How To Tell If A Libra Man Is Lying

A Libra man knows that there are consequences when he starts hiding things from you, so he tries to avoid doing it as much as possible. If you want to know the signs when a Libra man is lying to you, you have come to the right place.

A Libra man is lying when he suddenly becomes secretive about his whereabouts and he will rarely contact you. Once confronted, he may also shift the blame on you and his promises do not consistently go well with his actions. A Libra man may also start to distance himself from you to avoid being questioned.

After reading this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Libra man is not interested and how to make him fall in love with you again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of A Libra Man

A man born under this sign can be a people-pleaser. It can be difficult for him to say no to others since he wants everyone he connects with to like him. Because a Libra man wants to avoid controversy or receive approval from others, he frequently changes and changes certain aspects of who he is.

This is frequently caused by internal turmoil and it might be a coping mechanism for being neglected as a child or a result of anything that made him internalize his thoughts in the past. If you have a Libra man friend who frequently engages in people-pleasing behavior and positions himself down, rather than passing judgment on him, creates a safe space where he can be himself.

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5 Signs A Libra Man Is Lying

He is distant

When he is involved with another woman, a Libra man may lie to you about his whereabouts. He may even mislead you and say he is away from you taking care of personal matters while, in reality, he is only separating himself from you. There is nothing you can do to change a Libra man’s emotional inaccessibility because he will do everything he can to distance himself from you.

A Libra man will never confess the truth to you, even if you catch him in the act. In order to prevent conflicts with you, he will avoid talking and make excuses for why he cannot be with you. It appears as though he suddenly and without cause shut himself off and he won’t talk to you about anything. Instead, a Libra man has built high barriers around him, and letting you in won’t be an option.

He blames you

If you inform a Libra man that you caught him lying, he will turn the blame on you. He would blame you by pretending that your behavior is the reason why he is lying. Moreover, a Libra man will attack your trust issues every time you try to bring up this subject and provide evidence of his dishonesty.

Keep in mind that a Libra man will always find a method to make it appear as though you are the bad guy while maintaining his composure. He is actually so caught up in his own web of lies that he no longer recognizes the difference between a lie and the truth. The truth is that a Libra man is actually trying to hide everything going on in his life from you.

He is inconsistent

Basically, with a Libra man, you will never know what to anticipate next. You’ll eventually be treated like the princess you are by him and he’ll swear his undying love for you and make promises. When a Libra man lies, his words and actions will not line up and he will suddenly consequently suddenly become more endearing and flattering.

However, everything abruptly shifts and you will notice that things always turn out worse. You don’t know what happened or how it occurred, but one day you find yourself in the presence of a completely different man who has lost all traces of the loving and considerate man you once knew. A Libra man is still there, as if nothing happened, and better than ever when you finally accept the new circumstances and that is how he truly feels.

He is critical

A sign that a Libra man is hiding something from you is the way he treats you badly. He will start to get irritated by everything you say and everything you do since nothing is ever good enough. In his mind, a Libra man is trying to point out all of your imperfections as a way to direct the subject away from him.

A Libra man occasionally lies despite not appreciating the repercussions and consequences that come with it. He will play the devil’s advocate for everyone to stay out of it because he doesn’t enjoy picking sides. However, a Libra man frequently forgets all the lies he has spoken once he is exposed and will start to be rude to you.

He never contacts you

When a Libra man never initiates a call, text, or date invitation for you, that is one of the telltale signs that he may be busy doing something behind your back. He never contacts you because he would never own his mistakes and would always act as if nothing had happened. A Libra man might prefer to ignore or stay out of confrontations when he is conscious of a deep-seated issue.

The fact is, you are the only one who starts a conversation and it will take him weeks before he even remembers you exist if you don’t phone or text him. You’re the one making plans, suggesting dates, and essentially pleading with your Libra man to spend time with you.

He is secretive

If you are familiar with the personality features of Libra man, you are aware that he can be an extrovert. This sign undoubtedly has a lot of friends because he frequently attends social events and tends to go out often. It is exceedingly challenging to get a Libra man’s an absolutely honest perspective on anything unless you are a member of his inner circle.

A Libra man is an expert at deceit and he will say or do exactly what other people want to hear or see in order to win everyone over, despite the fact that keeping the peace is his first priority. Hence, you will notice that he will be secretive about where he is going and who he is spending his time with.

Signs A Libra Man Is Not Interested

He is closed off

A Libra man won’t talk about his ideas with you like he does with other people when he isn’t interested in you. When he doesn’t like you, he won’t want to engage in friendly banter and ignore your communications. A Libra man most certainly won’t express his true opinions and becomes closed off.

A Libra man may simply not want to discuss a particular topic if you ask him what he thinks about it and he gives you an evasive response or changes the conversation. If he always makes evasive responses or shies away from the conversation, he probably isn’t interested. If a Libra man doesn’t want to talk to you, he won’t bother telling you what he thinks.

He breaks promises

When it comes to the people he cares about, a Libra man strives to be honest. Moreover, he will make an effort to avoid committing to things he knows that he can’t keep. A Libra man is probably not interested in you if he consistently makes empty promises about making time for you or doing anything nice for you.

If he wants to keep you around, a Libra man who is manipulating you can make untrue promises. He won’t bother to keep his commitments and he will try to change the subject when you confront him about it. A Libra man tries to make it up to you if he’s interested but merely unreliable with his word.

He isn’t romantic

A Libra man won’t make an effort to be romantic to you, so you’ll immediately know if he’s not interested in you. A Libra man who was once romantically involved with you may have lost interest if he abruptly stops showing you affection.

If he loses interest in you, he won’t try to court you any longer. If a Libra man isn’t romantic yet always approaches you for sex, he’s playing you. He won’t bother showing interest in you if he’s using you unless he needs something from you.

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How To Make A Libra Man Fall In Love With You

You only need to look deep within yourself to discover how to make a Libra man fall in love with you again. Because this sign is usually confident, he is drawn to women who are also confident and true to themselves. Moreover, a Libra man should not be subjected to excessive control or pressure. You must give him the freedom to live his life as he chooses and acknowledge his individuality.

A Libra man is looking for a free spirit who will live a nonconformist lifestyle, respect unpredictability, and go with the flow. Always remember not to give up your goals and dreams to please him, but don’t completely ignore him either. A Libra man believes that relationships are about cooperation, and there should always be harmony, regardless of what you’re doing.

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How to tell if a Libra man is lying, final thoughts…

If a Libra man is lying to you:

  • He is distant
  • He blames you
  • He is inconsistent
  • He never contacts you
  • He is secretive



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