How does a Libra Man Express Love?

Are wondering what’s like to feel the love of a Libra Man? Are you wondering what your Libra Man’s love style is like? Worry no more because, in this article, we are going to show you how a Libra man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner. At the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Libra man to express his love more openly to you!

The Libra Man expresses his love with more expressive and sensual communication of his feelings, he will be a sweet talker and will say how much he loves you, he will be romantic and caring throughout the relationship, and he will have a way with words because he is an air sign ruled by Venus

The Libra man is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Scales. This sign deals with and has heavy themes of partnership, diplomacy, justice being fair-minded, collective peace, and balance. The energy of this sign seeks to build rapport with everyone. The energy of a Libra man seeks to create harmony.  Out of chaos he can be a great leader when it comes to resolving problems.

The Libra man is ruled by Venus. This man is well-mannered and charismatic. He exudes a friendly attitude towards others. He is powerful when he exerts fair-mindedness and diplomacy, and his Venusian energy can also make him extremely romantic and idealistic in love…

He is the archetypal beautiful lover, and peacemaker. The socialite, these three main archetype energies center the full personality of a Libra man and how he expresses his love. The pleasant energy of Venus can give him traits like being refined, classy, sociable, gentle, lovely and wonderful to be around as well as being gifted with physical beauty…

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With all of that said, the Libra man expresses his love differently and uniquely which makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs.  Let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Libra Man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner or loved one….

Let’s jump in!

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How does A Libra Man express his feelings?

The Libra Man isn’t afraid to express love through emotional and physical intimacy. He’s a sweet man, and his love style shows through his words and actions so expect a lot of physical touching and lots and lots of compliments!

A Libra Man also expresses his feelings by showing you how good the world is. He will exhibit traits such as being lovely, kind, and caring towards you. He will be romantic. He will send you flowers with sweet and heartfelt messages. Your man is ruled by Air, he can express his thoughts very accurately.

Alongside that, your Libra man is not afraid to have a heartfelt conversation with you. He can be open about his trauma and pain. He appreciates it and loves it a lot when you go mushy-gushy with him. He is a wonderful communicator. Everything will be said with truth and you will have no problem getting him to talk!

He is confident and sensual, especially with his way of flirting with you. Sex will be fun and full of exciting memories if both of you keep the flirting and playful banter in the relationship. Alongside that, he will be extremely confident around you, and he will try as much as possible to keep the fun, excitement, and romance in the relationship.

Another part of a Libra man’s love style is that when he’s in love, a form of expression of love would be a long ending continuous chit-chat with his partner. He will tell his partner just about everything he knows. As much as he loves making peace and dealing problems of other people, he secretly loves drama and gossip! He is like your best friend who is super fun to be around, and you will never be bored of him!

In a romantic relationship, he loves to express his ideas and thoughts. He will almost certainly give you a random fact you never knew in your whole life! This is because your Libra man likes to exchange thoughts and ideas, he loves the communication part of the relationship!

In sex, he likes sensual sex, the slow-burn type. He likes slow kisses and slow movements. He prefers to dominate but also would very much like to be submissive. As such he has kinks of being tied up and being pleasured. Your Libra man’s hedonistic side can show up and make the sex freaky!

Overall, the Libra Man expresses love differently. It is Venusian, altruistic, and truly an air sign love style. It can be either appreciated by the partner or not, but overall, his love style is a fit for a true romantic lover.

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How to get your Libra man to express his love to you!

Look beautiful…Feel Beautiful!

Embody beauty! The most important step to attraction and love, you must exude beauty inside and out! Your Libra man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. It’s no surprise that your Libra man is more attracted to a woman who embodies beauty.

With that said, do everything in your power to be the best version of yourself. Show him that you prioritize your health and beauty. Do take care of your body and treat it as self-love, taking care of your physical beauty. Also embody goodness from within, showing kindness can go along with a Libra man.

By doing this step, you are surely being more open to your Libra man expressing more love and compliments about you!

Be expressive in your romantic thoughts

Show deep interest in him. Flirting can be a great tool to make him fall in love with you even more. As much as he wants a loving relationship, he also wants a fun one. Be humorous or flirtatious when dealing with him and try to compliment what genuinely attracts you to him!

Be friendly and sociable to everyone!

This is a must, especially if you’re looking to have him as your long-term partner. Being a sociable partner where he can bring you on a date increases the chance of him expressing his love for you and can make him more attracted to you!

Exuding graces is an important trait that your Libra man has learned, and it can become crystal clear to him that you are the one for him if he deems you pleasant to be around with his friends, family, and his acquaintances…

Romance must come in a variety!

Whether it is lovemaking or just day-to-day hanging out with him, surprise him with something special! Romance must come in variety to a Libra man to avoid him from being bored in the relationship.

With all of that in mind, you can add variety to your relationship by abolishing any daily structure or schedule. If you both are used to eating brunch at the same time with the same meal, then surprise him with a meal he’s never eaten before.  Surprises like this can keep things exciting for him and keep him attracted to you.

Be the decisive one in the relationship

Beer or wine? Movie date or a date at a new restaurant in town? One downside trait of your Libra man is his indecisiveness, unlike other men who can be fixed and stubborn, this easygoing trait can sometimes affect his decisions.

With that said, be the decisive one in the relationship! If he asks you where to go out for dinner, then you should precisely tell him where! Is he having a hard time doing something and picking something? Do it for him! This greatly turns on your Libra man because he truly appreciates that someone is there to look out for him!

Show off your Intelligent side

Your Libra man deeply admires a diplomatic and fair-minded woman who can show off her social graces. Tackiness and being obnoxiously rude for no reason can be a huge turn-off for your Libra man.

That said, you can show off your intelligence by subtly looking classy and formal especially for public events. Being updated on the news and social scene, and having great manners and confident body posture is a turn on for him…

By doing this you are surely making your Libra man fall in love with you like no other!

Love him with all you have

Did you know that thoughts are energy? In a physical and spiritual sense, emotions in our body vibrate and affect our body and our reality. Therefore, it’s important to vibrate at a higher level of frequency, exuding love, hope, happiness, and contentment toward your Libra man.

Sending him love energy by radiating happiness and romance around him will surely make him express his love more openly and freely toward you! Match his inner love energy by expressing love at the highest level possible!

Open expression of love is free-flowing so your subconscious or higher self knows and does what is best to do.  Radiate love and happiness whenever you are around him, this will help him vibrate higher!

The more love energy you’re giving him! The more flavorful and colorful the relationship will be!

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How a Libra Man shows love (& how to receive love from him!), final thoughts…

The Libra Man’s love style is Venusian and it seems angelic sometimes. He is lovely and it shows. When he’s in love with you he is in his best, happiest self. He extremely giving and nurturing, unlike other detached air signs (like Aquarius and Gemini). Your Libra man doesn’t shy away from emotional attachment. He can show his emotions with ease and the communication will be romantic and powerful!

Always remember to apply some of the things mentioned earlier to encourage him to express his love to you. This will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Libra man. Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong. Let him express his love for you freely instead of forcing it!

Remember that this applies to men with the Sun in Libra or who have plenty of heavy Libra/Venus placements in their birth chart. If you want to know more about your Libra man’s full birth chart, you should determine his exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of his birth.

Also, it is important to take note that Sun in Libra is a debilitated placement, meaning even if Libra is a masculine sign, energies can be clashing. This can make a man born under the Sun in Libra have difficulties fully harnessing his power and energy…

This is because the Sun is pure masculine energy while the ruling planet of Libra is Venus, and is an extremely feminine energy. Both of these energies clash and cross out each other. Some Astrologers even believe that this debilitated placement can make a man born under this placement more influenced by higher authority and energies…

There can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Libra traits of your Libra man. For example, a Libra man who has a Capricorn moon and Taurus Mars can tweak his overall personality and make him more reality-grounded and financially equipped.

Another example could be your Libra man’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means his Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of his inner planets are under the same sign of Libra. This amplifies the Libra energy, giving him the stereotypical nature and traits of a Libra.

The only way to truly find out his full personality is by finding out his birth chart. Specifically, look for his Mars and Venus sign which will determine how he expresses love and pleasure and how he would like to be loved by his partner…



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