5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

Right off the bat, it is not that easy to be with a Gemini man because it is like being in a relationship with two different people. However, he can also be very loving. To be able to know how to handle your Gemini, it is important that you know the weaknesses of your Gemini man.

The weaknesses of a Gemini man are that he is inconsistent with his actions. He can also be manipulative to get what he really wants. He can also be unapologetically crazy in front of your face. He can also be very moody and can switch energies very quickly. He is also very blunt and rude.

Sounds good? Well, we’ve just scratched the surface with your Gemini man…

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That said, let’s get to know what dating a Gemini man is all about…

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Dating a Gemini Man

5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

If there is one thing that describes your Gemini man is that he is very social. And when you are going to a party to be with people, he may not be around you physically. He is the type to leave you alone at a party and talk to other people.

However, it does not mean that he does not want to be with you, he just wants to socialize and spend time with other people and be with you again at the end of the night.

You do not want to be with him when you do not like to do things on your own because he is the type to leave you for hours to be with his friends. For him, it is very easy to socialize, but he may not realize how it can be a little hard for you, especially when you are introverted.

In his mind, he can go “Why don’t you just talk to other people?”, and it can get very annoying.

Dating a Gemini man is like dating two different people because you get two different sides of him every now and then. You can get a well-spoken, gentle, and nice Gemini in one second, but you can also get a wild-seeking, outgoing, and rude Gemini in another second.

The thing is that you just do not know what you will get. It just depends on his mood that day. You might be surprised every time.

The best thing about a Gemini man is that he likes to show off. He is going to love you in public, on social media, and especially in private. He is not the type to be lowkey with regard to his relationship. When he considers your relationship to be solid, he is not going to be afraid to show you off.

However, he likes to keep intimacy private. The deal with your Gemini man is that he loves to love, and he is going to give you the world.

He likes things to be fresh, light, and bubbly, especially when it comes to his relationships. In love, he enjoys conversations. He is ruled by Mercury after all. So, you can expect him to be a good communicator.

He will communicate well with you – through text, a video call, or even other forms of communication such as songs and poems.

What are your chances with your Gemini man?

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5 Weaknesses of Gemini Man in Love

He is inconsistent

5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

I just mentioned how your Gemini man likes to keep things fresh and light, so expect that he is going to have a hard time staying consistent as he likes to change things up a lot of times. But when things are going well in the relationship, he is going to be able to go with the flow.

He might be able to tolerate whatever it is that is going on.

However, when he is still not sure about your relationship, his actions will be different a lot of times. He can make you coffee for a week and will stop doing it for the next week but will do it again the following week.

There are many inconsistencies, and these can really get into you and annoy you. He is going to give a different type of energy every time.

He is manipulative

The deal with your Gemini man is that he likes getting what he wants, and like an Aries, he will do everything in his power to get what he wants. He can get clever in finding ways to get what he wants, and this can mean that he manipulates every one around him just to get his hands on what he is trying to get.

This can also be applied to your relationship. You can get manipulated emotionally. Let’s apply this to a possible situation: you went to a party with your Gemini man and leaves you at the corner on your own while he’s hanging out with his friends.

You confront him when you get home and just let him know that you are upset. He can just brush it off his shoulders and manipulate you into thinking that you are overreacting and that your feelings are not valid.

He can be unapologetically crazy

5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

Your Gemini man is not the type to be sneaky and slowly stab you in the back. His type of crazy is not something that he does behind your back. He is literally an in-your-face crazy! He wants you to know that he is crazy in front of your face. He is very in tune, and he embraces his craziness.

He thinks that he has the right to be crazy because he thinks that he contributes a lot to the relationship. He feels like he gives you a lot in the relationship. However, this trait can be a little exciting to others because it keeps things interesting. And the thing is, he’s not even sorry about it.

 He can be very moody

Remember when I told you that dating a Gemini man is like dating two different people? Well, this is mainly because of his ever-changing mood. He can be so nice and calm half of the time and can get mean and evil the other half of the time. He can get very temperamental like a toddler.

The worse thing is that this comes out of nowhere, and one little thing can really piss him off.

This will ruin his mood for the rest of the day. And again, he would not even apologize for it. He is not going to say sorry for lashing out, and it can be so unfair. So, if you are really serious about your Gemini man, you will have to be very patient.

He is blunt

5 Gemini Man Weaknesses in Love

Again, your Gemini man is not the type to stab you in the back because he is totally going to do it in your face. He is the type to tell the harsh truth when you asked him a question. He is the type to go off and will not stop his mouth.

An example would be asking him what he feels about your hair. Unlike other nice men that say, “It’s not the cutest, but you still look pretty”, he’s going to say “No, you look horrible. That hairdresser needs to get fired ASAP”.

As his partner, you will get offended a lot by him because he is very honest. He is going to judge you about how you look and more. So, a Gemini man’s partner needs to have very thick skin from him because he can be very rude.

Get more details about your Gemini man…

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Gemini Man’s weaknesses in love, final thoughts…

The weaknesses of a Gemini man are:

  • He is inconsistent
  • He is manipulative
  • He can be unapologetically crazy
  • He can be very moody
  • He is blunt



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