Is Your Capricorn Man Done With You? (7 Clues)

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You?

The Capricorn man can be socially awkward and seem cold as an impression but he has a humorous side to him once he is comfortable. He is the father archetype, choosing to have an influence and place in authority versus the nurturing and gentle approach.

He appreciates routine and likes to appear refined in public.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he becomes critical of you. Capricorn men are detached and stoic in the way they think. The separation was a type of failure to him, which he fears the most. He could be sad, but he will still move on. The Capricorn man just proceeds to adjust his plans without you in it.

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The Capricorn man in love

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You?

The Capricorn man in love acts like his lover’s provider. His love language is to give her gifts and to make sure he is able to give her what she needs. He is not romantically expressive or he may not be the type of person to show his love through words.

Instead, if you want to show love to a Capricorn man, show him your appreciation. Respect his opinion, and value his authority. He wants to be stable and be a strong figure for his loved ones to rely on. He may sometimes come across as a know-it-all with the way he speaks.

He values loyalty and appreciates it when his lover can give him assurance that his “investment” will not be thrown to waste. For the Capricorn man, love is like an investment and he wishes to reap the benefits.

He knows he can be a workaholic, so a Capricorn man will appreciate a woman that understands or has a great work ethic. He desires a partner that has big ambitions and is not too emotionally dependent on him. She cannot expect him to reciprocate emotionally, it is too awkward and he doesn’t know how.

A Capricorn man is committed to making a relationship work. He craves to be understood by the person he will choose to love. He is like an onion that needs to be peeled layer by layer before he can show his vulnerability. Remember, Capricorn makes intensely devoted partners but not in a romantic way.

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How to tell when a Capricorn man has moved on

He becomes extra negative toward you

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You?

The Capricorn man is practical and awkward when it comes to expressing his emotions. He can have high standards towards himself and this can project to the people around him too, and no, it doesn’t exclude his partner.

He is already pessimistic in nature but when a Capricorn man is done with you, he tends to let you know about it, sometimes repeatedly. Each time he makes an effort he expects a certain reward in exchange whether it is to earn someone’s respect or material gain.

Maybe he thinks he gains nothing from the relationship. Capricorn men tend to treat everything as transactional. He is an idealist and perfectionist and it is not surprising for them to constantly feel unsatisfactory about their life but this will be directed at you when he no longer wants you in his life.

He makes you realize you have disappointed him

When a Capricorn man has decided to call it quits, he makes it a habit to think negatively of you. It becomes a toxic cycle as if his mood relies on his expectation of you.

He is still not a Virgo since they usually have intentions of making that person become better, they don’t want to hurt anyone but for the Capricorn man, he is like the unforgiving boss that intends to fire you without chances of appeals.

He would rather want to “hire” or find someone else that can fit his standards. The Capricorn man is a perfectionist and perceives failures as the greatest shame anybody can have. They are easily discouraged when things don’t go their way and sadly, he also makes sure the people around him feel that way too.

He starts to ignore you

The Capricorn man will begin to ignore you when he is no longer interested. Even if he’s a workaholic and busy with his schedule, when a Capricorn man truly loves someone, he makes sure to let her know. He could send gifts by surprise or send messages.

He may not be the most romantic but he will make it up to her in some way.

Also, when he is in love with you, he usually makes you his motivator to do better. He puts you in his plans. He sees a future with you.

It would be contrary when he is calling it quits. He would not bother updating you on what’s going on with him or where he’s at. Even if he’s not the most sensitive or emotionally expressive out there, he would still have an idea of what bothers people.

Instead, he just doesn’t care. Capricorn also has no issues with cutting people off whether they do it in person or emotionally remove them from their lives, he doesn’t have to make a drama out of it, he just continues without that person in mind.

He begins to think there are better options out there

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You?

When dealing with Capricorn men, understand that they treat each category of their life like a transaction. You are no different than his job wherein he has to show up and make sure he does his part. You are no different than him trying to show off a good performance to get promoted.

The Capricorn man that’s no longer interested or has stopped making an effort may mean that he has found a better option or opportunity than you can give. He feels like a capitalist society as a person.

He knows he can always do better that’s why even if he found it painful to separate from you, he has no problems moving on.

That’s only if he thinks there are better options, if you happen to be the best out there, which we congratulate you on, he’s going to regret it and might try to get you back. Love with a Capricorn man may be high maintenance but it doesn’t have to be perceived that way.

He starts prioritizing his career or work more than usual

Capricorn men are already workaholics but will even push further when he is no longer in a relationship. He could use work as a distraction but it also doubles for more pay cause of overtime. He Is practical and would just want to accumulate things.

If there is one thing, the Capricorn man hates sudden changes. He likes his routine and things that he knows are under his control.

The fact that he could not control the outcome of his relationships forces him to focus on what he could control which is his career. Most of the time, this pushes his former flame away even beyond the separation.

He doesn’t even prove his point any more

The Capricorn man likes to be right. He will give you a checklist of why he is correct and he will try to establish his authority over you. When a Capricorn man doesn’t even bother if you are wrong, then take it as a sign that he is no longer interested.

A Capricorn man is responsible and if he loves you, he will have this sense of duty over you. Like the father archetype, he wants you to be on the right path or what he feels is best for you. He might not trust in you enough for him to open up and let him be vulnerable.

He desires to be respected more than anything else but he also wants his effort to be justified, if he thinks that the relationship is no longer worth saving then he will save his energy,

He doesn’t prioritize you

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You?

A Capricorn man that is serious with you knows how he can balance his schedule and give you a fair amount of his time. If he wants to make a relationship work so bad, he may even keep it light at work so he can focus on fixing yours.

When a Capricorn man has given up, he will not make an effort to get you back. It’s possible he might feel sorry for himself but he is a natural stoic. The Capricorn man keeps in mind that the more we value things that are outside our control, the less control we truly have.

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When your Capricorn man is done with you, final words…

The Capricorn man is done with you when he has no longer placed you as a priority in his life. He becomes more pessimistic than usual most of it being directed at you. He makes you feel like you have disappointed him greatly and will cut you off emotionally whether he tells you directly or not.

He may feel remorseful but will not admit it. A failure in keeping a relationship is still a hard blow to a Capricorn man. Though he knows that he will be able to move on. He doesn’t leave everything to fate, he just understands that in all things, even in love, there is no easy way.



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