What Body Type Does An Aries Man Like?

Although an Aries man also appreciates your beauty and confidence, he will be more attracted to you if your body type is his type. If you want to know what body type an Aries man likes, you have come to the right place.

An Aries man prefers someone who is physically fit so she will be able to keep up with him. He will still want to see your feminine side regardless of your body type. An Aries man wants her woman to have a strong and active side because someone who is boring is a turn-off for him.

In this article, you will also learn about the ways to attract an Aries man sexually and how to keep him hooked. Read further!

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An Aries Man In Bed

An Aries man may be suitable for you if you prefer a man who takes the initiative. Although he tries to listen to the ideas of his partner as well, he isn’t always reticent about expressing his intentions. An Aries man feels more content when he rules the bedroom.

Hence, he can then be sexually matched with a sign that is more naturally submissive in a better way.

An Aries man enjoys intense, full-on sex sessions because of his extroverted and adventurous temperament.

He enjoys getting worked up in bed since he is an aggressive sign and needs a way to vent. Quickies may be the ideal answer for an Aries man because of his need for frequent pleasure and a sense of urgency. He can release all of his stored sexual vigors in a quick, fiery rush without having to wait.

An Aries man likes to fit into an unscheduled pattern because he is an impetuous lover who prefers to have sex whenever the mood strikes him. He wants to keep things surprising because he detests becoming bored in the bedroom.

That means that instead of planning an expensive and romantic dinner for him, the greatest approach to turn him on is to simply get straight to the point. If you demonstrate to an Aries man that you’re willing to do new things and have fun, he’ll become hooked on you in no time.

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What Body Type Does An Aries Man Like

You can be physically healthy and active while having a variety of body types, but an Aries man will be drawn to anyone who is in good physical shape. The more active you are, the more appealing you will appear to this sign.

Because he is drawn to those who are active, he would prefer to meet ladies at the gym. Work out close to your Aries man if you both share the same gym so you can quickly show off your strength to him.

Your Aries man will find you considerably more beautiful, regardless of your body type, when you are physically fit. Although he may consider your physique type to be somewhat important, that is not what he will notice first about you.

An Aries man is very manly and to help balance it out, it can be helpful to have a partner who is more in tune with her feminine side. Hence, he will admire the feminine body as well as having a physically fit side. No matter how independent or assertive you are, your Aries man wants to see your feminine side.

Again, an Aries man values a variety of things in addition to your physical appearance. Even if you appear fit, he won’t find you as attractive if you are unmotivated or infrequently do things you enjoy.

An adventurous spirit is one quality he also appreciates in a lady because he seeks a companion with whom he can have fun. Even if you are attractive and fit, an Aries man won’t want to spend time with you if you are boring and lazy.

Ways To Attract An Aries Man Sexually

Be confident

A confident, assured personality is something an Aries man finds irresistible. When he is looking for his next sexual adventure, the confident, striking woman will capture his gaze because he adores excitement and energy in everything.

While sexually pursuing this sign, don’t try to be subtle; instead, project confidence and he’ll be hooked. An Aries man is energetic in the bedroom, giving his lover a really passionate and exciting experience.

Before you get into bed with an Aries man, you should probably keep in mind that this sign is undoubtedly more passionate than other signs.

Of course, having sex should be about what both of you desire, and while knowing his preferences might be empowering, your comfort should come before his. As a result, you should be confident in telling your Aries man what you want and leading in the bedroom.

Be mysterious

Things won’t come too readily for an Aries man because he likes the drama and intrigue of a flirtatious exchange.

Lead with confidence, but once you have his attention, ease off a little and create an air of mystery. While maintaining a touch of interest in an Aries man, find ways to make him wonder what you are thinking.

Being allowed to participate in the chasing game is half the fun for an Aries man. Hint at your interest, pull it back and wait for him to chase you to really get his attention.

Nothing excites a man born under this sign more than the chance to chase his crush and eventually succeed. Even though both of you have expressed your interests in each other, this will be the best foreplay to get to go after you.

Focus on having fun

An Aries man usually views sex as an enjoyable activity rather than a means of connecting. You’ll have him utterly enamored if you relax a little and enjoy the moment with him. He will enjoy this part because your relaxed, jovial demeanor will be very attractive to him.

An extremely crucial aspect of this procedure will be making sure you are truly enjoying yourself as well.

If necessary, pick a safe word, talk about your objectives, and make sure both parties give each other’s approval before doing it. You can certainly anticipate that your Aries man will be eager to make you feel good in bed and will take as much time as required to do so.

If you take the initiative and make the experience fun for an Aries man, you’ll have him completely enthralled.

Ways To Keep An Aries Man Hooked

An Aries man is known for his intensity and passion, and he likes making provocative body movements. He wants to feel embellished, and if you engage in his flirtatious behavior, he’ll be content enough that he gets hooked on you.

Make an Aries man laugh by asking him a flirty question or by simply being silly without offending him.

Because an Aries man prefers being the focus of attention, complimenting him will get his attention. He exudes a lot of confidence, but compliments serve as a form of confirmation for him.

Thus, try to think of some bold compliments that fit your Aries man’s nature when you run into him. He’ll remember you as someone who made him feel good about himself and will want to engage with you more.

It’s imperative to show your Aries man that you are valuable and important and that you are not unduly dependent on any one particular man. He values his privacy and wants you to share the same values.

He respects those who are independent thinkers and don’t constantly depend on others to make him happy. Remember that an Aries man loves the chase, so learn how to take a step back while giving him hints about your interest.

What body type does an Aries man like? Final thoughts…

An Aries man prefers:

  • Someone who is physically fit
  • Someone who is strong
  • Someone who is feminine
  • Someone who is active



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