How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man?

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man

If you’re looking for ways to spice things up with your Capricorn man in the bed by talking dirty to him, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Capricorn man…

When talking dirty to a Capricorn man be romantically expressive, meticulous, and specific about what you found sexually attractive about him. Don’t be afraid to show love and lust at the same time. Ask him sexual questions that will make him answer and take the lead, this is a serious sign. Let him take the lead.

Capricorn men are the business-oriented men of the zodiac, highly successful in their work and career due to their ability to persist in practicing their profession, these men are also romantic and like long-term relationships more than casual flings or hookups.

With that said, there are certain ways to fully arouse him. In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Capricorn man when you’re with him and if you’re talking dirty through text messages.

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How to turn on a Capricorn man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man

When you’re talking dirty to a Capricorn man you must be able to mix love, lust, and tension in the conversation, be detail-oriented when trying to talk dirty to him and tell him how much you like his certain attitude about part of his body.

You can also tell him what kind of sex position you like to do and why it’s so good or what kind of quirk he does that turns you on, be genuine when telling him these certain things that you like about him, these enhance his arousal and prepares you for the next step…

The next part is to keep the tension in, your Capricorn man is secretly into sensual pleasure, as such trying to be seductive by maintaining eye contact and touching while asking him things that he’d like to do to you, tell him you will oblige to anything he wishes.

Because his planetary ruler is Saturn, he likes to dominate and take the lead, subtly tell him that you’d want him to take the lead and you’ll be submissive to whatever he wants from you.

Act submissive and looks submissive, again maintaining eye contact and touches, you can also try going the intellectual talks with subtle sexual innuendos in it, such as telling him things like “I would love to know if its the motion of the ocean or the size that makes the difference…”

The key is to make sure the lust and tension are there at the moment and surely he will love it and will be madly in love with you!

How to talk dirty to a Capricorn man through text?

Intellectual dirty talk

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man

Incorporate real sex facts or common sense when you dirty talk to him, this is incredibly humorous and arousing for your Capricorn man, send him messages like “Did you know you can make a man hard down thereby showing her woman parts?” 

Incorporate these every time you talk dirty to him through text and he’ll surely be engaged and will reciprocate with a more intellectual or humorous dirty message.

Clever phrases work with him well

It doesn’t matter how cheesy or wildly freaky dirty phrases are, the more clever the more you’ll be able to impress him with your words, send him messages like “I’d like to come over to cum over you” or “I want you right now, I can’t wait to feel you again but that we’d have to work more.”

A dirty talk with a mix of asking for consent is a great and explicit way too dirty talk to your Capricorn man in messages, do this by stating a freaky or wild message and then accompanying it with a question that asks for his consent.

Tell him things like “You’re such a big guy. What if I touch you and do everything I want with you? Would you like that?”

Or things like “You make me so wet. I can’t wait to have your top of me, What do you think of that?”

Things like these will insanely turn her on like no other.

Get romantic

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man

Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” or any other words of affirmation when talking to him, this only enhances the dirty talking phase and will make him insanely attached and attracted to you, be loveable when doing so.

You can try sending him sweet messages through voice mails in the middle of the heated dirty talking stage, this ensures him that you’re there not just for the fun but also for the long-term commitment.

Be submissive

Play out with his dominant nature and be the submissive one in the bedroom, tell him how much you’d like him to take in charge and that you’d get pleasure once he does the things in his own way and pace, this will surely turn him on like no other!

Play out with his fantasy

Ask him about his deep sexual fantasies, when known, tell him that you want it to be done too in the relationship, this makes him trust you more and he’ll be able to feel that you are sexually compatible with him.

This ensures he feels stability in the romantic relationship he has with you.

“Do you know how much I want you?”

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Man

Last but not least, the phrase “Do you know how much I want you” or any other phrases related to that thought insanely turns him on like no other, because your Capricorn man is often living in a serious and harsh world, he tends to forget that he is likable too.

Telling him that specific phrase while you’re talking dirty to him will not only make him aroused but also feel love.

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Talking dirty to a Capricorn man, final thoughts…

When you’re talking dirty to a Capricorn man you must make him loved and aroused, a stable tension between the both of you works well if you can provide him with things that make him feel stabilized in the relationship.

Don’t be afraid to let him take charge, this naturally dominant sign is known for leading, his cardinal and earthy nature makes him a well-cultured partner who is freaky in bed.

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