How To Make A Libra Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to tell you how to make your Libra man jealous while in a relationship so he can have his attention all over you! Alongside that, we will tell you how a Libra man expresses his relationship and how he acts up when he’s jealous!

To make your Libra man jealous you must give him the subtle silent treatment while rubbing it in his face how deeply mesmerizing you are to other men and the men are openly flirting with you while still in a relationship. You can also make him jealous by showing off a lavish attractive lifestyle.

Your Libra man is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel represented by the Scales.

The Libra man is a cardinal air sign and is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty, desire, aesthetics, and pleasure. This man is known to be fair, diplomatic, and intelligent and along those sun sign traits, your Libra man is perceived as attractive, sociable, highly-extroverted, and popular to everyone.

Being a Venusian sign this man is gifted with a seemingly lavish life and is often considered lucky by others. Being born into a good family and with good looks makes your Libra man a typical boy-next-door type of guy. Handsome and has his life on track this man certainly has other issues going on around him

Libra is historically known as the sign that corresponds to beauty, harmony, and peace. He is represented by the scales after all the perfect personification of justice and fairness. There is a lot to unpack with Libra because more often than not his personality and his approach towards love and life are often overlooked.

Most people may think that the Libra man is just another shallow attractive guy who gets what he wants easily. This is far from the truth the Libra-Venus energy often manifests as a desire to have a “perfect” balanced life similar to his predecessor sign Virgo.

The only difference is that the Libra man often lives in his ideals and imagination and often thinks vaguely and in ideas rather than a concrete solution.

Libran Energy knows how to merge, compromise and create balance. He is often a fair leader who manages to distribute things fairly and equitably to his subjects. Because of that, he is often described as a diplomatic leader who is soft-hearted. Unlike Aries who’s also a cardinal sign that rules by force, the Libra man is the opposite because he rules by fair-mindedness.

Your Libra man is interested in and idealizes a balanced personal life. He wants his friendships and relationship to thrive. He wants his family to thrive well with him and along with that he also wants his work, career, or passion to thrive as well.

He wants all aspects of his life to be well and successful.

At best your Libra man prefers to keep it the peaceful way and aspires to embody the idea of “goodness” To him he must follow some sort of morality to be kind and a well-liked citizen. He is a hivemind, a socialite, and a mediator all at once.

He is friendly, charming, refined, sophisticated, cooperative, sociable, and beautiful! 

At worst this obsession with embodying goodness can make him a pushover and a people-pleaser. Alongside that, he can also show shadow traits such as gullible, self-indulgent, flighty, indecisive, gossipy, hesitant, and escapist. 

This is due to the different energies respected in Astrology, Libra’s opposite sign is Aries which is known for its confrontational nature and boldness and this is counteracted by the Libra energy which prefers peaceful and non-confrontational ways.

Like other air signs (Aquarius and Gemini) your Libra man can be non-confrontational when feeling jealous or threatened in the relationship.

Often than not the way a Libra man would resolve things is by “ghosting” or by running away from the actual problem itself and making it seem like he isn’t feeling anything. Libra men are known for repressing undesirable emotions.

With all of that said let’s tackle more on your Libra man and his jealousy issues. Let’s find out how does a Libra man express jealousy and how does he act upon it? What are the obvious signs that he is jealous? 

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How Does a Libra Man Express Jealousy?

Your Libra man rarely and does not get easily jealous because he is rational. He tends to brush off any negativities in his life and that includes overthinking the possibility of his partner cheating or straying away. 

Libra is one of the most rational and less emotional signs of the zodiac which means that your Libra man will not be easily carried away by heavy emotions such as anger or jealousy. If he ever does feel jealous he will still act logically and rationally. 

Remember that your Libra man can sometimes overlook the goodness in others so there should be a clear sign that his partner is straying away.

This is the only way that he will truly be jealous. Your Libra man will start getting jealous if he is seeing in his own eyes that his partner is doing things that shouldn’t be done in the relationship.

When jealous your Libra man will try as much as possible to repress the feelings he has at the moment.

He will be cruel to himself and will try to have a facade of being happy. He embodies the “fake positivity” or  “toxic positivity” because no matter how negative he is feeling he will always try to show you and other people how positive or good he is.

Alongside that when jealous your Libra man will try as much as possible to subtly ask questions about you and the person he is suspecting to be flirting or making advances toward you. He will be fake-friendly about it and will try as much as possible to hide the fact that he is jealous. 

You will also notice that he seems less romantic and talkative towards you this is where a Libra man’s anger comes to play.

Unlike other signs who are confrontational and explosive, his anger will give you silent treatment along with a cold shoulder and aloofness. Your Libra man doesn’t like arguing or fighting so he would just get out of the situation whenever he feels jealous or angry.

Overall your Libra man’s jealousy will be cold and silent. You might not see it directly but you will subtly feel it and you will generally feel unease at him because he is hiding some emotions that he wants to release.

How to Make Your Libra Man Jealous!

Look sophisticated and elegant

Show your Libra man that you are the refined lady that you have always been with. As much as possible expand your horizons and get friends and acquaintances that are high-value. Look expensive in your clothes and perfume and try as much to mingle with the people of high social class.

The more sophisticated and elegant you are the more you will get your Libra man to fawn over you! At the same time, this will create competition. After all, your Libra man will realize that you have plenty of better choices because you are a luxurious lady! 

Look attractive! Be attractive! Embody Beauty itself!

To look beautiful you must first embody beauty and sensuality to the core. Work on having your dream body of yours and mind what you eat! Healthier foods and drinks mean more beautiful skin and a youthful glow.

Also, pay attention to the clothes you’re wearing to attract your Libra man and other men in general to wear shades of red.

No matter how good you are or how beautiful your dress looks the best thing you can wear is confidence so proudly show off yourself to your Libra man and other people!

If your Libra man cannot properly give you the time and attention you need surely there will be other men who are more than willing to give it to you!

Have the right set of mindset and you’ll have the world on your hands!

Mention the guys who are making advances toward you

The next important tactic that you should do to make your Libra man jealous is you should mention the guys who are making advances toward you. Create an imaginary scenario and tell him how bad it was that the guy was pursuing you.

The more you mention that guys are fawning over you the more attractive you’re gonna be to your Libra man and at the same time he’s gonna be jealous and competitive knowing there are guys around you showing signs of attraction.

You can also mention the real stories you’ve had with other men pursuing you or your exes not getting over you. The key here is to create a vibe where you are the “it” girl that everyone wants and follows and that he’s lucky enough to have you in his life. 

Be unavailable and aloof

You need to be unavailable so he can value the time and attention you give to him.

When being unavailable it is best to focus on improving yourself and your life as a whole. Be so busy that he starts wondering what you are doing in your time and he will start asking what he has done that made you change your ways. 

Work on yourself. You can tell him you’re busy at work which can be a valid excuse if you’re gonna focus on work. The more unavailable and aloof you seem to be the more he will regret straying away from you and in turn, he will do things to positively cure the situation he is in with you.

Cut down the sweet gestures and compliments

Your Libra man will begin to notice it if you’re becoming less responsive towards him and the relationship. When you cut down the sweet gestures and compliments you are making your Libra man crave for it more and at the same time, it will have him wondering what he did that made you change.

Your Libra man lives by words of affirmation and this makes him crave you more than ever. If you cut down the sweet gestures, especially the comments he will feel hurt and this will make him keen on pleasing you just to get your attention back at him.

Always remember this mind game is traumatizing for your Libra man so it is best not to go overboard with this tactic.

Do Selective Talking Tactics in front of him

Selective talking will make him jealous to the core! When you talk and positively interact with other people while he’s beside you or in front of you shows that you are having more fun with other people than him and this will surely rile him up!

Directing your time and positive attention to other people is a signal to your Libra man that you are not having a good time with him and this will make him feel threatened about his skills towards you.

Alongside that, he will feel threatened and jealous of the person you’re talking to because you’re having fun with that person.

You can do this tactic in a big crowd such as an event or party be with him physically but go and make friends with the people you meet. Make the conversation fun and exciting and look like you are having the best time with them this will make your Libra man incredibly jealous!

Always remember no matter what talking and having fun with your acquaintances platonically is fine but flirting with them will just break your Libra man’s heart so it is best not to go overboard with that and just make it seem like you’re having fun with other people without flirting.

This way he will be jealous but not intensely jealous that it will urge him to leave the relationship. Always remember that if your Libra man ever sees you flirting or positively accepting someone’s sexual advances will be motivating enough for him to ghost you and never talk to you again.

Making A Libra Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Libra man is fair, diplomatic, intelligent, analytical, sociable, and adept at certain skill sets. Making him jealous is a good way to divert his attention back to you because, unlike other explosive signs, your Libra man is calm and collected about the situation and is an initiator in a relationship!

Alongside that, your Libra man is also casual about talking so it is easy to properly mitigate any heated situations because your Libra man will be deeply understanding about it! Just be sure properly communicate with him and apologize if necessary!

Also, it is incredibly important not to make it seem like you’re cheating, or else he’ll back away from the relationship as fast as he can!

It is best to still show how much you care and loves him while still reassuring your loyalty to him.

The more open your communication is to him the more you can find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses which can make both of you knowledgeable on how to handle each other in difficult situations.

Whether is a lack of understanding or passion. Proper communication is the key to solving any problems you have with this air cardinal sign. For more information about zodiac signs and their jealousy click the links down below!



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