Why is your Libra Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle why is your Libra man jealous while you’re still in a relationship with him and we’re also gonna talk about the signs to look out for that show your Libra Man’s jealousy as well as how you can resolve it!

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The Libra Man is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel, incredibly magnetic and charismatic because of his seemingly angelic energy. He is diplomatic, kindhearted, sociable, and friendly and naturally attracts the spotlight because of his good traits.

He is also a flirtatious lover.

Ruled by Venus the planet of love and desire, he has been bestowed the beautiful energy of Venus and this shows very well in his romantic relationships.

In his romantic relationship with you, he will be extra sensual and seductive, he will be playful and effortlessly romantic to you and this can be good for both of you.

However, jealousy can be a terrible problem that can cause numerous setbacks in the relationship! Let’s deal more with how can you detect that your Libra Man is jealous!

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How Jealous Can Your Libra Man Be?

Jealousy level: 5/10

Your Libra Man rarely gets jealous he has an abundance mentality in romance, if he thinks you’re doing something behind his back he’ll gladly move on to the next person who shows interest in him.

If he thinks that you are being abusive or you are cheating on him he will not give you hot rage but will move on and walk away.

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus which is why he needs to have a partner who can fully understand him especially when he gets cold or aloof. He might not get jealous as often as the other signs but he often feels it when he is genuinely in love with the person he is with,

That’s how cool and detached a Libra man is and it is a noteworthy sign that he genuinely cares and loves you if he is showing jealousy because you are a special kind! Your Libra man rarely gets jealous and it is for obvious reasons!

Being an air sign emotions can be non-functional for him so it is hard to grasp those deep emotions.

If he’s jealous he will show tendencies of being detached like Gemini or Aquarius so it is good to truly work things with him instead of making him jealous more! In that way, you both can truly feel that the relationship is good for both of you!

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Libra Man is jealous and what ways you can help him get out of it!

Let’s jump right in!

Signs Your Libra Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He gets spaced out all of a sudden

The first sign that you will notice whenever you hang out with him is that your Libra man will be often in his cloud of thoughts, spaced out and sometimes detached from the conversations he’s included in this is usually because there are so many thoughts running around his head and he’s beginning to wonder if the jealousy should be entertained or if the cheating is real or imagined.

2. He becomes extra active in his social life

The second sign that your Libra man is jealous is that he will try to refocus his energy and gain more well-liked attention or popularity in social scenes meaning that he will be more into parties than usual.

This is usually to cope with the fact that he is feeling insecure about the person who he deems to be threatening your relationship.

3. He turns to his other “friends” for help

The third sign that your Libra man is jealous is that you’ll hear it from his close friends. More often your Libra man is fond of trauma dumping or ranting, especially to his innermost circle of people he truly trusts therefore it is best to ask these people what’s happening to him!

If you are noticing that his friends or family are giving hints of who he is jealous of or if they tell you directly who the person he is jealous of it is best to act upon the situation and openly communicate with him as much as possible.

4. He makes sure he looks handsome

Another obvious sign that your Libra man is jealous is that he’ll turn to beauty for a solution, whether it’s going to the gym every day to look more buff, accentuating his features by doing proper skin care, wearing clothes that suit him and doing the latest trends in fashion.

He’ll do these things to cope and to be in control of the situation. In this case, he is trying to control the downward spiral of his own emotions!

5. He playfully flirts with other women to make you jealous

The fifth sign that your Libra man is jealous is that he will entertain or at least reciprocate the playful banter and flirt that the other women are giving him. This can be toxic as both of you could feel jealousy and spitefulness towards each other.

If you notice that he is doing these purposefully by letting you show directly that he has options it could be a potential sign of insecurity that stems from jealousy! When you notice that he’s doing these things it is best to just be calm and understanding and open up to him instead of fighting.

6.  He will detach himself from the relationship

The sixth sign that your Libra man is jealous is that he will be incredibly aloof and detached to the point of being hard-headed, he might try to show little affection but you’ll still feel that he is distancing himself away from you.

This is because Libra men are usually indecisive and indirect and are unable to fully express raw emotions.

Because of that, you’ll notice less and less energy from him and you might be tempted to reciprocate back the type of energy he is giving to you but it is best to tackle first the root cause of his downward spiral and you can work from there on.

7. He tries to be mean to the person he’s jealous of

The last and the most obvious sign that your Libra man is jealous is that he will get crabby with the person he is jealous of! Whether it’s the obvious mean remarks or humor that pertains to the person you’ll notice that he will always be out there playfully assuming the role of being the mean bully…

How to stop your Libra Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Libra Man from feeling jealous you must show him that you truly are committed and invested in the relationship and that you’ll do the necessary things that will stop him from thinking that there is something to be jealous about!

Try reassuring him by blocking that person he’s jealous of from your life, trying as much as possible to stay away from that person, or at least put some boundaries. When you’re doing these things you are making sure he feels safe and secure in the relationship.

Tell him your relationship with that person, tell him things that both of you can make fun of but at the same time make him understand that there was never going on between the person he’s jealous of. In that way, he will feel like his jealousy is imaginary and he’ll do things to appease you.

Openly talk to him and be an understanding and calm person try to make him understand that you’ve been faithful all along and you’ll do anything just to keep the relationship intact.

But at the same time try to show him that you are decisive and if he ever tries to do things that will hurt you, you’ll leave the relationship for good.

It is good once in a while to show romantic affection such as inviting him to dates or dinner. Try encouraging more sensual love and passion into the relationship by being a seductress yourself. Openly express your inner feminine energy that will please him.

By doing all of these things you are openly making yourself more stable and have more noteworthy potential of being a long-term partner!

Libra Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Libra man is peaceful, diplomatic, charismatic, extroverted, cozy, and friendly. In a romantic relationship, he might not be the type of guy who’d let you experience an intense and passionate relationship but he will surely give you a pleasurable and sensual experience as you’ve ever imagined!

Remember to follow the rules and guidelines in dealing with your Libra man to avoid conflict with him and to further resolve the issue quickly!

Also remember the signs that your Libra man is jealous such as being detached, paying more attention to his looks, and being mean to the person he’s jealous of to stop the process of wreaking havoc on the relationship

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