5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

It’s no surprise that you’d fall for a Libra man because he’s sweet, charming, and funny. The good news is that this extremely sensitive air sign will find it difficult to keep his actual intentions hidden from you. Read on to see if a Libra man is flirting with you, as well as some insights about his flirting style.

If a Libra man is flirting with you he is physically affectionate and will want to constantly stare at you. He is going to make time for you and wants you to open up to him just so he could emotionally support you. In addition, he is going to give a ton of compliments, that are genuine, because he wants to.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at his flirting style… then, we can review the ways that he flirts with you!

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Flirting Style of Libra Man

5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

Libra men are known for flirting excessively.

He will flirt with everyone in her area of vision, especially if he is feeling down and needs an ego boost, yet the rest of us will look around a room or dating app and think carefully. Unfortunately, when using this strategy, the person with less-than-good intentions or a complete loser who can’t believe their luck generally stays.

Your Libra man flirts in a direct and innocent manner, which is likely due to his flexible nature. As a result, he is exceptionally kind and eager to support his loved ones whenever they need it. It’s really simple for him to flirt because this technique only involves honesty and a pleasant smile, and then he is good to go.

Libra is a sign of romance, passion, seriousness, and playfulness. And these sides are nourished by endless acts of tenderness and love, which, of course, come from the relationship. What makes others tremble with excitement works on a Libra man, and there isn’t much of a difference here. 

However, it’s nearly extremely difficult to predict what they’ll do because there appears to be no pattern at all, or they haven’t yet discovered what they enjoy and dislike.

Simply put, Libra men are obsessed with love. As a result, your Libra man tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and can’t help but express his feelings. It starts with lovely smiles, adoring gazes, and nice, heartfelt compliments, and progresses to love notes, poetry, flowers, and all the other trappings of true romance.

Whether the situation requires it or not, he can’t seem to turn off his charm. However, you don’t have to be concerned about him coming on too strong or embarrassing you with his flirting.

If he perceives any discomfort in you, he will change his behavior to make you feel better. He understands how to adjust his behaviors to fit everyone he is communicating with because He flirts all the time.

This may appear to be deception, but he’s simply attempting to make everyone feel at ease. He wants everyone to like him, but he also wants them to feel secure and comfortable with him because he’s a natural flirt who can’t seem to stop impressing everyone he encounters.

Because a Libra man flirts with everyone in his path, he has different ways to show his partner that she is precious to him. On the other hand, if he spends more time talking to you than anybody else and refuses to leave your side even if someone attempts to take him away, it’s a sign that his flirtation is more serious.

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5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

He makes time

5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

Spending time with you is how Libra men express their love and admiration for you. When a Libra man is trying to pursue you, he’ll make time for you no matter what, even if he’s overburdened with other responsibilities.

While some may find this to be a touch overwhelming, others may find it to be flattering but both simply suggest he likes you and is likely to develop strong feelings for you.

You may expect a lot of romantic dinners and peaceful hours at home together because your Libra man appreciates romance and connection.

Libra men are romantic and when they fall, they fall hard. He may be willing to talk or meet with you on a tight schedule, or you may notice that he quickly returns your calls and texts, even if you’re texting late at night.

He lives for the moments when he gets to be with you or speak to you like how a Libra man in love would. Matching his energy and organizing interesting, romantic dates will keep him intrigued and any effort you make to see him will be much appreciated.

He stares at you

You’ll initially notice a Libra man’s interest in you through his sweet and intense stare. Libra men prefer to be liked, so they’ll use eye contact to attract your attention.

He’ll undoubtedly catch your eye and smile if you see him from across the room and you can take this as a positive sign that he really is flirting with you. He is a visual being, therefore when he sees the woman he desires in front of him, he can’t help but stare at her.

When a Libra man is flirting with you, he can’t take his gaze away from you and even if he sees you in a group of women, he’ll only see you. When you’re in a group with him, you should also pay attention to his eyes to determine his level of desire.

Libra men are socially conscious, want to be liked, and will make an effort to connect with and attract the attention of those they admire.

He compliments you

5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

Libra men aren’t afraid to tell you how wonderful you are. Your Libra man will let you know if you walk up to his house in a new attire or if you look particularly beautiful that day.

His compliments show that he believes you’re a great person, and you can interpret this as a clue that he’s actually flirting with you. Accept his compliments, even if they are a little excessive because it’s his style of expressing his interest in you.

Libra men enjoy receiving compliments and take note of those who never do because they appreciate being complimented and are quick to return the favor.

Libra men don’t think there’s anything wrong with complimenting someone and understand the power of positive affirmations, which can occasionally take the shape of compliments.

When he is interested in someone, he feels compelled to give an opinion on any physical or personality characteristics that he finds appealing.

He emotionally supports you

He’ll want you to open up to him because Libra men value vulnerability and he’ll almost certainly want to know about your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Libra men enjoy serious discussions, and if he likes you, he’ll want to spend hours upon hours with you talking about your life.

Don’t be shocked if he begins to understand you much better than you understand yourself as you start to open out more to him. Libra men are incredibly sensitive to others’ feelings, and he’ll make use of this to demonstrate how much he cares.

Because Libra men are social signs, he despises seeing people he cares about upset. When he is flirting with you, his happiness will start to become dependent on you. If your Libra man senses that you aren’t feeling well, he would most likely go out of his way to make you feel better.

He might bring you your favorite dish, give you a bath, or simply come over to keep you company and this is a kind gesture that shows he genuinely cares about you.

He is physically affectionate

5 Clues A Libra Man Is Flirting With You

Libra men are exceedingly affectionate, and they express their feelings through physical touch. He might take your hand in his or give you a pat on the back and he’ll probably try to touch and hold you as much as possible because Libra men are very affectionate people.

Make an effort to encourage his physical affection, and don’t be afraid to return it so you can let him know that you like what he’s doing and that it makes you happy.

He might even offer you a massage, saying that you appear stressed or that you deserve to unwind a little more, or he might even start a game of light wrestling or play fighting. If he is flirting with you, he’ll make an effort to hug you for no apparent reason.

Your Libra man enjoys showing you what a kind and caring partner he can be.

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Is your Libra man flirting with you, final thoughts…

The clues that a Libra man is flirting with you are:

  • He makes time
  • He stares at you
  • He compliments you
  • He supports you
  • He is physically affectionate



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