How To Make A Pisces Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about how exactly you can make your sweet and gorgeous Pisces man jealous so he can divert his attention toward you! Alongside that, we will give you an insider as to how your Pisces man expresses his jealousy and what are the obvious signs that he is!

So sit back relax and enjoy the stream of knowledge that’s about to flow in you!

To make your Pisces man jealous you must resort to petty tactics that will appeal to his emotions. Try to show him that other men are circling you and wanting your affection and at the same time be more inclined to do the push-and-pull method.

These things will surely make your Pisces man jealous…

Your Pisces man is the twelfth and the last sign in the zodiac wheel represented by the circling fishes. Pisces ends the calendar of the zodiac wheel and thus makes him the most emotional and spiritual sign out of all the zodiacs.

The sign of Pisces is deeply related to endings, religions, spiritualities, and esoteric wisdom, and in turn, this shapes the overall personality and vibes of Pisces.

He is easy-going like the flowing waters of a river but that does not mean he is easy to understand. Ruled by Neptune – the planet of dreams, delusions, a higher octave of soul, hypnotism, daydreams, imagination, and transcendence your Pisces man is a known dreamer of this world.

He is born with a higher soul that is compassionate, loving, and deeply spiritual.

At best his soul is a truly spiritual one and this can give him healing powers of some sort, his overall company, vibes, and energy can be comforting and healing to some and it can be addicting for many troubled people. This is the reason why your Pisces man deeply attracts heavy-negative energy people.

He is powerful and his power comes from his soul but unlike Capricorn or Scorpio who exerts some sort of physical, emotional, or structural power your Pisces man hides it in the cloak of naiveness or innocence.

For most people who are unknown or relatively new to Astrology, they might overlook Pisces as a sensitive, daydreaming child of the zodiac but this is far from the truth. 

The reality is that being born under the sign of Pisces can make one spiritually gifted. You might call it psychic powers or supernatural or just innate intuition. Whatever it might be Karma, luck and spiritual energies are on their side and anything you do to them will come back times three,

At best your Pisces man is emotionally sensitive, loving, sympathetic, compassionate, helpful, in tune with higher beings, spiritual, romantic, creative in music and arts, empathetic, wise (from being an old soul), easygoing, a good friend, partner, and an upstanding citizen. 

At his worst, the shadow side of Pisces can come off as being indecisive, easily changeable, easily influenced (the downside of emotional sensitivity), absent-minded, delusional, out of touch with reality, careless, oblivious, and sometimes easily swayed by emotions

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Pisces man for beginners let’s delve deep into how this emotionally compassionate man expresses his jealousy. What are the obvious signs that your Pisces man is jealous?

Let’s dig deep in!

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How does A Pisces Man Express Jealousy?

Your Pisces man is the most spiritual sign among the three water signs in the zodiac wheel and this can make him too kind, trusting, and less suspicious this means that even if your Pisces man is capable of expressing deep resentment and jealousy he is not inclined to resort or harbor those negative feelings.

But like other water signs, your Pisces man will be emotional and all over the place when expressing his frustration when jealous!

He might ask too many questions and might blatantly accuse you of cheating even if he has no proof of you doing so. The negative aspects of being delusional come to your Pisces man when he gets overbearing emotions.

He will get jealous however if he sees it right in front of his eyes that his partner is doing something behind his back.

In this way, your Pisces man might get emotional, moody, sensitive, and erratic to the point that he will be exactly the opposite of what you deemed him to be from a sweet sensitive guy to a moody, mean, and showcase a bad temper!

Your Pisces man is a quiet, soulful, and mystical guy but when he becomes jealous his frustration will come off in the form of mean and snippy remarks and comments to you and to the person he is jealous of!

He might even create a somber mood or atmosphere in his environment. He is known to affect the spiritual world very much so when he becomes angry and jealous he can color the room dark with his own emotions.

You will feel it in your core that he is painting the room with his vibes and emotions.

Even if you don’t feel it or necessarily believe that he affects people’s energies just by his emotions you can see that his body language and the way he would stare at you, especially at the person he is jealous of will be different that you will surely see it for yourself.

When he’s jealous his natural inclination is to become angry and ask for answers. He will make snide comments and will start asking about your loyalty and credibility. He will be explosive and emotionally charged when dealing with you and his problems so he will surely have a temper!

After the confrontations, he might start to wallow in his frustrations and you will see him regularly in a depressed and dark state.

He will be emotional and might not talk to you for days. He might stop going after you and might be seen as grumpy by other people.

Alongside that when he’s jealous he’ll make sure his friends and family know what state of emotion he is currently in this is also his form of getting back at you manipulating everyone into thinking that you are the bad guy in the scenario.

It is like a defense mechanism saying “Hey this girl has hurt me! He’s a bad person and I’m a victim here”.

Remember your Pisces man is all about vibes, feelings, and emotions when he’s mad he’ll make sure everyone knows and it will surely be the end of you. His manipulation might take time to work out it will surely do reputable damage to you and your credibility.

This is why it is a headstart for you to be very careful when playing with your Pisces man’s emotions he might be seen as weak but his power resides from this facade of being harmless.

If you wanna go the toxic path of making him jealous so you can get him to act right it is your choice to make but as much as possible try not to go overboard into making him think that you’re cheating.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces man and how he expresses his jealousy let’s move on and tell you the most efficient ways how to properly make your Pisces man jealous so you can divert all of his time, affection, and energy towards you!

Let’s get started!

How to Make Your Pisces Man Jealous!

Push and pull method

Your Pisces man is touchy and likes to have cared for and sometimes mothered. This emotional water sign is extremely wary so any slight changes in the way you approach him will make a noticeable difference in how he acts toward you.

As such when you are making him jealous the most common tactic of push and pull is a great way to divert his attention toward you.

The push and pull method is simply giving your energy back and forth to him to the point that he becomes obsessed with it every time you withdraw it from him. Try to be extra passionate and sexy towards him then the next day is a little cold and distant. 

When you put back your energy and then take it away from him you are making him chase you more and at the same time, this gives more time for him to overthink! The push and pull method is an effective way to make your Pisces man fall under the palm of your hands!

Be extra friendly on social media

Your Pisces man is changeable, indecisive, and unreliable and this can be a reason why you think he’s straying away from you.

If he ever becomes too clouded in his thoughts to even pay attention to you another way that you can change things up is by showing him that if he does not change there are still other men waiting for your relationship to fall.

To do this you must show him the number of men who are interested in your social media pictures! It might be a sexy bikini pic or a random selfie in your home. Whatever it might be show off what you got and see the men lining up just to get your attention!

The most desperate ones would comment and we’re sure that your Pisces man will see it! He is a social media stalker after all.

By making him jealous on social media you are showing him that you are the boss and that if he wants the relationship to work he must act up and divert his attention toward you! Remember to be flirty on social media but not go overboard to talk to other men in private messages.

Post on social media! This will surely garner his attention and he’ll have no choice but to message you! If he ever does do not reply for an hour or so! This will instantly make him think you are talking to other guys rather than him. Your Pisces man is assuming and he will be overthinking the situation thoroughly.

If he sees another guy liking or commenting on your pictures he’ll be inclined to show you off and show off the relationship in general. Your Pisces man is sometimes emotionally insecure so he might resort to petty things just to get your attention. If he ever does remains calm and collected and does not overreact.

The one who stays cool above it all wins this mind game. 

Admire some fictional character and compare it to him!

Whether it’s surprising or not your Pisces man is extra sensitive!

His emotions are churning and his romantic heart is easy to appease unfortunately this also makes it easy for others to inflict pain upon him and even as petty as admiring some fictional character and comparing it to him is as jealousy-inducing as it is supposed to be.

When in a conversation with your Pisces man tease him by admiring some fictional character or whoever guy of your choosing and compare that guy to him.

Show him how good-looking or powerful the guy is or show how sweet or romantic the guy is when this happens you are annoying him and at the same time making him jealous as no other guy could!

Admiring someone over him is a surefire way to make him sad and at the same time jealous. He will have no other choice but to be extra clingy to you and he will divert all of his energy toward you and the relationship. He will chase you like no other!

Talk about your ex

Being reminiscent of the past and making your Pisces man remember that you dated and shared memories with your ex is another way to make your Pisces ma jealous!

When you are mentioning to him your ex this makes him instantly jealous and he will be overthinking about you and the past that you had with your ex.

Whenever possible try to mention your ex in the conversation casually. Say how you ran up and saw your ex and how different he looks now. Mention how sweet or generous he was before or even try to compliment his physical appearance!

Not only this will make your Pisces man jealous this will also get him riled up that you are thinking about the past that you had with your ex.

Remember it is easy to play out tactics to make your Pisces man jealous. What’s hard is controlling the outburst of emotions he might show from the induced pain that you did from making him jealous so be extra careful not to be too intense when teasing him with this one.

Be extra sweet to your friend

Whenever you’re with your Pisces man it is best to be extra sweet and friendly to the other guy beside him, in this way it will make him jealous and riled up because this makes him overthink the situation.

When you become extra sweet to someone and he sees it he becomes enraged with the fact that you are giving more time and attention to someone rather than him.

Talk positively and interact with this friend of yours! Laugh with him and share with him stories while not including your Pisces man in the conversation. You can even tease him in front of your friend! This will be an effective way to plant doubts of jealousy in his mind.

Alongside that, your Pisces man might think that you are doing something behind his back if you become too friendly with your friend or acquaintance. This will surely rile him up and make him jealous to the core!

Be less and less romantic until he notices

Your Pisces man lives his whole life with his emotions guiding him and that includes his relationships with other people including you!

With that said when you approach him in a more basic or “numb” way instead of being fully romantic or touchy he becomes emotional and starts overthinking that you might be cheating or flirting with someone.

Your Pisces man is an emotional guy and he lives with vibing or sensing other people’s energies. If he notices that you are becoming less and less romantic and touchy you are making him crave your time and attention more and at the same time, this gives you an upper hand in the relationship.

He seeks your time and attention which means you have him under your leash.

Remember to be subtle and not be intense when doing this last step. For example, if you are under the same roof as him try to get your feelings back at him. Whenever he does this try to give a little bit of attention then take it back from him. This will ensure that he will have his attention on you!

Making A Pisces Man Jealous? (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Pisces man is surely jealous! Although not as aggressive as the other signs on the list the way he deals with emotions can make him incredibly passive-aggressive and manipulative when jealous.

Alongside that, your Pisces man lives with his feelings so any slight against him will be considered as an opportunity for him to burst out or become argumentative towards you.

The things mentioned above will effectively make him jealous and will make his attention diverted toward you! Just be sure not to go overboard and cross the line as things can get pretty petty if you ever make your Pisces man jealous!

Alongside that, you can get into trouble if you ever hurt your Pisces man! Remember that Pisces is ruled by Neptune – a deeply mystical and spiritual sign. Who knows what kind of energy might affect you if you ever scorn a Pisces man?

Your Pisces man is emotional, sentimental, possessive, and extremely loving and this can make his love harder to be contained that also means that your Pisces man can be extremely jealous! It will be easy for you to make him jealous but what’s hard is the aftermath it’s gonna bring.

Your Pisces man is known to have emotional outbursts like no other!

Your Pisces man is more emotional and less rational and that means there can be confrontations and arguments throughout the relationship if you ever rub him the wrong way.

You must understand that with his great romanticism also comes sensitivity and it will be hard for him to recuperate if you’ve hurt him enough by making him jealous.

At the end of the day, it is still best to have open communication with your Pisces man because it helps both of you understand each other on an intimate level. Remember to comfort him and appeal to his emotions and apologize if necessary.

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