nothing uncommon in seeing a mature Scorpio woman single and available because due to those powerful transformations she had to go through during many stages of her life, she can often be divorced or separated from the committed partner from the past.

Now she is looking for something she couldn’t get before, like gentleness, tenderness, and genuine kindness.

In this phase of her life, also the area of romantic love placed in the sign of Pisces, and the area of spirituality, and also second marriage or committed partnership, according to many modern Western astrology schools, will become highly active.

This will mean that now that she studied the basics of love through her area of partnerships, she will start seeking a person who can mesmerize her in some way with their artistic, scientific, or medical talents and skills, and with whom she can emerge into some new and strange worlds.

She will love long conversations, walks in the rain, meeting in small cafes or libraries, romantic gestures, and lots of respect. The deep emotional connection through some mysterious mission will fill her heart and she will finally feel the one with that special person.

At the same time, she will long for a comfortable, but warm and gentle home-related type of partner, who will spend some quality time with her in nature, and someone who can fix furniture or household items, cook something nice, and be devoted all the time.

Now the essence is not about the raw passion and dramatic turnarounds, but peace and joy. 

OK. Now that we’ve covered the details about how to attract a Scorpio woman…

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