Is Your Gemini Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Gemini Man Is Done With You?

The Gemini man is someone that in the lookout for something exciting and fresh. He loves to experience the unknown and talk about multiple things in a short amount of time.

He is social and sees two sides of the coin. When a Gemini man decides that he no longer wants to be in a relationship, most of the time he doesn’t look back.

The Gemini man is done with you when you no longer keep him interested. He may no longer talk to you anymore. He does not even make an effort to see your messages and may decide to block you from their life.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Gemini man is in love…

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The Gemini man in love

How Do You Know When A Gemini Man Is Done With You?

The Gemini man in love is like a child happy to see his chosen person. He is always excitable in her presence. He always has stories to tell or he is eager to listen to his woman. He is not shy, even if the Gemini man is supposed to be socially awkward, he will not let that stop him.

He is always in touch with the person he loves. Gemini is also a sign that likes to mirror the behavior of the other person. He may be sweeter if you have shown it at first. He tends to pursue the things that make him happy and if he loves you, he will show his generosity instead.

He will be supportive of you. He likes to spoil his girl with gifts. The Gemini man will not hesitate to always say he loves you and is actually taking you seriously.

He may not like drama and would rather keep his world where it is more optimistic, if he loves you, he may make an effort to listen and actually be concerned for your wellbeing.

This sign likes to keep busy, if he loves you, he will put you on top of his schedule. The Gemini man knows his value, he does not want to be changed or be told what to do. He is an air sign; he does not want to be contained or controlled.

Most of all, when a Gemini man loves you, he will respect you and your happiness first.

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How to tell when a Gemini man has moved on

He has been ignoring you

How Do You Know When A Gemini Man Is Done With You?

When a Gemini man is done with you, he will not bother to communicate. For them, when he’s done, he’s done. By the time he is ready to cut you off, most of the time there is already effort given. Whatever respect he had for you will fade or completely vanish. They are so turned off to the point of boredom.

Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury and he will be able to justify every reason with logic instead of emotions. You cannot win a Gemini man back by just crying in front of him. He has already mentally barricaded his decision.

If you still wanted to get him back, you would have to completely think like it’s a business proposal and make it sincere too. He needs assurance that you’ll actually keep your word and remember, you are convincing him that this has a possibility to work. It’s like convincing an investor he will profit from it.

He tells you upfront

There are two scenarios to tell if a Gemini man has moved on, one, he could ghost you, block you, and just ignore your existence. Two, he would tell you directly. Gemini men are already very misunderstood and they are also easily bored.

When he thinks the relationship has expired, he is not holding himself back because there are so many new things to see and experience. Though it must be emphasized that Gemini men do love hard, most of the time the attraction that Gemini has was built on interest.

If he’s not interested, there’s nothing to talk about.

He is already bored

Gemini is famed for its short attention span. He gets bored quickly. If you can’t keep a Gemini man interested or if you are not benefiting them in any way, their eyes will start to wander.

You have to give him reasons to need you in his life. Even if he gets bored but he realizes that you have made life better when you’re around they’ll always come back.

The Gemini man may never admit but his ego is fragile. If you don’t want to lose your Gemini man, be careful not to hurt it. If he used to prank you a lot, he will not do it anymore. When a Gemini man moves on, he also loses his childlike playfulness around you.

The unfortunate fact about this is that he might not make it obvious. Most of the time it is always missed. Many end up assuming the Gemini man is fatigued, overworked, or lacking rest.

Some may say, regardless of the sign, if a man wants to make you happy, he will make it happen.

He is back to prioritizing himself only

How Do You Know When A Gemini Man Is Done With You?

The glyph of Gemini suggests that the sign is about the pursuit of personal and inner happiness. When he loves someone, he is extending this happiness to her. After a breakup, he might isolate himself.

He wants to hide his emotional side without having to burden other people.

Their emotions are like time bombs, maybe he will seem like he has completely moved on but is actually trying to understand what he feels and it comes to him like a waterfall.

The Gemini man would probably be too overwhelmed, but the bottom line is, you are still no longer part of the picture.

He might join new groups, have new classes, or date someone else. The Gemini man will distract and keep busy just to avoid the thought of his ex. It could be that he has felt too tied up that he wasn’t living his life.

Even if you end up staying together, he might feel disconnected. The topics will become so-so. His eyes will become dull. It will just be a matter of time, and it’s best to accept it’s already over.

He already neglected you

A Gemini man is already fading from your life when he no longer can remain focused on your goals together. It could be as simple as forgetting to pick you up or giving you less time than before.

He no longer keeps up with what’s expected of him and when you try to communicate this to him, he is not bothered in any way.

He has become indifferent and feels like he has turned off the switch of his feelings. This is a sign that a Gemini man is getting ready to remove you from his life.

The worst part of a Gemini losing interest is that he can show that he might care and he might still have those actions but he’s actually thinking of ways to abandon the relationship.

Lies might be a strategy and there might be painful events happening behind your back.

He does not face any confrontations

Signs like Gemini dislike conflict or having to face a confrontation. The Gemini man was hoping his actions were enough for an explanation. He is not good at expressing his emotions and this is stressful to him.

When a Gemini man cares enough, he would still try to communicate with you, if he seems persistent in ghosting you instead of fixing things, that’s a sign that he’s done with you.

The Gemini man prefers a direct style if he is forced to face a conflict. He is not going to be considerate of what It could make you feel. Every day he becomes restless in claiming he loves you when in reality he doesn’t. He becomes anxious.

He does not want to reconcile

How Do You Know When A Gemini Man Is Done With You?

The Gemini man does not want an emotional marathon when ending terms with you. This is why most people would say they would ghost their exes instead. Even if he’s open to remaining friends, he cannot bring himself to even remain polite with you.

There will be more disagreements that he might make on purpose. If there were misunderstandings, the Gemini man will not bother to clear it. There is no peace between the two of you. His dissatisfaction is too obvious and he will do more harm than good.

It will almost feel like nothing ever happened and that the whole relationship felt like a dream.

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When your Gemini man is done with you, final word…

When a Gemini man has decided to move on, he stops all communication. Even if you have managed to remain friends, topics become dull, his eyes no longer spark excitement in seeing you.

He has become rude to your feelings and cannot even attempt to remain polite.

He will start flirting with other available women. The Gemini man is now bored and is looking for excitement somewhere else.  

If he fails to be truthful about what he feels, he may become two-faced and though he loves you as he says he does, he is actually becoming restless every day and is trying to think of ways how to abandon the relationship.



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