How To Love A Leo Man (5 Effective Ways!)

Sometimes, it can be a little intimidating to be with a Leo man. I mean, the guy knows his worth, and if you are not confident enough like him, it can be a little hard to be with him. Now, if you are serious about him, here’s how you can love a Leo man.

To love a Leo man, you need to be all ears when you talk. You need to give him all your attention when you are talking. Surprise him with big gestures. Think of him as your leading man in a movie. Compliment him all the time and be social when you are at an event. Most importantly, support him all the time.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s get to know your Leo man’s love language and how to love him…

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The Love Language Of A Leo Man

You already know how your Leo man wants to have all the attention in the room. He likes to be in the spotlight. Your Leo man is known to be loyal like the lion and has this burning passion and love for the one he loves.

His love language is mainly gifting because, like a Taurus, he also likes lavish things. He likes it when you are thoughtful enough to send him gifts that you have thought through. He likes being seen and being thought of.

However, it can also be words of affirmation and quality time. Your Leo man wants to be seen by just being himself. He wants you to see him as him, and not as somebody else. The keyword to the love language of a Leo man is attention.

He likes having your attention and receiving compliments. However, these words should be nothing but genuine.

He also wants to have quality time with you because again, he likes the attention. You can expect him to be asking you to go out with him and get annoyed if you tell him that someone is planning to tag along. If he is giving you a piece of his time, then it is safe to say that this person values you so much.

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What A Leo Man Likes

There are a few things that will allow you to be closer to your Leo man and knowing what they are will definitely benefit you from upsetting him. He likes it if you put him on top of your priority list. He does not like to feel neglected and that you are giving him lesser attention than usual.

Remember that he thrives on attention.

If you are too busy for a relationship, then a Leo man is not the one for you. You need to give him all the love and attention you’ve got.

He also likes it when his partner is not afraid to show their relationship off. He likes it when you flex him on social media and shout to the world that you are indeed in love with him. Aside from that, he also likes to be with someone who is attractive enough for him to flex and bring to his family.

He likes big romantic gestures because how he enjoys attention. He likes to feel as If you are in a romantic movie. He likes to feel as if he is the leading man in this movie.

He likes to pull off stunts. So, you also need to make your gestures big and bold. He is definitely going to melt when he receives something like this.

Last but definitely not least, your Leo man likes talent. He likes anything that shouts uniqueness and talent! If you have a nice singing voice or are very good at painting, you definitely need to show that to him.

What A Leo Man Dislikes

On the other side, your Leo man does not like it if you make him feel as if he is your second choice, or at least even on the top percentage in his list. If you are planning to date this Leo man, you need to show him that he is your first and only.

He also does not like it when he does not feel seen and heard. So, you need to pay close attention to what he is feeling and experiencing. Making her feel as if he is not seen would be a huge mistake because paying attention to him is a way to communicate that he matters to you.

Your Leo man also does not like it when his partner is ashamed of him. He needs someone he can go out with in public. He needs to be fully accepted and embraced. It is a known fact that he attracts everyone’s gaze. And his partner not acknowledging it is the last thing he wants to experience.

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5 Ways To Love A Leo Man

Be all ears when you talk

Because your Leo man likes all the attention, he likes to talk about himself. This does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing, but sometimes it can sound egotistical, but you should know that this is just his nature. He likes to acknowledge himself and his accomplishments.

It is no secret that your Leo man works hard for his social status and that is something that you have to reassure him with.

When he is talking about himself, you need to make sure that you are all ears and have your attention on him. He will appreciate it if he realizes that he is with someone who is a good listener. This means that this partner appreciates who he is in every way.

Surprise him with big gestures

Again, your Leo man likes to feel like a star, and he will definitely appreciate it if you do something that gets people’s attention in public. It is the time to remember scenes from your favorite romantic movie and reenact it.

You can surprise him with rose petals on the floor and you wearing sexy lingerie on the bed. You can also surprise him in public and greet him with fireworks (of course, only if it’s something you can afford).

After an argument, you can apologize by surprising him at work. Serenade him or even follow him to the airport when he leaves.

Compliment him all the time

Even though the confident Leo man is very self-aware and appreciative of what he has and what he can do, he sometimes still needs a little assurance. He knows that he is someone very valuable that will do things for the world.

You need to be his little reminder to boost his confidence when he is starting to lose it. Aside from that, you also need to compliment him when he gets a haircut or did something different to his appearance. However, again, they need to be genuine and true.

Be Social

Whenever you are at a party with a Leo man, you will notice how your Leo man thrives in events like this. He is very social, and it makes sense why people like him. He likes to be the center of attention and make small talk to strangers.

And he will not talk to you all throughout.  He wants his partner to do the same. He wants to see you interact with people too! He should see you that you are enjoying.

Support him all the time

Again, your Leo man knows that he is going to do things for the world. He knows how he’s going to do it and the tactics he will execute. Sometimes, it may sound a little impossible to you, but make sure that you do not show hints that you are making fun of him.

You need to be someone who is going to be his constant support system. You need to be someone he can run to when he cries because he failed. Be someone that he can consider as his strength.

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5 ways to love a Leo man, final thoughts…

To love a Leo man:

  • Be all ears when you talk
  • Surprise him with big gestures
  • Compliment him all the time
  • Be Social
  • Support him all the time



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