Where does your Libra Man Like to Be Touched?

Do you want to know where your Libra man likes to be touched? Do you wish to know where your Libra man’s erogenous zones are?

Are you looking for more ways to pleasure him and do you want to use this advantage and utilize it to give him the utmost pleasure? How do you touch, caress, or massage this area of sensitivity and pleasure?

Worry no more because we will help you with all of that! In this article, we are going to talk about where your Libra man likes to be touched! Alongside that, we will also give you insider tips on how to calm him, pleasure him, and arouse him just by touching these particular areas.

We will show you where your Libra man’s erogenous zones lie which will give him an immense amount of pleasure! So sit back and relax and enjoy the steam of new information we’re about to give to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Libra man is ruled by the energy and sign of Libra, the scales. Libra rules the kidneys, the buttocks, and the skin. With skin being the largest organ of the body!

This means you can just touch him anywhere and he will feel pleasure no matter what! Alongside that, he is particularly sensitive around the butt area and you can also emphasize touching and massaging his abdomen for maximum pleasure!

Libra men are the fair-minded, balanced, beautiful, charming, diplomatic, sophisticated, artistic, rational, cooperative, sociable, popular, well-liked, romantic, and refined men of the zodiac. Libra men are represented by the Scales or sometimes a man holding scales.

This represents what they mostly strive for — Balance. In a world full of chaos they are the ones that seek order and peace. Their energy can be relentlessly good but sometimes they have a knack for being a too many people pleaser.

Libra is an immensely beautiful sign. Libra is a cardinal sign and is an air element. Libra is soft and calm in approach and likes to fix things diplomatically. With that said they can be perfectly dynamic in their approach to people.

They are friendly yet can sometimes be mean. They are immensely social creatures and are pretty well-liked and known in their social bubbles. Libra season starts from September 22 to about October 23.

Libra Energy is sensible and diplomatic. There is always an air of kindness to them regardless of how insanely gorgeous they can be! Libra is ruled by Venus so your Libra man will be extra handsome regardless of his other placements.

Libras are good-natured and can display more light qualities than any other zodiac sign. Because of this Libra men are known to be kind-hearted and helpful. Although some observant and deeply investigative signs such as Scorpio might see this kindness as shallow and fake.

Libra men are kind, sophisticated, classy, and extremely knowledgeable about the world they live in. Being an air sign makes your Libra man extremely intelligent! He is not only handsome he is smart too! This gives him an advantage as many people like and admire this.

Whether we like admitting it or not being beautiful in this society matters and this means Libra men are extra accepted in the society!

Your Libra man can be quite popular with ladies and men…This means that if you want a strong relationship with him you must learn how to not be jealous as your Libra man will certainly get attention everywhere he goes.

Whether it is his hair, his body, or his smile there will always be this admirable trait about him that people would not resist.

In romantic relationships, your Libra man is sweet, affectionate, and extremely romantic! It’s almost as if you both are in a romantic chick flick because of how extra-loving he is towards you!

Alongside that, he can be a mentally stimulating partner who likes to show how deeply understanding he is. He can be a good partner but sometimes his airy nature makes him flighty and gossipy and prone to boredom. 

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Libra man is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Libra man like to be touched? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Libra Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Libra man’s pleasure spots or erogenous zones as they call them are products of heavy energy centers which reside in their body. Your Libra man’s pleasure spots are also the spots where he can feel tightness and soreness especially if he feels stressed or tensed.

These pleasure spots are the areas where a heavy flow of energy resides in his body. This is extremely important in realizing that touching and massaging this area can give a significant amount of relaxation and arousal.

Your Libra man rules the abdomen, the buttocks, and the skin (the whole part of it!) This means that your Libra man can find significant pleasure just by touching and caressing any part of his skin!

Whether it’s the skin on his arms or the skin located on his face. Touching this part and caressing it is extremely comforting and relaxing to your soft-hearted Libra man.

When touching or caressing his skin you should also maintain a seductive gaze that translates into: “You are so beautiful and you are mine only” kind of gaze. Remember when you are trying to seduce him and arouse him you must properly create a seductive tension between the both of you.

If you are touching or caressing him with the intent of arousing him in the bedroom you can go overboard such as dressing up to make yourself sexier in his eyes.

Alongside his skin, you can also touch his abdomen area, particularly his abs when trying to seduce him. Touching this area gently while provocatively smiling and teasing him using intense eye contact can be an incredibly sensual experience for your Libra man. 

Whenever you are trying to initiate romantic experiences you must always use the power of your eyes to get what you desire. Whether it is his desire or lust that you want towards you as a woman you must innately use the power of the intense feminine gaze to get what you want.

Touch and caress his abdomen, run through your fingers, and let him feel the sensations with the use of your fingertips.

You can also try putting effort into touching his buttocks. If you are in a hugging position and both of you are standing up next to each other you can try stimulating his buttocks by grabbing it softly. This is immensely pleasurable to your gorgeous Libra man as he is trying to be more pleasing to you.

These are the most powerful ways to seduce him and make him aroused! However, if you are going for the relaxation route then massaging him will be the best thing to do to stimulate blood flow into his pleasure spots.

You can deeply massage his abdomen, lower back, and buttocks to stimulate relaxation and release any tension from the area!

When massaging him you must communicate with him as to how he likes being massaged. Your Libra man can be indecisive and may like soft or hard massage depending on his mood and the level of stiffness in his area.

You can also try doing gentle massage which includes gentle circular rubs on the area of your choosing.

Overall your Libra man likes to be touched and caressed almost everywhere in his body! (Because Libra rules the skin) he feels pleasured anywhere as you run through his skin with your fingertips!

He also feels particularly pleasured whenever you touch his abdomen and buttocks! If you want to massage him you can try putting effort into massaging his lower back and his buttocks.

Quick Overview: Libra Man’s Erogenous Zones!

1. Calm him down and give him an ambient place to relax!

Your Libra man’s senses must first be taken care of beforehand whether you are massaging or touching him to stimulate his pleasure spots for relaxation or arousal. A clean, well-balanced, beautiful, tidy room will greatly help you in setting up the mood for your Libra man!

With that said you can try setting up the mood by putting extra effort into freshening up the sheets, he will lie down to.

Remember that your Libra man is into cleanliness and sophistication. A visually appealing room can make things more relaxing for him instead of a dirty and untidy room. Alongside that, you must also show signs of passion and excitement as you approach him.

You can be extra touchy and kiss him as you try to work your way into touching him.

2. Touch and caress his abdomen

When you touch and caress his abdomen you must be well aware of the exact points where you can put pressure touches to his skin. Remember that his abdomen or stomach area can be an incredibly sensitive part as this is where most of his organs are situated deep beneath.

With that said when you are touching him be sure to remember that touching him outside of the periumbilical region is best for stimulating his senses.

His button or umbilical is located in the centermost part of his abdomen. When you touch him be sure to steer clear of this area. Instead, touch the areas surrounding it. The abs particularly can be a great part to continually touch and caress until he feels relaxed and aroused.

3. Massage his lower back

Lay him down on the bed with his face leaning towards the bed. Let him feel relaxed as you gently put pressure on his lower back. While massaging it you can use a rubbing or scented oil to create less friction whenever you rub the skin of his lower back.

Begin to put circular motions into the muscles. Rub and sink your hands into his muscles as you feel the tension in his lower back.

Whenever you massage him you can also try asking him if it feels good. Remember that your Libra man likes wide ranges of pressure and motions into his back so ask him if he likes what you’re doing or if you need to put a little more pressure into it. Massaging his lower back is easy and takes no time!

4. Massage his buttocks

Alongside the lower back, the buttocks are a deeply connected tissue to his buttocks so massaging these two areas interchangeably is a great way to stimulate his pleasure spots to make him feel relaxed and pleasured.

When massaging his butt area it isn’t necessary to have him all-around naked, a light fabric of underwear or shorts will do to cover the buttocks area. Just put enough amount of pressure through the circular motions of your palms into his buttocks.

This helps him relax and feel aroused. Not only this is easy to do but it is also helpful in making him feel loved by you! Whenever you massage these areas your Libra man will surely have more time to stay loyal and put back the effort you are giving to him!

5. Light massage his abdomen

Last but not least! Massaging his abdomen through the use of your fingertips and the palm of your hands will surely be a great way to turn him on and at the same time make him feel relaxed! When massaging his abdomen work your way through the abdominal abs by putting gentle rubs and pressure with the use of your fingers.

Touching a Libra Man…Final Thoughts

Your Libra man is fair, kind-hearted, diplomatic, extroverted, diplomatic, peaceful, a great leader, and a wonderful romantic partner. Being ruled by Venus your Libra man surely is a pleasurable person to experience with as he is friendly and more in tune with other people.

Classy and sophisticated man who has a pleasing personality and eye for visuals and aesthetics your Libra man likes to be touched anywhere in his body! 

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Libra man that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His buttocks
  • His abdomen area
  • His lower back
  • His skin

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