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5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

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A Capricorn man is focused and very much glued to achieving his dreams, and you might think that flirting is the last thing he is going to do. Well, that is not the case.

His flirting style is “testing the waters” flirting, which can be confusing for you. Worry not though, I have provided here some clues that a Capricorn man is flirting with you.

If a Capricorn man is flirting with you, he is physically close to you. He is also practical when flirting and does not waste his time beating around the bush. He is texting you non-stop and you get a lot of good morning and good night texts. He cracks jokes for you and treats you differently from the rest.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at his flirting style… then, we can review the ways that he flirts with you!

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Flirting Style of Capricorn Man

5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

The flirting style of a Capricorn man is flirting but not really flirting. It is not “seriously flirting”, it is more like “test the water” flirting, or a “trial period” flirting. Your Capricorn man is actually a really rigid flirter. You do not know if he is flirting with you or just complimenting you.

He is going to compliment the dress you are wearing, and you do not know if he is flirting or just really admiring your dress.

He is direct and honest with what he wants to say because he has a straightforward approach to flirting. That is why it can be a little bit confusing because he considers “complimenting” as flirting. He does not want to risk getting embarrassed and rejected by people.

He does not have the time for someone whom he does not see as someone with the potential to be in his life. He looks to it that he really likes the person. He sits back first and observes before making any move.

He likes to maintain power, and he can be very controlling. He prefers to keep things contained. He is straightforward with flirting because he does not like to stay very long on the flirting stage. He does not like to spend too much effort and work on trying to woo you.

This is because he struggles with being vulnerable. This is his biggest issue. He flirts, but he has a weird way of doing it.

Sometimes, a Capricorn flirting always has a motive. There is an added layer when he does this. For instance, he wants to get you to sign up for something.

He is going to endlessly compliment you until you get flattered, and this is going to make you want to do whatever it is that he wants you to do. Sometimes, it can feel like you are trying to solve a problem when he is flirting because it can be a little complicated when he is doing it.

In short, your Capricorn man’s flirting style is authoritative and mystique. It is direct, casual, and honest. He is stern and stable, and he is only going to flirt with someone whom he finds intellectually interesting. He uses body language to flirt too, and he is alluring, and this can cause him to attract the wrong people.

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5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

He physically gets close to you

5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

Although your Capricorn man is really focused on work and gets a little too workaholic, he still needs someone to go home to. With that, if he is interested in someone, he is going to flirt by getting physically close to you.

His body definitely accompanies his feelings of admiration, and there will be no doubt that you will feel it when he is flirting with you.

When he is flirting, you will notice that he kind of plays with your hair and brushes his fingers through your hair. When the both of you are already comfortable with each other, he is going to be holding your hand while walking. He is going to be needing comfort and support from you.

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He is practical when flirting

Because of the personality of a Capricorn man, there is a realistic approach when he is flirting. He does not fake anything because he likes to keep it real. He would not give you a lot of time, effort, and attention. Again, he does not like to put a lot of time into flirting.

Instead, he is going to be inviting you for coffee or take you to lunch. This is his way of being very straightforward and will not waste any energy beating around the bush. He does not like doing excessive or fake things. He is going to do what is necessary and will do what only is necessary.

He texts you non-stop

5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

When you first start seeing your Capricorn man, you can get a lot of text from him as a way of flirting with you. He would want to know you through communicating with you. He can be very shy, and this is already in his nature. He tends to express himself well through non-verbal communication.

You can notice that he does not really talk about his feelings in person and can be a little too quiet for you. Do not ever think that he is playing with you. He is just more comfortable expressing his feelings without you around.

If he is flirting, he is going to be texting you every time he gets the chance to text you. He can greet you every morning and text you before he goes to sleep. You will know that he remembers you because he texts you every now and then.

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He cracks jokes

When you think of a Capricorn man, his being funny in front of other people is the last thing you can expect. Your Capricorn man is very introverted and cracking jokes is not really his forte. He does not let himself get in front of people to get attention and make people laugh.

However, if he is flirting with someone, he is going to go out of his way to make you smile because he likes seeing that.

And you see, your Capricorn man’s jokes are not too bad. He has a good sense of humor, actually. The thing he just does not show it. But if he is flirting, he is going to be cracking one every now and then.

He treats you differently

5 Clues A Capricorn Man Is Flirting With You

Your straightforward personality of your Capricorn can be read by others as rude and a little hurtful. However, if he is flirting with you, you are going to be treated differently.

At work, he can treat his co-workers in a mean way because he likes to get the job done efficiently. But with you, you are going to be treated very nicely and with respect.

You can bump into him at a coffee shop, and he won’t even attempt to try and blame you for it. Instead, he is going to be offering you coffee and talking a little. He is the type to not be kind to everyone, and a lot of people will take it very badly and personally. But he is not the same as you.

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Is a Capricorn man flirting with you, final thoughts…

The clues that a Capricorn man is flirting with you are:

  • He physically gets close to you
  • He is practical when flirting
  • He texts you non-stop
  • He cracks jokes
  • He treats you diff