Do Scorpio Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Scorpio Women come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Do Scorpio women come back after a failed relationship? Dig deep to find out their true essence and their reasons for what makes them tick.

Scorpio women don’t take breakups lightly, because they pour their heart and soul into the man they choose to love and commit to, it can be a hard time getting back at them after a breakup, they will stay to fix the relationship but once they’re done, they consider as done and sealed deal.

One thing to remember about Scorpio women is that these women love hard and love intensely, they stay in relationships that might not be good for them because they know the essence of loyalty and commitment very well, they are the epitome of the phrase “I will love you to death”.

Because of their undying faithfulness and intense love for the person they fall in love with, they will have a hard time opening up to people as they tend to be cautious of who they let into their lives, they have a tender and soft spot that isn’t to be taken for granted by everyone.

This is why on the surface they can be seen as cold, stingy, or even intimidating because they know that not all people are going to love you and be kind to you, they’re defense mechanism is to build a thick wall that guards their heart and emotions.

But once they deem you worthy of love, they can be the kindest, warmest, and most sensitive souls you can ever meet.

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Scorpio Women: In Love, Dating Style, Good, and Bad Traits 

Do Scorpio Women come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

The Scorpio woman’s reputation of being a dark and sensual character is just a facade, it is their nature to brood about life because life is not all about happiness and glitter, they understand the darker aspects of the world we live in and as such, they tend to be guarded not to get hurt, nevertheless, these Scorpio women exude a such alluring but mysterious aura that attracts admirers and haters profusely.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that rules the planet Pluto and the 8th house of astrology that rules death, occult, power-dynamics, rebirth, and transformation, this means that in some way or the other regardless of her other planetary influences and placements, she will exhibit the powerful aspects of pluto.

Aside from that Scorpio is a water sign along with Cancer and Pisces, as such these signs might experience similar dispositions in life such as feeling more emotions than they can contain, may be more intuitive and forceful than what they seem to show, and can be incredibly great at being therapists and healers. 

She is emotionally intense that is hidden under her icy and cold surface, she is powerful, magnetic, vividly passionate, and wildly intuitive, she is determined and persistent. Because of her fixed modality, she is more likely to be able to restrain and be patient until she strikes the right time.

A developed Scorpio woman is capable of loving and showing reverence and kindness to an extreme, she will be spiritually connected with you, and she can seal her allegiance and partnership with you until the end of time, however, if a Scorpio woman’s soul and ego are several underdeveloped,

she can exhibit the worst of her personality traits such as her ability to delve into her darker ego, she can be manipulative, controlling, jealous, stingy, and uses her immense sexual energy for evil.

A Scorpio woman in love is not for the faint-hearted, they do not take dating and relationships lightly, they prefer deep late-night talks rather than going to parties that she considers shallow, and she is not impressed by flattery and glittery social scenes.

She prefers realness in her conversation and actions, she wants truthful conversations that tell what your real intention is, she is direct to the point and doesn’t want sweet flattery from you, she can detect lies and can snipe you away after.

The emotionally-charged Scorpio woman desires devoted and committed love, she wants her intense love to be reciprocated, she will love you like a devoted wife and will support and protect you no matter what the cause.

When a Scorpio woman is in love with you she will exude her utmost sensuality and magnetism, you will be hypnotized by it but don’t be surprised, as much as she wants to let you in her life, she will subtly test you in a number of ways to show if you’re worthy of her trust and love.

She is suspicious and distrustful because she is a sensitive soul deep inside, she craves real intimacy and close connection but she fears she will get it from the wrong person.

She doesn’t want a half-hearted relationship where she pours out everything only to be returned by cold, insincere, and unrequited feelings.

Her dating style is demanding. She demands intensity, passion, emotional security, and a tender heart. She will not be interested in easy and shallow flings and relationships. She wants a man she can love intensely without the fear of him breaking her heart.

How Do Scorpio Women Handle a Breakup

Do Scorpio Women come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

They will have difficulty handling the strong emotional turmoil within them because they do not consider breakups lightly they will be unable to let go of it, most of the time they will harbor feelings of anger, and resentment and they may even plot a strategic way to get her revenge.

She will suck in her room for days and might feel more melancholic, she may even experience more intense sadness than her sister’s zodiac sign cancer, this is mostly because she is capable of experiencing all of these wide sets of emotions at once. 

Your breakup can trigger an immense amount of trust issues, she will rethink what made the relationship go wrong and she will not back down on a fight with you, as much as she is wonderful love, she can turn into your worst enemy. 

All her intense emotions will be churning up inside her that will be masked by her calm and icy exterior, all her actions will be hidden in the dark making you cautious of your next move.

She will be stingy, and spiteful and might show the darker aspects of her personality more because it’s what she feels at the moment.

She will be extremely emotional and only at that time when she realizes she can heal herself will she be able to regenerate and come back stronger than ever, this is why breakups can be a sealed deal from them, once they get over you they will never return.

Can you win over your Scorpio Woman back?

It’s unlikely that you’ll still be able to get your Scorpio woman back, if you ever break up with her or she breaks up with you due to you breaking her trust, hurting her, or cheating on her, she will be undeniably stubborn on her decision.

Don’t fret however, even if the chances of getting back at her are slim to none, there can be remedies to fix or amend things with her which can rekindle your relationship with her.

You can only win her back if she wants to, she’s decisive, she knows what she wants and what’s best for her, she might rethink twice on keeping you but her ultimate decision goes down on her, she’s the one in control and she gets the final say.

However, she is more than her sun sign, and she is a complex individual consisting of the different moon, mercury, Venus, mars, and other planetary aspects that will tweak her personality.

Therefore don’t give up hope on winning your Scorpio woman’s heart back, she might believe in giving relationships a second chance.

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7 Ways to win your Scorpio Woman Back

Ask for forgiveness!

Do Scorpio Women come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Communicate sincerely and apologize, try to ask or even beg for her forgiveness, be sincere while uttering your words, and ask her ways where you can show that you’re truly sorry about your actions or your choice to split up.

Show her your possessive side!

Your Scorpio woman can sniff out if you are already not interested in several she’s her enough, don’t make her jealous by showing off you have another person in your life already, instead try to show your possessive side by showing her your raw emotions, show that you want her in your life back and that you don’t want other guys to connect to her.

This instinctively triggers her intimate side as she often finds it attractive when her jealous and possessive streak is reciprocated by her partner.

Do Not Control Your Scorpio Woman

There will be no way you can manipulate her, she can detect it and cut you off instantly, do not in any way be controlling or show that you just want her back right away.

Things take time and are patient and thoughtful to her as much as possible, do not engage in any behavior that might trigger her jealous side, even if you guys broke up she will most certainly exhibit compulsive and obsessive tendencies, she will watch your moves from afar and only genuine repentance and right showing of your intentions can make her forgive you.

Explore your dark side

Explore your dark side, be sensual, and explore your deepest and darkest fantasies, reignite your passion by doing something you’ve never done before, and create an image of a bad boy persona.

This is instinctively a good trait that makes her rethink you twice, this is because as much as they might try to hide it, her dark persona will also be attracted to people who exude that kind of aura or vibe.

Listen To Your Scorpio woman

No matter how complicated she might seem, getting reacquainted and then being able to talk and listen to their pleas or complaints about your past relationship can help her ease the pain that she’s feeling.

Transparency is the key

Be open to being an open book, and do not engage in secretive behavior, enabling her to read you like an open book will make her trust you more and see your actions clearly, she will not hesitate to show off her sensitive side if you show off yours.

Be a man of action, not words!

Most importantly, show her you mean the world to her by showing your actions, they will not completely trust your words if they cannot see your repentance through your actions, show off how much you mean to her, and abide by her whims.

Why are Scorpio Women known for having dangerous personalities? 

Do Scorpio Women come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio women and people with plenty of plutonic influences can have a deep mesmerizing aura about them that tells people to back off because they’re the people not to be messed with.

They are incredibly powerful individuals who have the ability to heal and grow or destroy…

They have the power to influence and control, their zodiac sign is represented by The Scorpion and Death in tarot cards, they are deeply intuitive and can use their prowess to create a long-lasting impression on other people, in terms of business, their determination, and resilience can enable them to create empires like no other.

Their dangerous personality only shows when you went to their wrong side or if you ever hurt their family or loved ones, but in general, these people are also capable of showing you extreme kindness once you’ve proven your genuine kindness to them.

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Love her or Hate her… Once you love a Scorpio Woman, there’s no turning back

Your Scorpio woman offers you love so consuming, she offers to you her body, her mind, her heart, and her soul like no other and she expects that you do the same, this love is not for the faint of heart.

This love is the type of love that endures, the one that is so powerful, people can feel it sprouting in, Scorpios are immensely powerful individuals, they love and will love you to death.



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