How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio Woman

Talking dirty to a Scorpio woman is passionate and intense! In this article, were going to show you how to properly talk dirty to a Scorpio woman in person and text!

When talking dirty to a Scorpio woman, show her your wild and dark side, do not be afraid to show that you have deeply passionate kinks and fetishes, any borderline sadistic sexual things are attractive to her. Be aggressive and powerful in talking to her, she will love your dominant and controlling side.

Scorpio women are the sexually magnetic women of the zodiac, ruled by the occult and sex which are incredibly dark and hidden aspects of life, these women will be intensely secretive to the point of being paranoid.

However, that icy exterior of them is only a mask, deep inside they are incredibly emotional and loving individuals who crave intimacy and love like no other! In terms of love and sex, they will be pleasing to their partners.

With that said here is how you can be able to fully talk dirty to a Scorpio woman when you’re with her… Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Scorpio woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio woman?

When you’re talking dirty to a Scorpio woman you must be bold in saying what you want out of her and what you expect the sex to happen, doesn’t matter how kinky or deeply freaky your fetishes are, she wants to know you are deeply interested in doing with her!

When talking dirty to her, you must be able to fully express your feelings emotionally, tell her how much you want her while you’re pinning her down in the bedroom, get personal with your deepest sexual fantasies, and tell her how it will play out.

Use a correct tone of voice and words, try to be slow in your approach while maintaining a calm and controlled tone of voice, and use intense eye contact and devilish smirks in between or after uttering dirty phrases.

Do not be afraid to look sly or dangerous in pursuing her, she probably will love it and will probably return the favor…

When the dirty talking stage becomes a long conversation and you can see that she’s enjoying it, move down to her by asking her own deepest and darkest sexual fantasies, ask her about things she might wanna do, in doing so you are turning her on and both of you are sexually growing.

Overall, be passionate and be open to fully expressing yourself emotionally and sexually! Do not repress any dark aspects that might come out of the surface, instead embrace it with her…

She will love it!

7 Ways to talk dirty to a Scorpio woman through text?

Make her remember the time you spent together

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio woman?

Since anticipation is your number one motivator here in turning her on, telling her the things you did to her when she was with you is a great way to turn her on! Even if it is in the past, she’ll deeply remember and savor every moment of it!

Talking dirty to her by appealing to her emotions is a great way to sexually stimulate her, this way both of you will have to relive the great scenario both of you enjoyed and will anticipate more things in the future…

Play with her sexual fantasies

As said a while ago, it is a great advantage if you already know first-hand what things she likes doing to be pleased in bed, that’s why it is a great way to turn her on through text if you’re texting her sexual fantasies.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t like her sexual fantasies or not, pursue her by appealing to her that the next time you’ll see each other she’ll get to play out her lustful desires again, this will make her aroused like no other!

Get sadistic and even violent!

Get sadistic and even violent! This woman loves it when the man she’s with is the dangerous, tough, and bad guy she expects to be! Play out her fantasy by telling her how you’ll degrade her during sex.

Get rough and aggressive, tell her how you’ll try to manhandle things down when you both are in the lovemaking process already! Do this and you’ll definitely turn her on like no other!

Get descriptive

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio woman?

When you’re talking dirty to her, it is always best to get with your imaginative and creative side on, get a detailed description of how things will go down, you can be dynamic in your pursuit of her, try to be aggressive and romantic at the same time.

The key is to get descriptive in your words, whether you’re talking dirty to her through text message or voice message, you need to get down on whatever business you’re into!

Share your dirty secrets

Share your dirty secrets with her! But do not share your sexual experiences before with other people as it might make her jealous and she might get angry.

Instead, share dirty secrets with her that involve the times when you are alone and you had to sexually satisfy yourself.

Share your secrets with her, by doing so you’ll be turning up her imagination and she’ll likely reciprocate!

Send her sexy photos of you

Send her sexy photos of you! Whether it is a bathroom picture or a gym selfie, sending her dirty pictures accompanied with the lines of: “What are you gonna do if I was with you?” or “This body badly needs your body right now…”

Get clingy and romantic

How To Talk Dirty To A Scorpio woman?

Do not be afraid to show off your romantic side to her, say “I love you” or “I care for you”, words of affirmation are a great way to emotionally satisfy her, you can send her long messages of how much you want or care for her.

The key point is to make sure she feels that you are not just only using her for sex, as much as she craves sexual pleasure…

She also desires trustworthiness to her partner, be loyal and faithful, and rest assured she’ll definitely have a long life with you!

Talking dirty with your Scorpio women’s final thoughts

Scorpios are the most intense sign of the zodiac so expect raunchy and freaky dirty talks with her to be extremely intense and out of this world!

She takes love and sex seriously and wants her partner to give her the emotional satisfaction she deeply craves as such do not be afraid to open up to her…

Only in this way, you can talk dirty to her properly and you’ll be able to see her more caring and loving side more often! She wants authenticity…give her that!

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