How To Attract A Gemini Man?

How to attract a Gemini man

Gemini is the third stage of creation, from Aries who was all about “I am”, over the Taurus and “what is mine” to the Gemini giving emphasis on the environment and communication.

This stage has an expanding quality because it forces the individual to face others and cooperate with them. Communication is the key.

You will attract a Gemini man with your friends, and at the same time, a somewhat scholarly approach to everything.

Gemini man will be provoked and intrigued by someone who knows things a little bit deeper, and at the same time, someone who looks very sexy and childlike. Curiosity and joy should be your natural traits.

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Before we get into the details of how to attract Gemini men, let’s discuss some myths and characteristics of Gemini men…

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Why a Gemini man is so emotionally unstable?

It is a total generalization that a Gemini man is “unstable” in any sense of this word. The Twin can be scattered around having so many ideas, plans, and actions, that he simply can’t find enough time to focus on love if this love is just not deep enough to have him truly “anchored”.

In astrology, there are four major elements, fire, earth, air, and water. And the sign of Gemini belongs to the air element. This is why Gemini is the natural extension of the ideas created in Aries and concretized in Taurus.

It’s all about spreading those ideas and making them work by engaging other like-minded people.

The inner need to reach more and influence many gives a Gemini man the aura of someone who is not able to focus on just one thing or person. However, in reality, he will give all of his energy if the goal is great and the reward is mentally stimulating.

The ruler of this sign is the planet Mercury, and since it’s an air element in Gemini, it will be about the changes, challenges, adaptations, organizations, marketing and sales, being street smart, and feeling stronger when in a company of trusted and like-minded people.

When it comes to physical manifestations, Gemini individuals will always look younger for their age, they will have a slimmer body, and some issues with their lungs in early childhood, and the nervous system later on.

What are the main traits of a Gemini man?

The positive qualities of a Gemini man are: mind turned to fantasies which can turn into marvelous projects, agility, subtlety, and different abilities. His flaws are instability, cynicism, cunning or propensity to manipulate, and often insincerity. He can be and often is, good and bad at the same time.

Thanks to his spiritual “elasticity” and ability to adapt, a Gemini man will easily integrate into any environment, he will get used to other people’s mentalities, although, in essence, he won’t care so much about other people’s opinions.

He will make friendships and relationships easily and spontaneously because he is very communicative. And that often provides him with unexpected success. Since he is deprived of any complexity, he, therefore, represents the ideal of a modern and self-confident man.

His instability, on the other hand, fills him with constant dissatisfaction, which manifests itself as sudden changes in his mood. And these mood swings can range from extreme ecstasy to severe and dark depression. Fortunately, those changes are always a matter of temporary crises.

Can you seduce a Gemini man?

You can “easily” seduce a Gemini man, you just have to be witty, talkative, persuasive, joyous, and fabulously sexy. It’s all about the proper timing and the proper place which can range from a local café to an IT convention. Act as an entrepreneur, and you’ll have him swayed at that moment. 

This might seem like a hard formula for Gemini attraction, but you have to become aware of the fact that not all Twins are the same. Their natal Sun is placed in the sign of Gemini. However, Mercury as their main ruler can be positioned in Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer.

Besides that, to enrich this task a little bit more, his natal Venus, as the main indicator of what he loves in a woman, can be anywhere from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, all the way to Cancer or Leo.

Now, to make things easier, you just have to remember to talk and think like his natal Mercury and to visually appear as his natal Venus, and this will be that magical enhancement to have him in no time.

So, if his Mercury is in Taurus, then you need to speak slower and thoughtfully. If this planet is in Gemini you will need to be fast and talkative.

And lastly, if his Mercury is in Cancer, then you could talk slower again, but this time with an emphasis on singing, telling traditional stories, and explaining myths and similar themes. In any case, just mirror his style and dynamic of speech, and your success will come.

When it comes to the position of his natal Venus, this will be a harder task to resolve and you will probably need his natal chart to find it. If his Venus is placed in Aries, then freely approach and talk him into a relationship.

On the other hand, if he has a planet of love in Taurus, then you will have to look exquisite and act with manners.

If his Venus is in Gemini behave in a careless, but uplifting way, and make him some cookies and show you care if his Venus is in Cancer. However, if this planet is placed in Leo in his natal chart, then you should flash him with your branded designer clothes, light hair, and luxurious lifestyle.  

How to attract the younger Gemini man

The younger Gemini guy will be powerfully drawn to youthful-looking ladies and especially, to those girls with long and beautiful legs. Also, your mind has to be beautiful too, to distinguish you from all other girls with whom he is surely surrounded all the time and who are your real competition.

By having a “beautiful mind” because the mind is the greatest weapon of seduction for a Gemini guy, it is considered possessing any unique passion, knowledge, or skill.

There are so many extraordinary pretty and lovely girls, but he won’t bother even thinking about them. However, if you play on the card that you are different from all of them, then you will have him extremely interested.

Therefore, you have to become his ideal partner acting like a Sagittarius girl, because this sign is opposite to Gemini, and has everything Twin doesn’t possess yet in life.

All the spirituality, calmness, sense of inner peace and freedom, adventurous character, and sharp skillful mind – those are his weak points, and if you show them to him, you have him hungry for you all the time.

How to attract a mature Gemini man

The older or the mature Twins will be swayed by someone who possesses a strong sense of diplomacy and the proper measure of everything. At the same time, they will fall for a woman who has radical thoughts and innovative ideas, which could surely influence, benefit and uplift them both.

In this situation, you have to be aware of the fact that your behavior must be ladylike, but your mind has to be out of this world. And not the other way around, which is the common mistake many ladies make.

Don’t try to impress him with weird hair color, eccentric fashion, or rude manners. That style just won’t pass.

You have to play an entirely different game if you want him to truly and madly fall in love with you. Yes, your body has to maintain its youthful looks, and there is nothing more repulsive for a Gemini man than to see the overweight and sloppy-dressed woman.

Doing, acting, and dressing in an elegant manner will be a necessity in his case.

However, what comes out of your mouth and mind has to be unique. And this doesn’t and shouldn’t mean you can be rude or talk dirty, at least in public or before you have reached the advanced level of intimacy.

You have to be different in the sense that you know some things, you have experienced them, and now you have overcome them or found better solutions.

This is the man who will be more than just interested to listen about politics or social justice, but again, you have to show yourself as an independent woman who can take care of herself first, and then, the woman who deals and effectively resolves all sorts of the issues of this world.

Playing a “damsel in distress” or the desperate housewife who fights to meet ends, won’t win his heart, or his intention at all. Acting like you know you are worthy, and you can “sell” any of your exclusive ideas – will catch him and keep him forever.



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