Where does a Pisces Man Like to Be Touched?

Do you wish to know where your Pisces man’s erogenous zones lie? Do you want to know where your Pisces man likes to be touched and caressed? If so where are the plant massage techniques should you incorporate if you want to please your Pisces man?

What is he like during and after foreplay before touching him and how does he react when he gets at ease, relaxed, and pleasured? 

In this article, we will talk about how to properly touch, massage, and caress your Pisces man! Alongside that, we will tell you where your Pisces man likes to be touched! Specifically, the pleasure spots or his erogenous zones as colloquially people might term them.

We will also give you some insights on how to properly massage, touch, and caress these areas of sensitivity! We will also give you some insider tips on the useful techniques especially techniques of massages that you can do to make your Pisces man relaxed, pleasured, and happy!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Pisces man rules the feet. In Astrology Pisces rules these two essential body parts and this is also worth noting that the feet are an essential and sensitive body part that must be massaged gently, particularly the soles of the feet which is where the Pisces man’s pleasure spot resides.

You can also massage the other parts of his feet such as the ankles, the toes, and the like. You can incorporate doing a foot massage which will unknowingly arouse him and make him feel insanely good!

Also, do not forget to be sweet and romantic when approaching as your Pisces man is a bit more engaged when you put emotions into the situation.

Pisces men are the epitome of spirituality, grace, romanticism, imagination, and delusion. These men are representing the last sign of the zodiac wheel, the twelfth and the last sign. Pisces is extremely known for its spiritual power being the last in the zodiac list.

Alongside that Pisces is ruled by Neptune the mystical and dreamy planet that rules dreams, delusions, and imagination. Pisces men are known to be die-hard romantics because of this! They put their passion and love into everything they do and this can make them come across as sweet and dreamy…

Pisces is also a free-flowing sign, just like how fishes go with the flow in the stream of a river. Pisces men are nonchalant and are changeable as the waves of tides. They are extremely charismatic and trusting to the point that they trust the Universe to lead them on a journey of whatever they see fit.

This is why your Pisces man is known to be a traveler or explorer by heart. He relishes creative pursuits such as acting, music, arts, or just anything under the sun. He does believe in the power of magic because often in his lifetime he will experience mystical things that only he can explain and psychoanalyze.

Whether you perceive it as him being too imaginative or delusional surely your Pisces man surrenders in the powers of spirituality.

Pisces men are kind, helpful, sympathetic, helpful, graceful, soft-spoken, sweet, generous, imaginative, creative, and gifted in creating aesthetics whether they’re pursuing music or art these men are some of the greatest when it comes to creating music that can inspire and astonish people!

Pisces is gifted with the energy and powers of Neptune. Their art can be expressed in a multitude of ways and this gives them power. Lyrical genius at best! Pisces men can also excel in poetry and other things that includes love and romance.

To them, romance and sweetness come naturally and there will never be a dull moment with them. They do exude charming lover energy as they can come across as sexually playful and versatile.

However, their negative trait could be their minds being in the cloud more often and having extreme mood swings. Being a water sign their range of emotions can fluctuate and these can create problems for the people around them.

Your Pisces man no matter what his other placements are in his birth chart will have the core characteristics of being emotionally intuitive to the point of being a psychic! Pisces is the most spiritual and psychic sign and this sign heavily deals with spirituality and other dimensions!

 With that said it is easy to let his guard down because your Pisces man picks up energies and vibes from other people, places, and situations. Almost like a kind of superpower to him!

Instead of following logic, he follows his gut instinct, and surprisingly it is more accurate and knowledgeable than his logic which can be hindered by other circumstances!

At best your Pisces man uses his creative talent to create art that inspires and uplifts people, he can be emotionally empathetic, and that makes him helpful and sensitive to the needs of others.

A highly evolved Pisces will have a savior complex and will be heroic to the point that he becomes self-sacrificial. He will also be extremely altruistic and carry a light positive vibrant aura.

At worst an unevolved Pisces can have an extremely victim complex where he feels that the world is punishing him or that everyone is out there to get him. He can also be extremely manipulative and fearful because of this often drowning in his sorrows.

This sign is also prone to addiction and depression. Extreme unhappiness can make him chase dopamine providers like no other! So drugs, video games, or sex can be just one of many drugs that your Pisces man can be addicted to!

In romantic relationships, your Pisces man is extremely romantic and touchy! He likes physical touch as a form of intimacy and can be extremely sensitive at times. At best he will be the kind of guy who will write poems in front of you and take you out to a cafe and bring you beautiful flowers and sweet pastries.

On the downside, his mood swings will often leave you worrying about his mental state. His eyes can speak volumes about the immense amount of sadness that he feels. 

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces man and scratched a little bit of his personality let’s dig deep into how your Pisces man likes to be touched, massaged, or caressed. How can you turn your Pisces man on by touching him during the foreplay act? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Pisces Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Pisces men have their only ruling body part which is the feet. It may seem weird or quirky but this is really where your Pisces man’s erogenous zones lie and this is where he likes to be touched and massaged immensely.

Alongside that, you can also incorporate massaging his calves which are connected to his feet. Pisces man likes being touched in general so there can be different ways to touch him.

If you are going for the relaxation route and you want to just make him feel relaxed and at ease from stress, overthinking, and anxiety then you can just smoothly touch his feet with light touches and strokes that consist of your middle and index finger touching and caressing the ankles to the bottom of the feet.

You can also massage this area by gently applying pressure with the use of your thumb to create pressure points within the toes of his feet and the soles of his feet.

Whether you like it or not, these pressure points can be highly arousing to your Pisces man whether you’re goal is to just make him feel relaxed and at ease because his feet are the main erogenous zone of the area touching or simply massaging this area will highly arouse him.

If you are emphasizing the feet you can also massage the feet by emphasizing gently stroking the feet downwards. This helps stimulate the blood flow in the area and reduces any swelling caused by walking.

To massage the ankles of the feet you can carefully glide your fingertips preferably the middle and ring finger and the palm of your hands to create pressure. You should however pay attention to making the strokes and glides lighter as you move toward the ankles as these areas can be highly sensitive.

Move your fingertips in circular motions and try as much as possible to be sensitive to his reaction. A slow moan or compliment will indicate that he is truly feeling the sensations you are giving to him

Overall your Pisces Man rules the feet and this means this is the main erogenous zone in his body! To make him feel aroused during foreplay you can start the session by giving him a rubbing massage. You can also touch and gently caress the feet as this will bring immense sensations to your Pisces man!

Quick Overview: Pisces Man’s Erogenous Zones!

1. Rub his back

Rubbing his back is a gentle reminder of love and affection and this also starts as a warm-up for your Pisces man! You cannot directly grab his feet and massage them right away so you need to build rapport and momentum whenever you are trying to initiate sexual contact with your Pisces man.

Just gently rubbing his back whether he’s got a shirt on or not rubbing his back gently is like a pat on the back saying how much you truly care for him.

Patting his back also signals that you feel his stress and emotions and that you stand with him. This emotional connection is incredibly helpful in bringing about a lustful and sensual connection with him as you move closer to your goal of making him pleased and relaxed. 

2. Rub his feet!

After patting or rubbing his back you can begin to send whispers to his ears. Tell him how much you love him and how much you truly care for him. Tell him if he wants to be pleased if he says yes then you can ask him to sit down in a chair as you begin to work your magic in his feet.

You can use oil to perfect your caressing in this particular part of the body.

Begin by gently stroking his feet, and glide your hands upwards, and then downwards to his feet. The key here is to have sensuality and grace when you are caressing both of his feet.

This indicates that you are sexually attracted to him which he will act upon it. Alongside that whenever you are rubbing his feet always maintain eye contact below him as this indicates submissiveness.

3. Massage his feet!

After rubbing his feet you can proceed with the massaging. Work your way carefully into his feet by applying point pressure using your fingertips to create point pressure on the side of each of his toes then gently create circular motions using your fingertips.

You can also use your fingertips to create pressure in the soles of his feet, particularly the centermost part of his bottom feet where a lot of nerve endings are situated.

4. Kiss him

After massaging him begin to make the move by gently kissing him and see how he reacts. Kiss him sensually and use your tongue to glide to his and let him feel your love, lust, and affection towards him with every kiss that you give him!

This will already signal to him that you are ready for sex and he will have no other option but to give in! 

5. Touch him wherever you feel like it

Last but not least! Always remember that whenever you are kissing him touching him in areas that you want to fill him up is essential and a game changer for the both of you! While you’re kissing him touch his groin area or touch his chest or abs.

Whatever you feel like it! Remember emotions play a huge role in turning on your Pisces man so just go with the flow and touch whatever body part you are most attracted to! 

Touching a Pisces Man…Final Thoughts

Your Pisces man is truly a gentle soul! Romantic and emotional by heart! Your Pisces man is deeply spiritual and understanding. Knowing seemingly all the pathways to life your Pisces man can be a bit acquainted with almost anybody because he has this light aura surrounding him.

Alongside that, he is a fun, playful, sweet person to begin with so you’ll have lots of fun hanging out with him! He is also extremely sensual and sexual! Many people have a misconception that just because a person is spiritual he cannot be sexual.

Sexuality is a sacred act that can create an immense amount of energy. Sex itself can create another life form! This is what Pisces man understands on a deep and intuitive level.

He likes being touched and caressed so you can incorporate the massage techniques we have given to you to ensure that your Pisces man feels pleasured and relaxed!

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Pisces man feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His feet
  • His back

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