Does A Capricorn Man Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you if a Capricorn man cheats, and if yes why would a Capricorn man cheat? Alongside that were also going to show you some signs that your Capricorn man is cheating on you!

Not really but it is possible, Capricorn men are law-abiding citizens, they live in strict sets of rules and morals, and being loyal and faithful to their partner is one of them, however goal and sexual incompatibility alongside other outside temptations, is possible that a Capricorn man can cheat.

The Capricorn man is the extremely fixed and hardworking man of the zodiac, often stereotyped as a workaholic, it can be true for some reasons as he highly perceives himself to be of greater value if he has more success and affluence in his area of work.

He is intelligent, ambitious, affluent, critical, disciplined, and will perfectly master his craft unlike other men who settle for mediocrity, however, his negative sides are him being overtly critical, pessimistic, and demanding…

As such he can be extremely calculated and strategic, almost seemingly unemotional to his spouse, he can however have a delicate side that no one else sees but himself, when in love, he will show his love to his spouse or partner with acts of love, he will be more practical in showing his love for you.

There can be several ways why your Capricorn man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Capricorn man cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s jump right to the answers…

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Are Capricorn Men More Likely to Cheat?

No, Capricorn men are some of the most faithful and loyal men out there, the grounding and heavy earth energy of Capricorn men makes them more interested in forming deep and long-lasting relationships, they aren’t the type of men who’d wanna party all week and have flings.

The good news is, Capricorn men are some of the most committed relationship partners you’ll probably ever have, ruled by Saturn which is immense masculine energy, these men are heavily bounded by culture and tradition.

Unlike other thrill-seeking signs who easily succumbed to their sexual cravings and temptations, the Capricorn man is focused,  he directs his energy towards his perceived goal and purpose, and as such he can be successful in his field of work whatever it may be.

They might exert their masculinity by showing off their power and prestige, either way, it is their way of showing the world that they’re not the one to be messed around with, because of that Capricorn men live by desiring a good and harmonious relationship with his possible partner or spouse.

He does not like the idea of random hookups or impulsive date night rides, he affirms his romantic side by being the traditional man, the one who provides, leads on, and protects his partner, as such, this man will have a hard time cheating, even if he does cheat, he will be full of guilt and remorse.

With all of that in mind, the Capricorn man will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has fellow earth placements (Taurus, Virgo) and water placements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

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Why Do Capricorn Men Cheat?

The Capricorn man cheats because someone already got his attention and got tempted to cheat in the process, he finds you unworthy of his time and attention and he feels both of you are not compatible and are not suitable to be partners for life, he thinks its a mistake settling in.

Capricorn men cheat because he feels he is incompatible with you, most likely they will cheat with someone with whom they are deeply close and have interacted with it, it is also most likely that they will cheat with their coworker or someone they know from their line of work.

This is very unfortunate but you have to remember that your Capricorn man is a cardinal earth sign that is ruled by Saturn, he is strictly bounded by his set of rules, with that said it will almost be impossible to have other life outside of his work, as such temptations can arise from his workplace.

It can also be hard to tease and seduce him but once he’s cracked open, his sexual energy will be overflowing and unstoppable, his earth Saturnian energy matches up with the heavy resisting fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo), and once he’s given pleasure he will be succumbed to try it over and over again.

He also probably cheated because he’s mentally frustrated about his work and his relationship with you, he might find it as a way of coping with the harsh realities of life that he is currently facing, whether it’s paying his mortgage, working a mediocre job, facing difficulties with his work and his boss or just the whole essence of how tiring adulthood is.

It can take a toll on him and once someone has allowed him to taste what fun lies ahead, he’ll be more inclined to try it whether he’s in a relationship or not, this is why it is important to be close to him as possible, make him feel at home with you and be both open to trying out different passionate things.

He cheated because it was his own free will, he wanted to exercise her freedom, and that freedom caused his relationship to turn into crumble, at the end of the day, a cheating Capricorn man is a no-good man at all!

How to Find out if your Capricorn Man is Cheating on you?

There are some good takeaways to look out for that determine if your Capricorn man is cheating on you or is planning to cheat on you, be sure to read carefully between the lines and be open to the possibilities of him cheating on you.

The first thing you’ll notice and the number one thing he’ll be busy or will say he is “busy” at work, he will hide his extramarital affairs by painting himself as a diligent and hardworking person in the office, he’ll say he’s gonna work a nightshift or that he has extra jobs to do in the office.

Whatever it is, do not believe that he is overworking hard in his job, always remember that your Capricorn man is strategic and works on schedule, he’s not gonna waste any time doing extra jobs, this is just an excuse to hide his cheating.

Check how accurate his work schedule is to the ones he tells you to, most often you’ll find loopholes in his story-telling and the number of hours he’s supposedly at his “work” when you find suspicious things it is best to confirm it with his colleague or someone he works personally with.

The second sign you’ll notice is that he’ll be reserved and extremely nonchalant about things with you, it is almost as if he doesn’t care and he just follows you around on whatever you want, he will be extremely detached about the outcome of the relationship, almost as if you’re dating a robot.

The third sign is that he will tell you subtly he’s not in love with you or is not attracted to you anymore, he will say remarks that you both are not compatible with each other or that both of your goals do not align anymore, he will say you seem childish and that he wants a woman who is as level-headed as him.

Also, check out his body language, he will be more closed off and will try to keep your hands off his material possessions whether it’s his car, gadgets, and most especially his phone where he probably hides his indecencies.

Remember that this is him trying to divert the situation and put more vagueness in the relationship, probably because he is still attached to you or both of you share physical interactions or material possessions that are conjugal.

Last but not the least, look out for the lack of sexual intimacy, a man or any other man regardless of his zodiac sign will be most intimate, clingy, and sexually passionate to his partner, this is especially true to a truly loving and committed Capricorn man, if he’s into you he will exert his masculine dominance to you.

He will be initiative, take you to dinner, respect you, and at the same time will give you sexual advances, he will be intimate in the most loving way, if it is however the other way around and you’re the one to seem to be chasing him, it is crystal clear that he’s not interested in you anymore and most likely he has his attention to someone else.

Overall, if the relationship feels draining and one-sided and it lacks sexual energy and the signs said are present, it could be highly indicative of him cheating on you…

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Capricorn Man’s cheating heart? 

The Capricorn Man – The Sea-Goat – his shadow self can be extremely malefic and controlling, when he expresses his dark self he can be extremely deceitful, good at manipulation and controlling, and he can make cheating seem easy.

The best advice anyone can give you is to detach yourself from your abuser, leave him where he will be happy even if you truly love him and want to be with him, a Capricorn man cheating is a sign of being not interested in you anymore, you’re only hurting yourself in the process.

The best remedy for the heartache is to truly live a happy life, be genuine, and do not fake it, it is ok to cry out your emotions, and be angry at him, it is right and justifiable, and you can focus on that energy pon something creative and productive, do your research on shadow work, this will truly help your mind and soul…

By leaving your toxic relationship and dumping your cheating Capricorn man behind you gain momentum in your life! You will gain power and control, something that he will surely regret later on in his life.

Aside from that, live and go live your life to the fullest and be the best, most successful version of yourself! Enjoy the beautiful life that was given to you and when the time is right be open to more passionate and romantic love that comes your way!

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