How Does A Gemini Man Test You?

How Does A Gemini Man Test You?

The Gemini man is fun, playful, and an adventure seeker. This sign is influenced by the element of air and is all about communication. He is most likely used to being called off as a flirt, they can’t help it since they are social butterflies.

Gemini is all about seeking inner happiness, and it might be tricky to discern whether he is truly interested or may just be testing the waters.

The Gemini man tests you based on the space you can give him.

They wish to be accepted for who he is. He wants to have a lover that trusts him that he will remain faithful. The key to getting a Gemini to commit is to be someone they can talk to about anything and everything without feeling dictated by their partner.

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Profile of a Gemini Man

The Gemini man is social, excitable, and can be persuasive. They are said to have two faces as they are symbolized by the twins that are representative of their dual nature. They might seem agreeable to you but can also provide the perspective of your rival.

He is quite spontaneous and it’s hard to pinpoint what he is up to. They are known to be indecisive and inconsistent. It is best to enjoy the moment when you are with a Gemini man. As a mutable sign, they are adaptive to change.

Gemini can be devoted to their partners once he feels that you are the right partner but the journey to get there can be exhausting.

He is a man that gets bored too often and dislikes being controlled. They like their space and wish for their partner to even have things to do from time to time. He is the type that is comfortable with flings and can move on quickly too.

Gemini men are fun to be with, they can bring the child in you. They will always have something to suggest doing. He wants to have a partner that can show him the world or give him new experiences. They are not known to be the most committed signs.

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7 ways a Gemini man will test you

A Gemini man will test you by playing games

How Does A Gemini Man Test You?

A Gemini man loves mind games whether he does it on purpose or not. He may sometimes act as if he is so interested in you and then the next day make you feel like you didn’t exist. He might make you jealous for the sake of fun.

For the Gemini man, if he gets the reaction that you are jealous, it is his validation that you are into him.

They just like to test your limits and want to know your reaction. They want to get to know you in the most entertaining way possible. He is like the comedian talk show host and you are being recorded for an episode.

One way of dealing with this when he acts distant is to do the same. Show him that you are not always waiting for him. Show him that you are also busy and he’ll be the one chasing when he realizes you’ve gone cold.

He will test you by pushing you beyond your comfort zone

Gemini men are great communicators and can be confident in lying if they do. They are generally always keeping busy. These men cannot stand still. They are wired to overthink. He might keep changing topics or interests. He can be described as having wandering eyes. It is difficult for him to focus on one thing.

Gemini men work best when they can remain enthusiastic while working on different tasks. They don’t appreciate routine and prefer to have a surprise every now and then. They will also most likely have a lot of female friends and can be frustrating if you are easily jealous.

One way of impressing him is to be the one to take him out of his comfort zone. Be bold and try to bring him to do something new or surprise him on an unexpected date. Be different than what usual relationships can expect.

A Gemini man will test you on the freedom you give him

Gemini men loathe being contained. They prefer to be free and dislike it when he is asked many questions regarding what he is doing or where he is. He will eventually start to think that you do not trust him.

If you do convince them that you are the one, they will have plenty of surprises for you. They are lovers that do not care what others think of them. They only see the woman they chose as their world; you will know this because a Gemini man in love treats his woman like a princess.

He will test you by trying to know everything about you but be secretive about his life

How Does A Gemini Man Test You?

Gemini men put themselves at an advantage by trying to get to know most about you while being guarded about their own life. They are the men who enjoy gossip even if they deny it. They are just curious about what makes everyone tick.

Take caution if you tell a Gemini man your secrets, unless you have developed that trust with one another, there is a high chance he might talk about it with his friends whether it is on purpose or not. It’s better to remain mysterious as to catch the Gemini man’s attention as he will think you are a puzzle to solve.

A Gemini man will test if you can figure him out

The Gemini man is not good at validating his own emotions. He treats it logically and sets it aside. He tends to do something else to distract him from expressing anything.

Unless he trusts you, he will not really be comfortable airing his feelings. He’ll make up an excuse and since they are skilled communicators, he will change the topic or make a lie to avoid it.

In order to find out if something is bothering your Gemini man, observe if he has been talking less than usual and if he has chosen to isolate for days, you might want to check on him. A happy Gemini is enthusiastic and has a lot of energy jumping from different things at a time.

He tests you on how you can tolerate him

Gemini men don’t like to be told what to do. They want to be loved for who they are. If you begin to nag them, they might start becoming distant. They can be the type to cancel plans at the last minute. You can’t count on them entirely.

In fact, if you don’t want to break your own heart.

Just choose to enjoy his time with him in the present moment and don’t think too much of the long term. Commitment is a word they find heavy to deal with. You never know if he decides if you are the one, he wants to keep but at least you’ve managed your expectations.

He will test how independent you are.

How Does A Gemini Man Test You?

A Gemini man’s ideal woman is someone who can hold their own. They want someone fun to be around. They need someone that understands that they can’t always give them their full attention, which might make them feel miserable.

Being emotionally dependent makes them want to run for it. They are not the best signs when it comes to being understood. In fact, they are always misunderstood as they misunderstand others. Most of the time they just want you to spill the tea. They are curious but that doesn’t mean they can relate.

They’re here for the good times. They want a partner in crime. They don’t want someone that constantly rings their phone to pay attention to them. He wants his partner to have a lot of energy and can be intelligent too.

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How your Gemini man tests you, final words…

Dating a Gemini man is like going through the eye of the needle. You would need to have a lot of patience and to handle his mind games.

The Gemini man can display childish behaviors and will try to make you jealous for the sake of fun. You would have to be smart and play his games. It is better to bite your lip and not tell him everything about you all at once.

The Gemini man’s test includes how much space you can provide which is also a sign of trust to him. Freedom is important to them.

If you are a jealous person, you might become frustrated as they are also helpless flirts in the eyes of the public and you would have to have discernment if he is serious with you or not. They want to be loved for who they are. For the Gemini man, it’s “take it” or “leave it”.



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