What Body Type Does a Pisces Man Like?

Pisces man really has specific ideal body types to look for in a woman. Unlike other zodiac signs, their likes are interesting. Want to know their preferred body types or what they look for in a woman? You have come to the right place! That’s what we are gonna be discussing below.

Pisces man prefers someone with wide hips, thick thighs, and visible curves. He likes someone with sharp jawlines, big foreheads, plump lips, and strong expressive eyes. He also prefers someone with good posture and proper hygiene practices.

A Pisces man is attracted to a confident woman who is sure of herself.

Keep scrolling to know what body type is ideal for them and how you can suit yourself cause you might come across a Pisces man.

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A Pisces Man in Bed

Pisces men are obsessed with making situations inside their heads – may it be in their bedrooms, comfort rooms, or when they are driving at night. They love the thought of doing something with someone they like.

They love to plan ahead on what they will do when they are in bed. Thinking of positions before having sex is a usual routine for them.

Pisces men are sensitive to their partner’s actions, mood swings, and words. Being open-minded and responsive is what they want. If you feel uncomfortable, or you have something to say, tell him directly because knowing you are not comfortable makes him uncomfortable as well.

They always ask permission before doing it or prior to changing positions. They are in favor of opening yourself to them directly. Transparency is what will make things easier.

They may be wild in bed and do you dirty but they always remain gentle. They are very careful in dealing with you, especially in doing things that involve too much pleasure.

We all know that things may get rough throughout the session but holding your parts, carrying your body, and grinding with you will always be done gently.

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What Body Type Does A Pisces Man Like?

A Pisces man prefers wide hips, thick thighs, and visible curves. They find these things sexy in their eyes, making them want to hook up. Wearing something that highlights your wide hips like low-waist jeans, or fitted shorts to show your thighs, and some body con dresses that make your curves visible.

However, despite wanting to see these aspects of your body, they still prefer not seeing too much skin. They are more of a conservative type rather than a show-off type.

Uniqueness in beauty is what they love the most. Having sharp jaw lines, big foreheads, plump lips, and strong expressive eyes easily catches their attention. If you actually have these factors, you may have wanted them to be emphasized.

Wearing makeup that can highlight your jawline, lips, and eyes is suitable. But, remember to keep it more natural, because they too love a simple woman.

Also, they love cuddling and being clingy with each other. Having a soft hand would make him want to hold your hand more often. They easily get addicted to your smell so always go on with your best scent all the time. Proper hygiene is always gonna be top-tier.

Confidence is really the key to winning a Pisces man’s heart. They love a woman who is sure of herself.

A woman who can take care of her body and health at the same time. Most importantly, someone who is confident enough with fewer insecurities knows how to handle herself, and takes extra good care of his skin, body, and diet.

Ways To Attract A Pisces Man Sexually

Be bold

Pisces man may be conservative but, one of the things that get them attracted is seeing too much skin. Aside from clothes, they usually get attracted to someone who tries to talk dirty or flirt with them privately. Seeing you walk towards him with eyes locked on him, makes them want to come at you.

Also, they appear to be sensitive in a way that they can smell seduction. They know if you want to make love or not. Teasing them and seeing you do something with your body can snap their way out. Making the first move can increase their wild mood.

Using strong fragrances makes them want to smell your neck and from there they can start making out with you. Make sure your eyes are full of lust and seduction, that will totally make them insane.

Cook for him

Do you love cooking? Baking? Surprise him with his favorite meals! Serve him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will surely make his day. Don’t get me wrong! You might not want to look like his personal chef, right? But it doesn’t work that way.

Cooking for him is his type of love language and they also would love to do the same for you. Aside from making him feel cared for, they can also sense that you really have the intention of taking care of him in the future.

Good food always leads to good conversations resulting in good quality time. This is also a great way to attract him sexually.

Allow him to protect you

Pisces Man is so passionate about pursuing what they want. They are very sensitive in the way that they mostly spend most of their time protecting their feelings. And if you really like him to get attracted to you, you need to feed his ego and make him feel like a man.

Allow him to protect you. He is attracted to women who he can save.

They don’t love subtle, they love strongly. They give all their power to make you feel cared for, loved, and safe in their arms. All things from the smallest ones down to the huge ones, every effort can is exerted. So, you need to appreciate this kind of effort because frankly, it takes time to get him into bed with you.

Ways To Keep A Pisces Man Hooked

Being in a relationship for them is actually a big step. They always keep it real and special and they always treasure all the time you’ve spent together. Hurting their feelings is a much more serious situation. A Pisces man is more emotional than you think.

So don’t ever try to play with them and never try to hook them up if you have no plans on getting a relationship with them in the future. And if he feels that you are trustworthy enough, he’ll want more of you.

They love the thought of taking care of their partners. They strive to do whatever they can to make their partner feel comfortable and at ease. However, because of the pressure, they sometimes tend to forget to do it for themselves.

That is where you need to put the balance. Step up and not just be a sitting princess. Learn to reciprocate cause they too need attention, love, time, and effort. Things will surely be gone in just a snap if the man will no longer has the power to serve you.

What body type does a Pisces man like? Final thoughts…

A Pisces Man prefers:

  • Someone with wide hips and thick thighs
  • Someone who has visible curves
  • Someone with good posture and proper hygiene
  • Someone who is confident



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