Birth Chart Compatibility Explained

Birth Chart Compatibility Explained

Assessing birth chart compatibility with astrology is not only for romantic relationships.

Birth chart compatibility addresses all situations where two or more people have a relationship with each other, but different types of relationships require looking at different things in the charts. What makes a lasting marriage, for instance, is not necessarily the same thing as what makes a hot date.

The following case studies will look at birth chart compatibility in the form of synastry in the situations of marriage (John Lennon and Yoko Ono), parent-child (Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump), and enemy (John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald) relationships.

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Synastry Basics

Synastry is explained in greater detail in Relationship Birth Chart Compatibility Report, Do You Belong Together?

The quickest way to explain synastry is to have you put the birth data for two people into our widget below. It is always ideal to have full birth data of date, city, and time of birth for both people. If you have birth time for one person and not the other, put the person whose birth time you do have in the top slot of the form.

The resulting synastry chart should line up two birth charts together so that you can see aspects, or connections, between the two charts.

One of the easiest aspects to see in synastry is the conjunction when a planet or point in one person’s chart is at or near the same degree as a planet or point in the other person’s chart. Such points are visually right next to each other on a synastry wheel. 

The synastry tool color-codes other aspects as follows: Of the hard or more difficult aspects, squares are coded as red, and oppositions are coded as blue. Of the harmonious aspects, sextiles are coded as purple, and tries are coded as green.

The yellow lines refer to the quincunx or inconjunct, which is a type of connection that can best be described as awkward. The grey lines refer to minor aspects used by advanced astrologers.

Marriage: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

In the previous article Relationship Birth Chart Compatibility Report, we looked at the synastry between John Lennon and his primary creative partner in The Beatles, Paul McCartney. Here, we will look at the synastry between John and his second wife, Yoko Ono.

The synastry chart above and the others in this article were made with the Solar Fire computer program. Solar Fire uses a different color-coding scheme for aspects than Astro-Charts; here, trines and sextiles are blue, and squares and oppositions are red.

Some Beatles fans have hard feelings toward Yoko because they think she broke up with The Beatles, as reported in Rolling Stone. The synastry between John and Yoko gives a kernel of support to that theory.

Recall that the composite chart, an astrological technique different from synastry in assessing relationship compatibility, between John and Paul had Venus in Cancer near the Ascendant in Cancer.

Working closely with Paul in The Beatles made John look sweeter and more wholesome than he would ordinarily be on his own.

Yoko, however, has Uranus in Aries closely conjunct with John’s Ascendant in Aries. She, therefore, had to wake John up and call him home to his own wild and crazy self. The music John then went on to make with Yoko actually involved quite a bit of screaming at times.

What is more surprising in the synastry between John and Yoko is all of the earth. In the middle of the earth signs, John has a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus trine Yoko’s Neptune-Mars conjunction in Virgo.

Later on in the earth signs, John’s Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo overlays Yoko’s Chiron in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo.

Only someone with Uranus in Taurus could come up with a Bed-In for Peace, staying in bed, as a protest idea, but that was what John and Yoko famously did for their 1969 honeymoon, as reported by NPR.

As John and Yoko’s marriage progressed, John embraced the domestic side of their life together, as commemorated in the song “Watching the Wheels.”

While Saturn has a negative reputation for being associated with limitations and restrictions, it is often involved in the synastry of long-term couples as a force holding them together. Yoko’s Saturn in Aquarius is also trine John’s Sun and North Node in Libra.

Parent-Child: Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

As President of the United States, Donald Trump worked closely with his daughter Ivanka Trump. Ballotpedia notes that Ivanka was part of the presidential transition team and later a senior advisor in the administration.

Unfortunately, Astro-Databank does not have a birth time for Ivanka, so I ran her chart for noon. The AC and MC angles generated for her should therefore be disregarded.

Donald does have a known birth time, so I have set his chart up in the inner ring of the synastry wheel so that the wheel is based on his known angles.

One of the more prominent features of Donald’s chart is the opposition between the Sun, Uranus, and the North Node in Gemini and the Moon and South Node in Sagittarius.

With this unsettled, devil-may-care configuration, he channels the puer aeternus archetype that is, for better or for worse, deeply embedded in the United States psyche.

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Ivanka has a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius right on Donald’s Moon. That shows that she is deeply engaged with this part of her father. With her Venus opposite his Uranus, she probably finds him exciting and liberating.

Neptune and the Moon, however, are a difficult combination in either an individual chart or in synastry. The Moon is looking for security, but Neptune has no boundaries, and it is difficult to have security when there are no boundaries.

With Ivanka’s Neptune conjunct Donald’s Moon, there probably is confusion, probably unspoken, between the two of them as to the boundaries of their relationship. Is she his daughter, or is she one of his political advisers, or is she something else entirely?

The Beheaded Goddess: Daughters of Narcissistic Fathers by psychologist Selma Nemer talks about how narcissistic fathers bond more closely with their daughters than with their own wives on the grounds that the daughter shares the father’s genes and the wife does not – the daughter, therefore, is part of the father.

Such a father can also on some level see the daughter as a substitute for the father’s mother in the sense that the father’s mother also shares the father’s genes.

With their Neptune-Moon conjunction in synastry, this type of role confusion would be worth looking into for Donald and Ivanka.

Another prominent feature of Donald’s chart is his Saturn-Venus conjunction in the sign of Cancer. As discussed in my article on Kris Jenner, Saturn-Venus conjunctions can refer to restrictions in love or money.

One can hear Donald’s Saturn-Venus conjunction in the Rolling Stones song that was often played at his rallies, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need.”

Ivanka has her North Node in Cancer on Donald’s Saturn-Venus conjunction. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is often involved in issues of nurturing.

While the expectation is that parents nurture their children rather than the other way around, perhaps there is an unusual dynamic between Donald and Ivanka surrounding issues of parental nurturing.

Enemies: John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald

John F. Kennedy, commonly referred to as JFK, was the youngest person to serve as president of the United States to date when he was elected in 1960. As noted in my article on Kanye West and midlife crisis transits, JFK was still experiencing his midlife crisis at the time.

Tragically, JFK’s life was cut short by assassination in 1963. The man accused of killing JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, was then assassinated before he could be tried in court, so there was speculation long after the fact as to whether or not Oswald really committed the murder all by himself.

The charts of JFK and Oswald, however, definitely talk to each other.

JFK, like fellow politicians known by initials Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), was born near a Saturn-Neptune conjunction.

For more information on this, see What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Zodiac Sign? Presidential run predictions…

JFK has Saturn at the very end of Cancer and Neptune at the very beginning of Leo.

People with Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in their natal charts are either very successful in making their ideals manifest or very depressed when the world fails to live up to their ideals. JFK’s ability to manifest his ideals was of course cut off when he was killed.

Oswald has a T-square in his chart of Saturn late in Aries, Pluto early in Leo, and the Sun and North Node late in Libra.

JFK’s Saturn-Neptune conjunction is near the Pluto end of Oswald’s T-square, so it makes sense that an encounter between JFK and Oswald would, at the very least, test JFK’s ability to achieve his ideals.

Both men also have squares between Mars and Uranus in their individual charts. JFK has Mars in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius, and Oswald has Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.

Mars is associated with physical energy, and Uranus is associated with shocking and surprising events. When these two planets are in conflict in even one person’s chart, there is the potential for impulsive action, possibly even violence or accidents.

When two people with interlocking Mars-Uranus squares come together – Oswald’s Uranus was conjunct with JFK’s Mars – it makes sense that the interaction could be explosive.

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