How To Make An Aries Man Jealous?

In this article, we will talk about your Aries man and how to make your man jealous when you both are in a relationship! Is he becoming too comfortable in the relationship? Is he giving less love to you? This article will help you fix that!

To make an Aries man jealous you must show him you can have fun without him. Be bold in taking action and do not be afraid in showing him you have plenty of options. It is not your loss. Show him you can be as wild and daring as him and he’ll surely be jealous!

Your Aries man is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, being the infant sign he is known to be wildly impulsive and courageous, he jumps before he plans. The Aries Man can be pretty obnoxious and carefree to the point that he might overlook the relationship.

The Martian energy of this sign gives this man a little bit of insensitivity.

Strong-headed, athletic, extroverted, passionate, wild, adventurous, free-spirited, and likes to show himself as powerful. Your Aries man is the typical jock, masculine and strong in his ways and opinions.

This also means that your Aries man can be harsh, insensitive, and hurtful to the point that he might seem like he doesn’t care about you or the relationship anymore. The Aries man is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars.

 He embodies the warrior energy and archetype. Love and sex will go hand in hand and passion should be the number one feeling he should feel when you’re in a relationship with him.

You must understand that your Aries man should feel excited about the relationship or else he might look that excitement in other areas of his life – it could be his work, career, friends, or even seeing another woman.

Whatever it might be the best way to make him committed to you is that you must give him the passion he solely seeks in the relationship….

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Aries man for starters let’s dig deep into how your Aries man expresses jealousy.

Let’s jump right in!

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How does An Aries Man Express Jealousy?

Your Aries expresses jealousy in a fiery and daring way being the most fire of all the fire signs you Aries man instinctively shows instant rage whenever he would express his jealousy. He would be loud and would try to intimidate you or the person with who he is jealous. 

The expression of his jealousy will be for all show! Unlike other zodiac signs are cold and have seething anger. An Aries man expresses his frustration for everyone to see. He might tell his partner how deeply frustrated and angry he was. He might share it with his friends or acquaintances.

Whatever it might be the anger will be shown in a way where the public knows he is jealous and angry. His anger will be full of fury and might but it will last for only a couple of minutes. His outbursts are forceful but they will never last long.

Because your Aries man is a volatile fire sign, his actions are predictable whenever he’s in a rush of emotions. Emotional distress can be a signal that your Aries man is jealous. He will act in an intense and often irrational manner. 

He will usually tell you how he feels about the situation. Because he is blunt and straightforward he will let you know exactly how he feels. Your Aries man will not stifle his emotions he will surely make it known to you.

Be careful not to fight fire with fire! The intensity of the arguments can be detrimental for both of you so it is best to not respond to any allegations whenever he is jealous.

Your Aries man is known to get carried away by his own emotions so it is also best not to make too rushed decisions when you’re arguing with him.

Overall, An Aries man’s jealousy starts from having his high ego knocked down, then bottling up until explodes before he has a moment to rationalize. The fire element is responsible for your Aries man feeling things intensely and expressing those feelings outwards rather than inwards.

How to Make Your Aries Man Jealous!

Withdraw your time and attention from him

The first step in making your Aries man jealous is that you must withdraw a certain amount of time and attention from him.

Whether it is your daily dose of conversing with him or you both hanging out in the same house together, you must show him that you value your time and attention and that if he doesn’t appreciate that he is of no loss to you.

Instead, pay more attention to yourself and your self-care. Maybe take a break from work and have a bubble bath. Drink wine and socialize with friends online, you can even go out if you wish to. The more he sees you’re independent with an IDGAF attitude the more likely he’s gonna pursue you.

Be warm and open to socializing with other people

In connection with the first step, the next thing you need to do is have fun yourself! You don’t need to be sulky or moody about your relationship with your Aries man. Remember the more clingy you appear to be the more annoying you’re gonna be to him so it is best to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Laugh, dance, drink, and mingle with your friends at a nice party. The more you are open to socializing with other people the more your Aries man will value you in his life. The more he’ll crave your time and attention and can open some feelings of jealousy to him.

Dress boldly but make it seem like it is not for him

Tap into your sensuality and beauty…try to change your appearance for a bit, and embody power and beauty by being bold and confident in your skin. Wear skimpy and sexy dresses the more you appear to be bolder and more aggressive with your Aries man the more jealous he is gonna be!

Opt for dark red and black clothes, put on your best makeup, and try wearing that bold red lip color. The more you embody boldness and confidence the more your Aries man will overthink whether you’re impressing someone. This in turn will make him insanely jealous! Be careful not to overdo it! 

Show him there are plenty of men interested in you

Attachment and clinginess can be an interesting dynamic in your Aries man, he despises clinginess yet wants his partner to show some level of attachment to him.

The best way to truly make him jealous and act up to show importance in your relationship is to show detachment from him and the outcome of the relationship.

Travel alone or with friends!

Outdoor trips along with nature are a great way to truly bond with yourself! Traveling with your friends or alone is a great way to make your Aries man jealous! It shows him that you do not care and that he is not the source of your happiness! The more he sees this the more he’ll be jealous!

You can even just explore your town and city. Check out the new coffee shop in town or go to this nice spot in the city! The main key here is enjoying your own company and showing that you are just as fiercely independent as him.

When he shows jealousy, it is best to communicate well

Whenever you see that he is already acting up it is best to try and communicate with him properly. Tell him what you want in the relationship. Communicating with him in these tough times is the best way to truly mend your relationship with him.

Playing mind games with him will only make him jealous and will solve half of the problems you have. Strive to do everything in partnership! Whether it’s a career goal, a business venture, or anything that hinders the relationship it is best to try to talk things out with him.

The more you can communicate positively with him. The more you can sort things out with him and they can positively affect the relationship.

Making An Aries Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

The Aries man is jealous. Jealousy is a natural human emotion that is evoked whenever a human actively feels that someone is taking something important to him. Jealousy is a real emotion that your Aries man actively feels throughout his lifetime. 

He is the initiator, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel and the first sign that marks the beginning of the Spring season. His cardinal nature can make him impulsive even when he expresses jealousy it’s full of fire and wildness.

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