When A Libra Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

You may be frustrated when a Libra man decides to ignore you. However, you should know that he won’t ignore you if he doesn’t have a valid reason. To give you insights about a Libra man ignoring you, I have listed everything you need to know below.

When a Libra man is ignoring you, you should avoid chasing him and make sure to give him space. You now have all the time in your hands, and you should keep yourself busy to take your mind off of him. Take this time off to better yourself. Also, use social media to show a Libra man how well you are doing.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Libra man.

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Before we delve deeper into what you should do if this man is ignoring you, we should first explore a Libra man’s dark side and some of the possible reasons why he might be acting this way.

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The Dark Side Of A Libra Man

One of the possible drawbacks of dating a Libra man is that he could become cold and emotionally distant from you in the midst of a disagreement or other trying times in your relationship.

He may grow distant from you, conceal all of his emotions from you, and leave you in the dark rather than express his rage publicly or blatantly. His propensity to distance himself from circumstances is in line with his desire to maintain balance.

Why A Libra Man Is Ignoring You

If he doesn’t like what you’ve done, a Libra man will probably prefer to be silent. Therefore, it is safe to assume that if you are in a relationship with him and you detect a little shift in attitude and communication style, he is ignoring you.

As a result, it is only right that you go back and make an effort to apologize whenever this happens.

Based on this characteristic, a Libra man is inclined to exclusively pursue activities that give him peace of mind. You should be able to tell by this point that a Libra man values peace and avoids direct conflict.

He will, however, start ignoring you if he sees you as a source of stress rather than comfort.

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5 Things To Do When A Libra Man Is Ignoring You

Don’t chase him

Don’t pursue a Libra man who ignores you and realizes that it is him being busy or simply requiring some privacy. Stay calm and avoid thinking the worst and allow him time to change when he’s ready.

Give a Libra man some time to react to your text if you want to know how to tell when he decides that he is done with you. He may stop speaking for as little as a few days or a week if he still wants to be with you.

He may have lost interest if he doesn’t reply within two weeks or longer. If so, you can try to snag his interest in another way. Instead of going after a Libra man, just casually appear where you could run into him.

It could be tempting to keep contacting him by text and phone until you hear back. However, if you use this strategy, your Libra man will either become frustrated with your persistence or feel overburdened by the pressure to respond to you.

Give him space

The best response to a Libra man who’s ignoring you is occasionally none at all, not straight away, at least. If you give him space, he will have a chance to miss you and give him time to think about what he really wants in the relationship.

You can help a Libra man in making up his decision by restraining yourself from pursuing him and simply giving him the space to make it through a few days or even a few weeks without you. Moreover, he will have the opportunity to experience his life without you.

It’s likely that a Libra man will begin to miss you and may even opt to commit more firmly. He must maintain balance in all of his endeavors as he takes a step back and gives himself some alone time to be able to sit with his emotions rather than avoid them.

Additionally, he won’t be as distracted, and he’ll eventually understand how important you are to him. A Libra man will be able to contrast the positive aspects of being with you and the negative aspects of his alone time.

Keep yourself busy

Chasing after a Libra man is a bad idea; instead, use the time to keep yourself busy. Call up old friends or get your to-do list completed and spend your time engaging in social activities.

Make as many plans to see pals during leisure time as you can in your schedule, but don’t think about dates or romantic possibilities. Instead, concentrate on keeping yourself connected and engaged while avoiding making a Libra man jealous.

A Libra man will be impressed by your hectic schedule when he sees it.

A Libra man usually isn’t trying to ignore you in an effort to offend you when he’s quiet or distant. He’s merely creating some space for himself to take care of himself, so don’t make his unexpected distance about you.

Get your emotional support requirements met somewhere else; your Libra man will appreciate it. Since he is one of the extroverted and social signs of the zodiac, it’s extremely rare for a Libra man to isolate himself entirely.

He will be drawn to your popularity or independence, and he’ll come back to you because of this.

Use social media

Test a Libra man if you’re unsure if he’s playing you and post enjoyable content on social media. He won’t look if he has no interest in you, and he most certainly won’t reply.

A Libra man will still keep an eye on your posts if he cares about you and is simply taking a break to give himself some breathing room. He’ll get in touch with you if you share updates or photos that catch his interest, so make use of various online channels to drop hints to him about how you’re doing.

Avoid engaging in online conflict if you want a Libra man to respond to you and reach out. Make use of your posts to grab his attention and convince him that you’re the perfect partner.

Keep in mind that a woman who would talk, raise a scene, or start an online drama is not the perfect partner for a Libra man. His interest will be reminded of how much he cherishes being with you by this, and he will want you back and miss you.

When he becomes distant from you, a Libra man needs to be persuaded to come back to you.

Look your best

A Libra man has an excellent sense of style. When it comes to outward appearances, he might be a little shallow and superficial. You must present yourself in the best light whenever you suspect you may run across a Libra man if you want to learn how to stop him from ignoring you.

He likes a woman who is flawlessly dressed and has a feminine sense of style, and he also values fashionable appearances. He’ll be delighted since seeing you in a new light is like getting to know you all over again for a Libra man.

Because he will consider you to be a living piece of art, he might fall in love with you all over again. When you do something unique to improve your appearance, you can highlight your own artistic and creative talents.

This will make a Libra man more open to talking back to you. Better yet, he’ll want to see you again so he can participate in your creative makeover, and he’ll be personally interested in praising your new appearance.

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When You Ignore A Libra Man

He wants to get along with people, for them to appreciate him and enjoy his company, but for a Libra man, any interaction is preferable to none.

It’s difficult for him to talk out issues when someone is ignoring him, despite the fact that he’s a nice guy who wants attention and prefers to do so. He will feel rejected when he is neglected, and he does not take rejection and is ignored well.

A Libra man feels discouraged, undervalued, and lifeless when he is being ignored.

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5 things to do when a Libra man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Libra man is ignoring you:

  • Don’t chase him
  • Give him space
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Use social media
  • Look your best



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