5 Signs An Aries Man Is Using You

It should be easy trying to figure out if an Aries man is playing you because being discreet is never his strongest suit. If you want to know the signs when an Aries man is using you, you have come to the right place.

An Aries man is using you if he disregards you and is inconsiderate towards your feelings. You may also be confused about his inconsistent behavior, and you will realize that he is so unreliable. If you also notice an Aries man being distant, then he might be playing you.

In this article, you will also learn about an Aries man’s weakness in a relationship and how to keep him interested. Read further!

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Signs An Aries Man Wants To Break Up

He avoids you

An Aries man will frequently take time away from his partner to spend time alone or with his friends. If he requests a night to himself or wants to go out with his group of friends without you, don’t be alarmed. These are merely indications that an Aries man wants some time and space, not that he has lost interest in you.

However, it’s a certain sign that he’s going to end the relationship if he purposely avoids you and declines to make arrangements with you. An Aries man is probably on the verge of breaking up with you if he suddenly finds himself too busy to spend any time with you and won’t commit to a date.

He is critical

An Aries man’s words can be quite flattering, but they can also be very harshly honest and critical. He will typically share some criticisms with you, and you need to have a strong heart to accept his candor.

In a relationship with an Aries man, some criticism is expected, but it shouldn’t seem like all he does is pick on you and try to make you feel bad.

It doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re doing something incorrectly if you feel that nothing can make your Aries man pleased.

When he frequently criticizes you and points out your weaknesses, and when his criticisms of you outweigh his compliments, it usually indicates that he is on the verge of ending the relationship.

You’ll feel like you have to put in a lot of effort to win an Aries man’s love if you feel like you’re going to lose him.

5 Signs An Aries Man Is Using You

He is inconsistent

Your Aries man may be having trouble if he doesn’t follow one pattern. You can tell what his intentions are by the way he treats you after telling you he loves you. If an Aries man acts hurtfully or coldly toward you after professing his love for you, then it is a sign that his intentions are not genuine.

His meaningless words will only get you so far, and his behavior may very well show you that he’s using you as a pawn just to obtain what he wants. If an Aries man shows you how much he cares one day but then acts incredibly indifferent toward you the next, there is definitely a problem.

Check to see if an Aries man’s behavior treats you as if you are the one or an option.

He is unreliable

You will realize that he is not in it for the correct reasons when you realize that you cannot depend on him to assist you or be somewhere at a specific time. For the woman that he genuinely loves, an Aries man will do almost anything.

He probably has another thing going on that isn’t in line with what you desire if he consistently flakes out, doesn’t show up, or changes plans at the last minute.

When an Aries man realizes that you’ll always comply with his wishes, he’ll start to use you. You should keep in mind that he is normally among the most dependable men out there, but if he isn’t displaying this trait, he isn’t interested in you and isn’t in love with you.

He disregards you

There is a good likelihood that an Aries man is using you if he is constantly engaged in activities and has plans but never includes you. He believes you are not significant enough to engage in activities with him outside of the bedroom.

Moreover, he is only using you if you get the impression that he is hiding you or doesn’t want you to meet the individuals who give him inspiration.

The likelihood that an Aries man is using you for sex and isn’t very serious about you increases if he never prioritizes you or only makes plans with you at the last minute. Because he won’t have the best of intentions, this sign won’t have any problems disregarding you.

He is inconsiderate

If an Aries man doesn’t bother to have a meaningful conversation or doesn’t open up to you, he is either not interested in developing a connection with you or is merely using your time out of boredom or to obtain what he wants. Because this sign might be a little selfish and inconsiderate, he sometimes is unaware of the consequences of his actions.

An Aries man is certainly playing you and not interested in a lasting, authentically loving relationship when he ignores your feelings in order to do or say what he wants. Unless he’s attempting to only want a physical relationship, he’ll ignore you and make you feel fairly worthless.

He is distant

When an Aries man is using you, he will immediately become aloof and distant. This specifically occurs when a woman is overly smitten with him and risks losing all of her authority. An Aries man enjoys the hunt, so when things go too simple for him, he’ll probably end up using you.

It essentially means that he will only show you enough interest to keep you around and give you the impression that he is interested. In relationships, an Aries man has a knack for always obtaining what he wants.

Consider again what he is genuinely providing for you; if it is nothing, then you should leave immediately.

An Aries Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

Although an Aries man isn’t necessarily the most sensitive of individuals, he can be very moody. This sign frequently believes he is above feeling negative emotions instead of accepting them. An Aries man doesn’t know how to properly communicate his emotions, despite the fact that he thinks he does.

Because an Aries man doesn’t acknowledge or manage his emotions well, he frequently gets mood swings.

He may become so agitated that others avoid being around him whenever he feels overwhelmed. An Aries man eventually experiences emotional outbursts if they are ignored or suppressed for an extended period of time.

How To Keep Your Aries Man Interested

The first thing you should be aware of is that when it comes to dating and relationships, an Aries man doesn’t react well to pressure. So, while you’re waiting for things to develop, put effort into creating the most gratifying and rich environment for yourself.

You’re trying to be mysterious, and trust me; an Aries man will want to pursue someone like that.

When you do hang out, don’t think of getting all of his attention on you; instead, concentrate on the moment. In particular, when an Aries man feels no emotional ties to the place, he will most likely come back to unwind and enjoy himself.

You should always be truthful when dealing with him and don’t try to act a specific way or have a certain attitude for his advantage.

5 signs an Aries man is using you, final thoughts…

If an Aries man is using you:

  • He is inconsistent
  • He is unreliable
  • He disregards you
  • He is inconsiderate
  • He is distant



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