How To Get A Pisces Man Obsessed With You?

Do you want to make a Pisces man obsessed over you? Worry no more because in this article we will tell you exactly how to make your Pisces man deeply obsessed and infatuated with you! We are giving you inside secrets on how to properly seduce him and make him obsessed over you!

Let’s get started!

The Pisces Man is the 12th and the last sign of the zodiac wheel. Pisces season governs the date from February 19 up to March 20. This charming and romantic water sign is ruled by Neptune planets of dreams, illusions, higher realms, and romance.

Because of this, your Pisces man can be said to be one of the most romantic and sweetest zodiac signs.

Loving, caring, deeply sympathetic, and empathetic your Pisces man relishes his emotions as his inner guidance to things. He uses his heart to communicate his thoughts and ideas. He is unafraid to express his innermost vulnerabilities because to him that’s what makes him human.

Emotionally aware and sensitive, gracious and flowy in his actions, creative, trusting, generous, easygoing, and kind-hearted he is truly one of a kind man with a pure heart and soul. Being a mutable water sign he can sometimes be easily led on, his irrational thoughts can also make him prone to extreme delusions or daydreaming.

Being the most sympathetic of the zodiac signs there can be good and bad downsides to him showing too much of his emotions. An open-book Pisces man can attract many sorts of people, and not necessarily all of them will have good intentions for the Pisces man.

Nevertheless, they’re creative and imaginative which makes them successful visionaries in art and beauty.

In love and relationships, a Pisces man tends to be the extremely loving man who would give in his all just for the sake of making sure his partner feels loved and secure. He loves the idea of loving his partner so he tends to pour out all of his emotions to her.

He also loves the idea of staying loyal and fruitful to his partner. This man is built for romantic relationships. He is a hopeless romantic who has a lot of creative and imaginative ideas for setting up dates and surprises!

His obsessive tendencies can come up when he starts idealizing the woman. The daydreaming and obsessing prolonged can make him incredibly drool over the person. Like other water signs, his emotions will be all over the place which can make him moody and erratic in the process.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Pisces man’s obsession tendencies. Let us tackle the obsessive tendencies of your Pisces man in the next section! How does he become obsessed with someone and how does he act upon it?

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Pisces Men and Obsession Tendencies

Your Pisces man is deeply romantic he will tend to daydream and idealize his partner a lot. Even if he hasn’t seen the “one” in his head he will already have a picture-perfect idea of what his partner will look like or what the traits of that partner will have. 

Usually, your Pisces man will tend to start the obsession with a little crush over someone, either an attractive trait like a beautiful smile or gestures such as having feminine grace. These certain little traits are what will fuel your Pisces man to be obsessed later on.

That simple crush will then turn into a heavy infatuation with someone, he will do extreme things just to be near someone. He will surprise the person with simple to heavy gestures or gifts, he will be all over her and might initiate the first move.

The point will be everyone in the room will know the Pisces man is deeply infatuated with the person.

The body language and the way he will stare at the object of his desire says it all. This heavy infatuation will turn into an obsession once he gets addicted to the validation the woman is giving him. For weeks and months, he’ll be doing devious things just to know more about the person and her whereabouts.

Water signs are known for their deep pleasure in stalking someone and this is deeply motivated by the passion of emotions they’re feeling at the moment. This is the same with your Pisces man, the more emotional he is at the moment the more motivated he is to stalk the object of his desire.

Your Pisces man is deeply attracted to a feminine woman, a woman who shows good social graces and femininity in her body language and the way she talks. He is deeply attracted to a kind-hearted woman and warm to her. He loves a woman who knows how to value things.

Yes, looks can be an important factor in attracting him, after all the negative trait of a Pisces man is being gullible. Sometimes he will get blinded by the beauty he sees. Specifically, he is 

Looking for a beautiful woman who has an ethereal look to her. The woman who doesn’t need makeup to be bold and confident, a woman who is simple yet captivating…

Now that we’ve given you a deep insight into the psyche of your Pisces man we’re gonna show you the ways you can make him deeply obsessed and infatuated with you!

How to Get Your Pisces Men to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Be romantic when approaching him

When seducing your Pisces man remember that you must match his level of romanticism! Before a Pisces guy gives his heart and soul to someone he must want to get to know her first. Do not fast-track the flirting and seduction process. Just let it flow like a stream of water.

When romantically approaching him be drawn to the things that may seem weird to you. Open up about your life and your inner vulnerabilities, and get closer to him on an intimate level this way both of you can emotionally connect…

If he’s already comfortable with you and you the same to him, you can now try diverting topics into his dreams, feelings, and sexual thoughts. This is surprising to your Pisces man because he will be surprised by your willingness to delve into your inner world with him.

Share with him a little bit about your sexual fantasies or romantic desires. Tell him the things you want and desire. The more you do this the more he is turned on and the more he will feel drawn towards you!

2. Flirt with him!

The flirting process should be “sweet n’ easy”. Unlike other zodiac signs which are bold and get straight to the point. The flirting or seduction process towards your Pisces man should be full of kind-hearted, sweet, and thoughtful compliments.

Your Pisces man deeply appreciates kind words more than any other zodiac sign so it is good that to start the flirting process you must compliment him. Try to genuinely say what attracts you to him. It can be his smile, his hair, his sense of style, or his voice whatever it is say it in a way he will feel good about himself.

Then you can say things like “You know if you weren’t my friend you’d be my type” or some things along the line of that. Remember to take the flirting easy and not make it seem like you’re too attracted to him.

3. Be the sensitive, kind person he needs…

In a world full of bold, aggressive, and confident people who are proud to show themselves off be the opposite. Your Pisces man is sensitive and that means he is easily hurt, so it is important to show him that you are a kind, sensible person who is soft-spoken.

Do not tease or put on sarcastic remarks. Always treat him gently, with respect and kindness. The more he sees that you are different from others the more likely he’s gonna be infatuated with you.

4. Work on your appearance!

Work out and eat healthy to stay in shape, practice a good skin care regimen to have beautiful skin, opt for lighter pastel shades when going for beautiful dresses and make sure your makeup seems flowy and ethereal instead of dark and sultry. Also, be careful with the fragrances you put on your body!

A Pisces man’s senses are deeply heightened this means that he is very in touch with his sense of smell. Instead of going for musky or woody fragrances opt for flowery and sweet essences. The sweeter and floral it is the more attractive you’re gonna be to him!

5. Connect to him spiritually

Experience emotions deeply and in a positive and learning way. Your Pisces man is a known spiritualist and he can feel the vibes of people and places. It is good to be a breath of fresh air to him by being positive, kind, and deeply empathetic.

Do not allow pessimism in your life. When you’re with him, allow yourself to experience positive experiences with him and this in turn will make him more comfortable with you! You can try hanging out with him by the beach or a lake. 

Any body of water can be deeply calming for your Pisces man, you can also connect through nature and delve into your spirituality. The more spiritually attuned both of you are the easier it is for the both of you to connect physically, emotionally, and sexually.

6. Subtle seduction works best for him.

Your Pisces man is shy and might need a little push or two for him to take a step further into the relationship, prompting him to take the relationship to the next level. You don’t have to do anything big or bold just go subtle with your words whenever you’re teasing him.

You can say “Take me home? Wouldn’t you want that” or “I love how cute and respectful you are to me when I’m here just waiting for you to ask me out”. Anything cute and subtle will surely be appreciated by your Pisces man as a go-to signal to make a move on you.

7. Don’t be afraid to become emotional and vulnerable if it needs to be.

The last key step on the list you should be open to experiencing emotional vulnerabilities with him. Be open to emotional depth whenever you’re with your Pisces man this will make sure that he becomes attached to you to the point that he’ll be all over you.

The more open you are to him the more open he is gonna be to you. The emotional connection works both ways. When done properly you’ll surely have your Pisces man fawning over you!

Pisces: The Hopeless Romantic Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Pisces man is a hopeless romantic lover…he loves the idea of loving someone and being loved by someone to the point that he becomes gullible about the realities facing him. Romantic, warm-hearted, empathetic, and giving he can be extremely delusional to the point that his obsession can turn for the worse.

Be careful when using the powerful ways mentioned above, and be sure to have your intentions pure.

Do you want to have your Pisces man in your life as a lover? Or are you just in for the fun of seducing him? Be sure to have your intentions checked, seducing and making a Pisces man obsessed just for the thrill of it might get you into trouble…

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