Can You Get A Tarot Reading When Pregnant?

Can you get a tarot reading when pregnant

You may find yourself in the mood for a tarot reading but should you if your pregnant? There are a few factors to consider before diving in. Can you get a tarot reading when pregnant?

You can get a tarot reading while pregnant but most likely they will not answer direct medical related questions. For example, a good question to ask is “What kind of personality will my baby have?” and a bad question to ask is “How many pounds will my baby weigh?”.

I am sure you have a ton of questions about Tarot readings while pregnant and in general.  I want to include such items as what is good to ask without fuss from your psychic. 

What restrictions are there in a reading session and many more topics to enjoy a Tarot reading session.

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Tarot Readings While Pregnant

As someone who enjoys Tarot readings, in my excitement, my first thought when I found out I was pregnant was to reach out to a Tarot fortune teller and ask a million questions.  I could not wait to investigate all I could about my pregnancy and the child I was carrying.

While it is tempting to ask your Tarot reading fortune teller about the medical aspects of your pregnancy, they will rarely answer any medical questions about your pregnancy. Best to leave those types of questions to a medical professional like a nurse or doctor.

Asking the Right Questions at a Tarot Reading

The best approach while pregnant when having any type of Tarot reading is to ask generalized questions.

Yes and no questions are difficult for a psychic to answer as fortune-telling art is an art that supplies an overview of possibilities and hope for the future situations you are interested in.

I wrote a post about using Tarot Cards for yes and no questions, read that here. How to use Tarot for Yes or No Answers (with 10 examples)

Psychics hold a connection with the spirit world, and those spirits can be tricky. The spirit connection can be a short one, and specifics about a situation can be challenging to receive from a communicating spirit. They prefer not to have yes or no questions.

These spirits offer feelings to the fortune teller, which will then be explained by the reader to give you as relevant an answer as possible.

Psychics cannot guarantee their reading to be entirely exact, but only that the reading results have the feeling or impression they receive while pulling your cards.  The translation of these feelings can give you insight into your questions.

This makes the reading even more exciting and filled with joy.  To have the possibilities laid out in front of you, lets your imagination run wild.

Note, I’ve written an article that goes into detail about the best questions to ask in a tarot reading, read that here.

What Is a Medical Question?

When speaking to a Tarot reader, it is vital to know the answer to this question.  Any medical questions are the questions that would be answered by a physician.  They have the skills in this field to do this.

If you want to know if your pregnancy will be an easy one, if the baby will be healthy, if you can get pregnant, these are questions that fall under medical questions. They require testing to ensure a correct response is best left to a doctor.

A non-medical question could be something like the following: 

  • Do you think this point in time would be the right time to try to get pregnant? 
  • Do you think I will be pregnant by the end of the year? 
  • Do you feel I will have a spring baby? 

These questions and the answers to follow will satisfy the curiosity and heighten the experience.

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Can I Ask the Sex of The Baby at a Tarot Reading?

This is a common question.  In short, you may ask, but the answers will likely be vague.  The psychic is noticing your spiritual connection with your child.  This is not gendered-specific.  A baby does not know what gender is.

There are fortune-tellers who specialize in this and will answer your question of sex, but they cannot assure correct predictions.  This is the impression the psychic gets while reading your cards. 

They will be as informational as possible with the feeling they receive from their spiritual connection and what they sense within you.

Can I Ask About Each Trimester at a Tarot Reading?

This is a beautiful example of questions that are exciting and proper to ask your fortune teller.  You can find out information about

  • What your child may look like
  • Their personality
  • Even the connection they will have to you

How they are developing during each trimester is a common question among these requests.  You can discover the connection your child has with you and how that connection is deepening as your child gets closer to entering the world.

You may be interested in the emotions your child is experiencing during the pregnancy.  This is often an enlightening, entertaining, and exciting answer to receive during your reading.

If you have an idea of your due date, the astrological sign meanings would be some fresh information to take home from your fortune-telling experience.  Having an idea of when you are due can narrow down the astrological sign your child will be born into. 

You can learn the characteristics of these astrological signs to get an impression of what your child will be like.   

Can I Share My Pregnancy Reading

You will want to come to a psychic reading prepared.  Bring a notebook and pen or pencil.  You will want and should take notes because this is exciting reading, and you may forget important points that you want to review or share from the reading later.

Most times a psychic will even remind you of this before starting a reading.  They want you to get value from your reading and have an impressive experience.  This will be a time you do not want to forget, and this could be an interesting gift in the future for your child.

If the reading is online, you will receive an email with at least the bare minimum of the basics included in your reading. (Find out more about how online readings work in this article.)  More likely, you will get a detailed account of your psychic visit with specific answers pointed out to you.

The fortune-telling reader is there simply to help guide you, and they do not want you to walk away confused.  They enjoy the work they do, only wanting you to be pleased and satisfied with the results.  That’s likely why they got into this line of work, and it is important to them.

I also discuss sharing your Tarot reading in more detail in this article, “Can you share your Tarot reading?

A Few Fun Facts

Here are a few interesting facts that you may enjoy:

  • The queen of Pentacles is the loveliest of cards to receive in a Tarot reading about pregnancy.  This is referred to as the “mother” card.  It is a card that brings joy to the reader’s heart as they pull it when asked about pregnancy.
  • The most common reason people search out fortune tellers, psychic reading, or Tarot reading, offers a fresh perspective from an uninvolved individual with a specific skill set, connecting to the spirit world.  These are often general life interests or specific events that bring interest to having a fortune-telling encounter.
  • If you are requesting a fortune teller reading, you are likely to be in the form of a transition and want to know more about marriage success, college selections, career advancement opportunities, housing prospects, etc.  Request information that pertains to the specific progress of each of the transitions.
  • The connection between a fortune teller Tarot reader with the spirit world is a deeply personal one.  This makes for a pleasing reading and builds a connection to you, the recipient.  Fortune tellers love their job and the hope they inspire with each reading.
  • Tarot readings are an exciting and fun way to enter any new experience or transition in one’s life.  These experiences are genuine and personalized for your entertainment.
  • There are countless types of Tarot cards that psychic Tarot readers will use.  My favorite for pregnancy readings are the oracle cards, which use a smaller layout and I feel like they are more in tune with me and feel more personal.

Here are a few examples of Oracle Cards:

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