5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

So you’ve encountered an attractive Gemini man and want to know if he is as attracted to you as you are to him. Gemini men are brilliant, spontaneous, energetic, and constantly intriguing to talk to, so it’s no surprise you develop a desire for them.

Luckily, I have listed everything you need to look out for if your Gemini man is truly flirting with you.

When a Gemini man is flirting with you he’ll spoil you and become affectionate as it is his way of showing you that he genuinely wants to pursue you. He will also make you smile, so he will act goofy and throw out random but genuine compliments. He also wants to tag along whenever he gets the chance.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at his flirting style… then, we can review the ways that he flirts with you!

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Flirting Style of Gemini Man

5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

It’s in a Gemini man’s nature to flirt because it’s part of his skill to persuade people in debates and conversations. While a Gemini man may flirt with other women, his love and loyalty are entirely focused on his partner.

As a result, it can be tough to read a Gemini man when it comes to attraction because he is more likely to flirt with a large number of people than concentrate his attention on a single lucky person.

It’s not that Gemini men love leading others on; it’s just that this sign is naturally curious, conversational, and playful.

He will always begin flirting with another person in a communicative manner, which could include conversation or body language. Geminis enjoy conversing for long lengths of time and he normally avoids long conversations in social situations, but his restless brain can keep anyone’s mind occupied.

Furthermore, even just a smooth remark or flirty glance will most likely be a Gemini man’s flirting style.

You’ll need to be aware of his proclivity for talking because he’s a smart man who enjoys conversing with people who can keep up with him. He’ll get bored and go away if you can’t match his energy or show even the slightest interest.

Be tolerant of a Gemini man’s fluctuating personality if you want to pursue him as well.

Make it a point to talk to him frequently, as difficult as it may be, so that you can build trust. However, don’t try to back into a corner and ask questions because when he notices what you’re doing, he’ll get uncomfortable and upset.

Your Gemini man will refuse to be restrained or controlled, and if he feels like it, he won’t bother you anymore with his flirting.

Because Gemini is a mutable sign with the air element, he will desire to be able to live his life freely. He can be quite unexpected and spontaneous, which can be exciting for a relationship but can also be unreliable and untrustworthy.

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5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

He spoils you

5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

You should know that whether you expect it or not, a Gemini man will shower you with presents and he’ll continue to surprise you with things that you’ll enjoy as well. If he merely likes you as a friend, he will only offer you these kinds of gifts on exceptional occasions or holidays, not on a regular basis. If he is flirting by constantly showering you with thoughtful presents, he is looking for more than just a friendship with you.

He might even make those things because Gemini man is a really creative sign, so you never really know what you’ll get, but it’ll be enjoyable. However, material things may not be the only thing you’ll receive from your Gemini man.

His way of flirting is more on body language, so he would most likely spoil you with his sweet gestures and experiences as well. Either way, he will plan everything out making sure that you will surely enjoy the things he will spoil you with.

He is affectionate

A Gemini man desires a romantic relationship, and his words and body language will reflect this. A Gemini man who is truly interested in you and wants to pursue you will flirt with you in a way that will be extremely nice and affectionate.

When you’re out to eat, he’ll sweep you off your feet, pull out a chair for you, take care of the bill, and shower you with flowers and chocolate.

Your Gemini man appears to be comical, yet he is a romantic at heart. He is a man with a large heart who can’t help but show his affection for his loved ones, so when it comes to public displays of affection and loving gestures, your Gemini man is not shy at all. Regardless of the circumstances, he enjoys walking hand in hand with you, hugging you, and kissing you passionately.

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He acts goofy

5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

A Gemini man enjoys being goofy in general, but you’ll get to experience his free spirit in particular and he’ll even make an effort to bring out your playful side. Rest assured that there won’t be a single dull moment when you’re with him. When a Gemini man has discovered his soul mate, acting goofy is one type of flirting he will do to keep you interested. A Gemini man enjoys having fun and trying new things, so being able to laugh at each other suggests you’re a good fit.

When a Gemini man gets all goofy around you, it’s actually a wonderful thing because he’s relaxed enough to be himself with you and he doesn’t feel the need to conceal his identity. A Gemini man understands that he has some leeway when it comes to the girl he is trying to pursue. As a way of flirting with you, he’ll make you laugh by cracking jokes, teasing you, and making hilarious faces.

He compliments you

A relationship with a Gemini man, like any beautiful love relationship, entails a lot of verbal attention. Compliments are a Gemini man’s favorite thing to do and if you’re a woman who enjoys doing the same, you may expect this relationship to be full of talks and compliments on a frequent basis.

If your Gemini man frequently compliments you, it indicates that he has feelings for you and wants to give you the hint. He would shower you with sincere comments and make you feel loved and unique at all times.

Because Gemini men are so skilled with speaking, it’s no wonder that they’re also great at giving compliments. He isn’t going to give you a normal complement and he’ll make certain you know he means it. He’s not just giving you a random compliment like every other guy does to every girl he meets; he’s complimenting you and paying specific attention to your distinct qualities.

He tags along

5 Clues A Gemini Man Is Flirting With You

When it comes to going out or going anywhere, your Gemini man will want to join you. Gemini men are known for keeping a busy schedule in order to keep their minds stimulated, so don’t be shocked if he enjoys accompanying your shopping.

Also, if you don’t have any plans that day, he will keep you occupied because he’ll want to be with you whether he has free time or not.

It won’t matter if you’re out and about or spending a comfortable night in because the Gemini man who’s trying to pursue you will want to do anything with you.

Moreover, when you are not physically together, he will still continuously check up on you and message you throughout the day. One way to tell whether a Gemini is interested is if he is particularly concerned with what is going on with you.

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Clues that a Gemini man is flirting with you, final thoughts…

The clues that a Gemini man is flirting with you are:

  • He spoils you
  • He is affectionate
  • He acts goofy
  • He compliments you
  • He tags along



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