How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man

If you have a Gemini man or partner you want to actively seduce him by talking dirty to him. You’re in the right place, in this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Gemini man!

To talk dirty with a Gemini man you must be interactive, this sign is more fond of sexting than any other sign!

You must be highly talkative about your wants and needs, teasing and humor with subtle sexual innuendo is a great way to keep a Gemini man while dirty talking, keep talking dirty in a light and fun manner.

Gemini men are intelligent, curious, highly social butterflies who have a great memory and information absorption than any other zodiac sign!

Being air and a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini man lives in his mind and has relentless ideas and thoughts, he is highly popular among friends due to his humor…

In terms of relationships, this man enjoys flirtatious teasing and dirty talking more than any other sign!

This sign ravishes the idea of being turned on by talking dirty, he loves to talk dirty to his partner and would love to be talked dirty too!

In this section, we’ll find out how to turn on your restless Gemini man through dirty talking, let’s find out!

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How to turn on a Gemini man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man

Dirty talking with a Gemini man is simple you must keep up with his frenetic and wild fast-paced energy especially while communicating.

Your Gemini man is ruled by Mercury, he loves to share and communicate, and talking and having a knack for words is a Gemini man’s weapon.

He can turn you on and keep the conversation going without you even knowing about it, because of this he is probably a way better dirty talker than you!

With that said the only thing you need to do is live by his motto of attraction: “If you want me, keep talking to me!”

Before or even during the actual lovemaking, keeping up a flirtatious conversation before the foreplay is a Gemini man’s way of saying he wants you.

He thrives in interaction and would rather hear good and erotic words or phrases rather than receive actual physical stimulation.

With that, you must be fun and creative in expressing your desires when you talk dirty to him, be expressive in sharing your erotic thoughts with him, and share them genuinely.

Be vulnerable enough to be able to say it with confidence and flair, be interactive, do not be afraid to flirt back if he does, and engage in sexting – he’s probably adept at doing it.

The main key here is to keep up with the highly quick-paced energy of this sign that changes every two to three minutes! To do that you must be highly communicative and thoughtful inside and outside the bedroom.

How to talk dirty to a Gemini man through text?

Because Gemini men are incredibly great flirts and masters of sexting due to their knack for words, it is easy to turn your Gemini man on through his phone.

If you want to keep him pumping through the lines, follow these guide steps in talking dirty to him.

Here are the good ways to talk dirty to your Gemini through text messages…

Tell him “I’ve been thinking about you…” phrases

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man?

Tell him how you feel about him through “I’ve been thinking about you” phrases…

Say things like “I’ve been thinking about how fun my night would be if you were here” or “I’ve been thinking about your body lately, I don’t know why…”

Starting with that catchphrase instantly turns him on and makes his mind stimulated by his dirty imagination.

Keep up with that and he’ll be mentally stimulated in no time.

Tell him how you want it to be done

Be descriptive in telling him your wants and needs!

The erotic massages you send him must stimulate his imagination and restless mind, as do not be afraid to send him messages telling him how you want the dirty deed to be done,

Because he likes variety, he’ll have no problem trying out all things to counteract his short attention span and boredom.

Treat sex like it’s a fun fling

Sexual promiscuity, being wild and naughty is the main theme in a Gemini man’s list of arousal because he is continually excited by new things he doesn’t like going on feeling like his relationship is a routine,

In order to keep the boredom away, you must treat your relationship like a flirtatious one-night stand is a great way to keep the energy high and his level of arousal at the top of the roof.

Make him curious

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man?

Make it seem like the way you’re sexting him is like him going in for a treasure hunt, keep the excitement going by making the dirty talking interactive and descriptive.

Try messaging him out of nowhere in contexts where he’ll rethink twice about it.

Send him texts like: “I’m in the little mouse house waiting for you to come to rescue me” which has a hidden meaning which means you’re in the hookup spot where both of you like to do it.

You can also send him a picture of you doing the dirty deed with a below message saying: “Tap to learn more” or “Come over right now if you want to know more”

Making him curious during the dirty talking will ensure his loyalty and keep his sex drive on…

Tell him you’re naughty and you want it right now

Because you’re texting and there is no physical contact involved, keep the bad girl image persona to make him think about you.

Tell him through messages how badly you want him in your bedroom right now, tell him that you’ve been a naughty girl and you want a man like him to come over.

Send him subtle kama sutra sex positions and tell him you want to try all of those when he comes over.

The key here is to show him that you badly want him right there in the heat of the moment, this keeps him interested in you and your relationship.

Send him surprise voicemails

Send seductive and surprising voicemails that denote sexual thoughts and feelings, moreover, it is best if the tone of your voice is in a giddy, feminine, and outright tone where he can feel that you’re having fun while doing it.

Be creative in sending your voicemail messages, try anything under the sun but the key point is to be seductive and confident in doing it so.

Be flirtatious throughout…

How To Talk Dirty To A Gemini Man?

Last but not least, always keep the mood of the conversation light and easy-going, do not make it serious or overthink about the dirty talking as it can only mess up the results…

Have fun while doing it.

If you’re staying with your Gemini man for good you must be able to keep the air of flirtation throughout the relationship! Match his energy!

Dirty talking with a Gemini Man’s final thoughts

Your Gemini man thrives on the interaction of ideas and communication. In this case, he thrives on a relationship where he feels the communication no matter how erotic or dirty it may be.

Just like other Gemini men who thrive on talking their minds out – they’re masters of dirty talking and sexting.

Your Gemini man wants to hear the words where you say you want him much more than he wants to receive any direct physical stimulation during and before foreplay.

Always keep that in mind and you’ll have your Gemini man wrapped around your fingers!



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