Where does an Aries Man like to be touched?

 Are you looking for ways to pleasure your Aries partner? Do you want to step up your game and be a passionate lover that he will never forget? Look no more as we are here to help you crush the barriers of expectations an Aries man has for you!

In this article, we will show you how to properly act foreplay on your Aries man for a more successful and passionate sex life!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Aries man likes to push the boundaries and is extremely fun around the bedroom so spontaneous touching is essential to turn him on! Touch around his neck and head! Play with his hair!

Forehead kisses…eyebrow kisses…licking the behind of his ears is best at turning him on! Aries rules the head so anything related to it would be extra sensitive to him.

Aries Men are the Warriors of the Zodiac and are born between March 20th and April 19th of any given year. Being the first of the twelve signs, Aries is known for braveness, loyalty, fierceness, passion, and power.

The first fire sign of the list Aries men are the firestarters and love the idea of leading other people.

This sounds simple and effective but we’ve just barely scratched the surface of how to truly turn on your Aries man by touching. We’re here to discuss more about your Aries man and the essential parts of how to make him sexually charged and turned on! 

Let’s dig deep into where does he like to be touched?

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Where does an Aries Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Aries man is a known badass in Astrology! This guy is fierce, independent, powerful in his own right, and unafraid to speak his own opinion on matters which can make him seem egotistical and selfish to others who don’t know him enough! But this is far from the truth!

People sometimes forget the sensitive nature of an Aries man that is sometimes overshadowed by his angry and feisty appearance. Although it is true that your Aries man is not a pushover he is also not a stoic and cold person who despises showing emotions.

In fact, he is expressive when it comes to it! Alongside that, your Aries man is a known sexual sign after all the ruling planet of Aries is Mars which is the planet of pure and raw masculine sexual energy.

Mars rules sex, aggression, war, and power plays so your Aries man can be incredibly driven when given an opportunity or when seduced. He loves the idea that his partner is feminine and he is masculine.

The cardinal nature of Aries makes him a leader but the Mars aspect of this sign makes him emotionally charged! Often Aries men are overlooked for their unending passion which can make them emotionally charged at times!

When he’s mad you can see it directly, when he is sad you will see and feel it when he expresses it openly. 

Your Aries man might be tough but he is extremely sensitive and this means in romantic relationships he will be craving spontaneous romance in and out throughout the relationship. He will be a big man who’s deeply romantic yet dominant in the bedroom.

This information is incredibly essential in making moves towards the bedroom. Your Aries man likes to be touched with feelings and passion…the kind of touch where he will truly feel that you mean his love and passion towards him.

When touching him it is essential to be emotional and romantic as it leads to better results. In specific the touching part, it is extremely effective to passionately touch the parts above his neck. His face and head particularly are sensitive parts to your Aries man.

This strong man whos always in control of the situation becomes vulnerable and sensitive whenever you get close to his head. No other human can get near this part of his body and this makes the touching even more romantic and sexual.

Stimulate his head with soft pressure through your fingers, we’re talking about the parts of his face especially his forehead and the top and back of his head.

Try running and playing through his hair this will give him tickles and make him feel childish inside! You can also give him a soft massage through his head this can awaken his senses and keep the blood running. 

When it comes to the intensity of touches it is best to go soft on him as the head is an especially delicate part. Also when touching him it is good to incorporate lots and lots of sensual eye contact that denotes:

“I am feminine and you are masculine and assume the role you were always born to”. A soft feminine gaze can soften his insides and make him ready for passionate lovemaking.

Quick Overview: An Aries Man’s Erogenous Zones!

1. Play with his hair

Playing with his hair is a sign of affection and deeply ingrained love and passion that you feel towards him, it is a love language that your Aries man truly appreciates and loves to experience.

When playing with his hair it is best to go around and give him a sensual massage while giving soft pressure on his head towards the end of the back to fully stimulate his senses.

When playing with his hair it will also depend on how long or what kind of texture his hair is. If his hair is straight and long then you can go along the way toward the end of his hair if his hair is a bit wavy you can try playing on it by mimicking the curls on his hair.

Essentially on the part of “playing” his har. It is fun, and dynamic and provides some kind of sexual gratification to your Aries man as it signals that you find him sexually attractive.

2. Touch his face

Touching his face is another important erogenous zone that you can explore when trying to please your Aries man. Caressing his jaw and forehead, especially which denotes and shows off his pure masculinity. Aries men are known for having a broad facial structure that is extremely masculine.

Touching it and then smiling and making it seem like you’re aroused will surely get him to turn on the inner wildness in the bedroom.

When doing this it is important to incorporate lots of soft pressure points, especially around the forehead this is incredibly pleasurable and at the same time relaxing for your Aries man who is deeply fueled with too much energy and rage.

These soothing touches can help minimize stress and make you extremely comfortable around the bedroom.

Also, you need to be careful not to put too much hardness when touching him as it can just be certainly annoying to him. His face is a sensitive part and touching it without any emotions or genuine care will just make it seem weird as if you’re like searching for something on his face.

Remember emotions matter and you must show it through the way you use your hands to touch and caress his face.

3. Touch his neck

The overall part of the neck is also a great erogenous zone to touch and explore with your Aries man. Particularly the tense muscles in the back of his neck.

Remember that anger and aggressiveness is often common emotion that your Aries man feels whether he is competitive and stressed at work or sports which could indicate a lot of tense and stiff muscles around this area.

When you touch his neck it is best to give him soft massages afterward which can be incredibly relaxing to your Aries man.

Touching the back of his neck is effective in turning the mood on in the bedroom. If you are trying foreplay incorporating head and neck massages is a good way to truly turn on the situation!

When massaging think of “filling up” his muscles with tenderness instead of just randomly going out there to touch his neck. Think of it as a way where you can truly express intimacy and affection towards him.

When massaging the back of his neck use long and light strokes and then when you find a part of his neck where it is stiff and hard gently put focused pressure through your fingertips.

Your Aries man will truly appreciate the love and affection you give towards him through the enhanced massages and strokes that you do along his neck.

4. Maintain eye contact

The pure gaze of affection and lust is the main key point in making all of these touches work. Maintaining strong eye contact is essential to make sure that your Aries man truly feels sexual and turned on while in the situation.

Eye gaze that is soft yet seductive is an easy way to truly make sure that your Aries man can’t get over you!

To do this play with his hair and do everything that is said above while looking at him straight in the eye with your gaze. You can also try wearing sexy to make the interaction more intense and powerful! This will surely get him turned on and ready for the action!

5. Additional! Kiss and lick his ears!

This is seductive for both of you! Another erogenous zone that surely is a hit or miss for your Aries man is his ears! Touching and sexually playing with his ear is a great way to indicate that you are passionate at that moment and that you want him to work his magic on you!

Kiss and bite his ears or you can even lick the insides to turn him on! This is a great way to turn him on and prioritize his pleasure! This is also a great step to incorporate if you are trying on foreplay.

This biting and fondling of his ear is an indication of sexual excitement and aggressiveness in bed…both things an Aries man truly loves!

Touching an Aries man….Final Thoughts

Your Aries man is dominant, aggressive, fiercely sexual, and provocative but has a hidden taste of liking vulnerability towards his partner this big difference is due to the fact that Aries is the first zodiac sign and is the “baby” or an infant sign and therefore he likes being taken care of and being shown affection dearly.

To sum up, your Aries man likes to be touched in areas such as:

  • His neck especially the back of his neck
  • His ears
  • His whole face and head
  • His hair 

Do not forget the intense eye contact as this is gonna add spice to every interaction you put out in the seduction process! Remember to embody a confident, sexy yet feminine, and alluring lover to make sure your Aries man gets the pleasure he deserves!

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