Do Online Tarot Cards Work?

Do Online Tarot Cards Work?

When life loses its direction, I often turn to my tarot cards to help me get a glimpse of what might be influencing me. I have my own cards, but sometimes it’s easier to use a tarot card app on my phone or online.

A friend and I recently had a debate about this very topic. she asked, “Do online tarot cards work?”

Online tarot cards work, although they might not have the basic essence and tactile experience of physical tarot cards, the interaction of intuition and connection is still there to provide an accurate analysis.

Whether you opt for a semi-automated reading or random cards, the right card for you will be presented.

For accuracy, some may draw out their cards online or with a phone app but will ask someone to read and analyze them.

Before we get into the details about tarot card apps and online tarot cards, let’s discuss tarot readings in general…

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How does Tarot Cards Reading work in General?

Tarot cards are potentially meant to gauge the impact of major and minor life events, as well as the potency of human emotions, thoughts, ambitions, and outcomes of life happenings. The heart of tarot cards is intuition and building a connection.

With the help of classic meanings, symbols, and colors, the cards provoke the intuition inside of an individual which revolves around emotion and energy, rather than reasoning and logic.

The major difference between having a person engage with the client instead of a computer screen when reading tarot cards is that the person will be able to pick up the client’s energy and vibe while a computer will not be able to do that.

A trained reader will pick up on his client’s energy, which will further help him to interpret the readings.

The purpose of the cards is rendered void if one tries to interpret themselves, or even someone else who does not hold the expertise tries to make interpretations.

They may not know how to comprehend the meaning in the context of their own life.

I wrote a couple of posts that talk about how Tarot readings work and how they compare. For Example.

Steps to Tarot Cards Reading

There are three components to a tarot card reading, but the core or foundation is the human element. It is because of the presence of the human element that spirits can be engaged, and a connection can be developed.

1. Cards Shuffling

With a person

An expert tarot card reader starts picking up the vibe of their clients the moment they start shuffling the cards. Some card readers even ask their clients to internalize their thoughts and feelings based on which they can stop the reader from shuffling when they feel it’s time.

This exercise allows both the reader and the client to align their energies and develop trust. It also helps to understand how the spirit works.

Find details about shuffling a Tarot deck in this article, Are you supposed to shuffle Tarot cards? and How to shuffle your tarot cards. A step-by-step guide.

On the computer

The shuffling process is the same on the computer, but it is without the human connection. There is no one on the other side to pick up your energies and blend with their own.

Those who are conscious of their intuition can work well with online tarot card readings. They know how to sense their intuition and feel when it’s the right time to stop.

I wrote an article about “How true are online Tarot cards?

2. Selecting Cards

With a person

Since there are multiple spreads; when a person is helping you out with your concerns, it is upon them to discern which cards are best suited for the situation at hand.

This is extremely helpful because this process is carried out based on energy, and without the presence of another human, it becomes void.

On the computer

On a computer as well, you are given multiple spreads, but it is at your discretion to choose which one will be effective for the issues in the subject. For that one needs to be aware of their intuition and energies.

3. Interpretation

With a person

The same tarot cards would be interpreted differently for a grieving person than for an individual who is content at heart. It all depends on the energy and vibes the client emanates on the day of the reading, along with their personalities.

The interpretation of an in-person reading can be more personalized because the reader can ask you questions about your situation.

The cards that are pulled for you can have multiple meanings and their intuition will guide them to the answer, but if you can clarify some things, then you can get a much more details answer.

On the computer

What I’ve found with computer interpretations is that they are more vague. Typically, I can’t interact with the computer to answer clarifying questions and therefore the answer I get from the computer is more general.

I have had some answers when I’ve used online software for a reading that I hadn’t expected.

I’ve recently started working with an online psychic reading company and I’ve received some great feedback. I’d love it if you could try them out and let me know your experience. Receive a 5 Minute Reading For Free, click here!

Online Tarot Reading

When getting your tarot cards read, you will want to be present and conscious of their feelings and thoughts. The more you are connected and present in the moment, the more likely you will receive a reading that reflects you at this moment.

Focus on your question (your intent) and be open to the answer that is provided will help you to achieve optimum results.

A card reading done on your own is a great way to hone your intuitive skills. You shuffle and choose the cards based on intuition. The process itself enhances the intuition as you soar through the course of cards reading.

This article discusses the best Tarot spreads for beginners. If you want to do your own readings, you may want to purchase your own deck. I think that the Rider Waite-Smith deck is excellent for beginners.

Here is an article that talks about choosing a deck.

Difference between paid and free tarot card reading                       

Both paid and free tarot cards reading services are available online. Some websites and apps offer free computer-generated tarot cards. The paid service is usually undertaken by a reader.

Free tarot card reading

Those who believe in their intuition and do not want to rely on someone else’s interpretation may opt for free tarot card reading.

There are two kinds of free computer-generated readings:

Fully – automated

Under the fully automated system, the computer generates, shuffles, chooses, and interprets the cards all by itself. The software programs produce generic results and interpret the meaning of the cards at face value.

Although the basic interpretations may not be of much help; they can be used as learning resources to understand the meaning of the cards at a very beginner level.

It is no surprise that computers cannot catch your vibes; therefore, they cannot understand or read your emotions, and as a result, cannot produce appropriate cards, corresponding to the situation at hand.

I’ve tried these and have been amazed at how well the result reflects my current situation. It’s free, why not give it a try?


Those who have a reasonable command of their intuition may benefit from the semi-automated system. It may not be as effective as it may be with an expert card reader, but being in touch with your intuition may help you to choose the spread on your own.

The key to going about it is to not get too involved in the tiny details when choosing and shuffling the cards but to focus on your intent and energy.

Mostly paid tarot card readings are executed by a person, but some are done over the phone or online. Similar to when you are buying a service, one goes through its reviews and ratings, it is advised to follow the same procedure when looking for a Tarot card reader.

It should be ensured that you can talk and communicate with the reader; and content with their experience and expertise.

Why online (automated) tarot card readings are not as effective?

First and foremost, Tarot card reading involves energies that a computer cannot pick up on. It cannot differentiate between two different individuals nor can it tell apart between their life experiences and personalities to bring out an accurate result.

The software that generates the automated tarot reading has all the meanings and will draw cards and you will receive a “generic” interpretation which will provide you with some insights.

If you know the meanings of the cards yourself, then you can draw on your intuition and experience to fill in some of the gaps that the automated reading provides.

If you don’t have experience with tarot cards and their meanings, then you could connect with a psychic and ask their opinion. (I like this website, you can chat with a psychic for free. If you like them, then you can request a reading) 

How to make sure the online reading is accurate?

There are several ways to ensure that a particular source is genuine or not.

  • Check for the variety of spreads
  • See if you can choose the cards yourself
  • Go with your instincts. From the choice of cards to the in-depth interpretations, you will able to gauge the authenticity of service with the help of your gut feel.

In the end, if you have apprehensions regarding the authenticity of a computer-generated reading or have trouble interpreting the readings on your own, you can always rely on the expertise of a trusted tarot reader.

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