5 Signs A Libra Man Is Playing You

A Libra man is a very genuine person, but that doesn’t mean that he is not capable of using you for his own advantage. If you want to know the signs when a Libra man is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Libra man is playing you, he won’t be affectionate toward you and he will not be comfortable opening up to you. He will avoid any form of communication and when you do get the chance, he will constantly tell lies. Moreover, he will treat you as an option and you won’t be a part of his priority list.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Libra man.

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That said, let’s first review what he is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Libra Man In Love

He is romantic

When he has dedicated his heart to the woman he really loves, the Libra man knows how to make special occasions unforgettable.

He would go to tremendous lengths to advance a relationship after he had made up his mind and chosen the love of his life. His entire focus is directed toward making the person he has fallen in love with the center of his universe.

There is no element of surprise in his sincerity of emotions when he begins to perform romantic things for her or with her, despite the fact that he is closely watching every move of his love interest even before he has voiced his affections to her.

He is committed

When a Libra man is completely committed to his person, he loves too much. He is kind, sympathetic, and somewhat of a keeper, and he is the best lover one could have if she has mastered the art of patience. He has high standards for himself and wants to ensure that his image is kept up.

This is connected to his choice of life mate as well.

He seeks a relationship that both he and the outside world find to be ideal. He is soft-spoken and always seeks methods to avoid conflict in his relationship. A Libra man would never put the relationship, which means so much to him, in danger.

He is emotionally attached

Anytime a Libra man shows signs of being interested in you, he desires emotional attachment and even confides in you to provide it.

This is merely an expectation that you will return the favor because he has a tendency to openly love you, and we can guarantee you that you are in good hands if he pays attention to you and looks after your feelings.

If you are fortunate enough to connect with him, you get to be emotionally mature. A Libra man’s love is thought to be a gift from fate. He only wants a partner who will be kind and flexible enough to accept life as it comes and promise to be there for him always.

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Characteristics A Libra Man Dislikes In A Woman


Never would a Libra man like to be told what to do. When his partner tries to dominate him, he will immediately go on with his life.

He adores having both privacy and space. He may try adjusting for a while before he finds someone who loves him more if a woman sets her terms and demands that he follow them.

Around a woman who can calmly handle his temper and allow him to follow his dreams exactly as he hopes they will be, he feels lighter. A Libra man might never decide to settle down if his actual nature is not completely accepted.


Although a Libra man is quite concerned about what is going on around him, you won’t often hear him criticizing others. He genuinely thinks that mistakes are made by everyone and that blaming others would not change anything.

A woman who has something to say about everyone and frequently expresses her opinions with the benefit of hindsight won’t win him over.

A Libra man would detest having to keep up with someone who is critical.

He won’t be attracted if the woman has strong conventional values and disregards his need for respect. In all facets of life, he pursues fairness and equality and he seeks a companion that fits in with his way of life and is willing to grow and change.


Rather than seeking out drama, a Libra man thrives in a secure relationship with a dependable partner. He wants the woman in his life to have a peaceful and balanced lifestyle. A Libra man is also seeking a partner who shares her outlook on life and romantic relationships.

Conflict is difficult for a Libra man and the fact that he dislikes dramatic women is not surprising. Some people feel the need to notice and have something to say about everything, but he is not one of those people.

He wants a woman who can let things go and is prepared to accept a different opinion.

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5 Signs A Libra Man Is Playing You

You’re not his priority

If a Libra man fails to see a relationship, he could not put in the effort. If he frequently skips out on plans or disappears, there’s a probability that he’s only pretending to be interested in you. After you approach him, if he still doesn’t behave differently, it’s a clear sign that he is only playing you.

He’ll be treating you as his backup plan for a very long time and it seems like everyone and everything is more important than you, and you’ve never been a priority. You will understand that your presence in his life is very temporary and that he simply keeps you there for practical reasons.

You have every right to be suspicious of his motives if he constantly comes up with excuses.

He constantly lies

If you catch a Libra man lying all the time, that’s how you can tell if he’s playing you. He lies about practically everything, including the little things in his daily life. He gives you false information about his current location, his future intentions, and even his past.

He is actually so entangled in this web of lies that he no longer recognizes the difference between a lie and the truth. He will attack your trust issues whenever you try to bring up the subject and provide evidence of his dishonesty.

Keep in mind that a Libra man is bad at lying, so it would be easy for you to spot his lies.

He avoids communication

A Libra man tries to stay out of arguments, but he genuinely adores talking. Check your past conversations with him to check if you’ve always been the one to initiate conversation. Since a Libra man doesn’t want to offend you or start a fight, he may nonetheless respond to your messages promptly.

If a Leo man is playing you, he won’t ever make an effort to develop good communication. When you try to discuss important relationship concerns with him, he withdraws and shows no interest in speaking with you.

To avoid the conversation, he can try to make you feel guilty for bringing up the subject in the first place.

He isn’t affectionate

A Libra man no longer cares about you and is probably not thinking about anything romantic with you right now. When you’re together, he who likes you deeply will want to be demonstrative and show that he cares by hugging or holding your hand.

But since he is only playing you, he will withdraw and be physically distant from you.

He might not be interested in a committed relationship with you if you see that he is beginning to distance himself from you or becomes more preoccupied when you make an effort to be affectionate toward him.

If you’ve only recently begun dating a Libra man, be patient to see if his behavior changes because he can take some time to express his adoration.

He doesn’t open up

A Libra man might be trying to avoid being overly attached to you if you’ve been talking to him for some time and you still don’t know what he feels. If he doesn’t view you as a serious relationship, he also won’t talk about his future goals and aspirations.

Your Libra man may be attempting to emotionally remove himself from you if his behavior has changed recently or has always been this way. It seems as though he locked himself out without a good explanation, and he won’t talk to you.

There is nothing you can do to influence a Libra man’s behavior because he is emotionally unavailable.

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5 signs a Libra man is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Libra man is playing you:

  • You’re not his priority
  • He constantly lies
  • He avoids communication
  • He isn’t affectionate
  • He doesn’t open up



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