When To Use Tarot Cards

When to use tarot cards

When I face questions in my life, I turn to my tarot cards.  I was chatting with a friend who had a big choice to make.  She was being offered a great job, but the pay was less than what she was making now.  She asked me what she should do.  I said that this is a great time to use her Tarot Cards.

She said that she never really knew when to use tarot cards.  I explained…

The best time to use Tarot is when you have a question. If you come to a crossroads in your life; if you are in emotion upheaval; if you are uncertain of an outcome; or if you are looking for insight into a current situation, then Tarot cards can help to provide insight and guidance to questions you have.

Tarot is a tool that can be used in countless situations. The “magic” of tarot is that you can tap into your infinite intelligence.  There are hundreds of different tarot spreads that can be used to provide insight into any situation.

You can even create your own spread if you want something that’s tailored specifically to your question. The key is to think about your situation as you shuffle the deck.  Ask a question, then place the cards.

If you are overly emotional (or vested into an outcome) you will want to stay open to what the cards are saying. Your best results will come when you are calm when your energy is calm you can receive input from the universe.

When is a good time to use Tarot cards? I wrote a fun article that answers the question, “Can you get a Tarot reading when pregnant?

It is your energy that influences the way the cards show up in the reading. It doesn’t matter if you are doing the reading for yourself offer if you have someone taking for you.

The cards tune into your energy which allows a specific card to show up for you. So even though your question or situation may be causing you anxiety, try to remain calm during your reading.

If want details about tarot readings for pets, read this article, “Tarot readings for pets. Is it really a thing?

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Examples of Situations When to Use Tarot Cards

Let’s look at some examples to help clarify when to use Tarot Cards or Tarot readings. There is no end of situations you can ask about, but here are a few examples.

Are You At A Crossroads In Life

Have you ever made a big decision and wanted guidance, this is a great time to use tarot cards. You might have questions like…

  • Should I move to another city or state or country?
  • Should I take this new relationship more seriously?
  • Should I go to school to change my career?
  • Should I change jobs?

Situations like these above are the perfect time to grab your tarot cards or to get a tarot reading. Sometimes, these decisions can seem so overwhelming.  By turning to tarot you can gather additional information and gain some insight that you might not have originally thought of.

Big decisions, like these, can be daunting.  A quick Tarot reading could provide valuable insight.

Like my friend that I mentioned at the beginning of this article.  She had an opportunity to change jobs.  The new job paid less but there was more room to grow and potentially earn much more in the long run.

When we reviewed the cards, there was some caution.  The cards suggested that she would not be happy in the new job.  There were “personalities” at the new company that wouldn’t blend well with her.   She ultimately decided not to take the offer.

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Two weeks later, she was offered a promotion and substantial raise with her current employer.  If she hadn’t turned to tarot she may never have been offered that new job.

Examples like this are very empowering for me.  This affirmed my connection to my tarot cards and my connection to my inner guidance. Some people ask if tarot is witchcraft, but I feel tarot is a fantastic tool to help us connect to our intuition.

Your tarot cards can provide you with insight too.  If you hadn’t considered before try using your cards when faced with decisions about your life.

Your Tarot card can help you to make the best choices. These choices should be for our best life and help us avoid decisions we will regret. Consider that situations shift and change often. No ones’ path is set in stone.

There are different kinds of spreads that you could do use for these types of questions:

A Reality Check

Tarot will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. That’s what I love so much about the tarot cards, it leaves no room for sabotaging yourself or delusions.

To Put Things in Perspective

Reading tarot for yourself can be amazing, and more empowering than a self-help seminar. Yet no matter how well versed with the cards we are, we are often too attached to the question.

Sometimes, if I’m giving myself a tarot reading on a topic that is emotionally charged for me, I will ask a fellow tarot reader to give their perspective as well.

She can help me to put things in perspective and potentially clarify the reading.  I’m getting better at giving myself readings from a non-biased basis but getting a little help never hurts.

Outbreaks of Chaos

Life happens every single day and sometimes there is chaos. It can feel like we run from one outbreak of chaos to another. This is a great time to use your tarot cards or have a tarot reading.

I’ve found that in these times, a tarot reading can offer a new perspective on my situation.  This has been a blessing for me on more than one occasion.

If you are visiting someone who will be giving you a reading, often they will spend some time chatting about your life and what going on.  In conjunction with what the cards are saying, I often feel better because I have connected with the tarot reader.

When I make a connection with a reader, I find I receive a much better reading from them. It’s also important to be connected to my tarot cards. I wrote an article about bonding with your tarot cards.

Planning Ahead

Plans, plans, plans! I make list upon list of things to do, and when to do them. Between running a home and a business I need to have a good plan to keep everything on track.

Whether it is business or activities with my family, things run more smoothly for me with a plan. I’ll do a reading for my upcoming year, month, week, or day.

I feel that these readings help me to be in sync with the cosmic flow and makes it easier for me to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Get A Boost With a Confirmation Reading

Now that I’ve researched and planned my life for the day (or week or year), it’s time to get a bit of a confidence boost with a confirmation reading.

A friendly check-in with the energies that be that can provide confirmation that I’m on track and doing a good job.  I can get hints and see if things will pan out as planned.

This could be an opportunity to do a simple yes or no tarot reading.

Situations that may hinder your reading

Emotional Crisis

A recent breakup can lead to questions.

You might want to see what the cards can tell about a recent breakup, or if you will get back together. While you are feeling a lot of emotion around this subject, you might want to wait.  It’s likely not a good time to do a reading for yourself.

When emotions are running high it can be easy to miss what the cards are saying. Meditate a little, if you can.  Calm yourself before you try doing the reading or ask a friend to do a reading with you. 

Like I mentioned before, a friend who also works with tarot cards can help with interpreting the cards. You can also review this article that talks about doing your own reading.

Expecting a specific outcome

Sometimes, we want something to work out a certain way.

If we are adamant about the results and don’t have an open mind, then its easy to miss what the cards are telling us. 

I must admit that I’ve completely ignored what the cards have told me in the past.  I’ve misread them.  I’ve wrote an article about this, “Should I believe my Tarot reading?“.

After I calm down, sometimes monthly later, I’ll go back to a reading that I’ve done and looked at it again.  That’s when I see what the cards were saying.  I could smack myself!

I must also admit that these experiences have made helped me to be a better reader for myself.  I now realized what I need to do.  I try to be more unbiased like I’m reading for someone else.

Try not to be Impatient

Tarot works on its own time. There’s no rushing a reading, it won’t get you any closer to any answers. Just like wanting a specific outcome, you can miss what you are being told when your perception is muddy.

Have patience, take your time and explore the meanings of the cards that you see.  Listen to the tarot reader.  I’ve found that when I have patience, although it is tough sometimes, things will always work out and I will get the message that I need at the right time.

Other points to consider

Now that we have touched on what can negatively affect your reading. The energies around us can affect our reading. They can also have an effect when we get a reading.

Moon Phases

The moon affects so much here on earth, our tides, female fertility, and more. It’s not hard to believe it can have an impact on our readings.

The time right before and right after a full moon is a time of new beginnings and re-evaluation. This is a good time for readings that involve starting a new job or relationship, moving to a new place, or taking on a challenge that you were not ready for previously.

As the waxing moon is working its way towards full, you could do readings involving bringing things in your direction. In other words, this is a time to ask about things you already in your life that you want to grow.

  • Should I have another child?
  • Should I go back to school?
  • Start a new job?

All these questions belong in this realm of time. Here’s an article that I wrote related to pregnancy, “How to ask Tarot cards about pregnancy“.

The full moon is full of intuition and wisdom. It’s typically seen as a period of intuition and wisdom. The consensus is that the three days before and the three days after the moon is full is still considered full moon territory.

Some believe that any reading in the full moon period is going to have a boost of intuition. This is a good time to do readings related to matters of spirituality. You can also seek information about personal and inner growth.

Alright lastly let’s start chucking things (yeah, throwing things out). It’s a waning time. The waning moon is the period for getting rid of stuff.

Want to get something out of your life?

  • a bad job?
  • a toxic relationship?
  • a bad roommate?

Grab the cards and let’s see if you should kick those worries to the curb.

Issues with your past drag you down? Do you have issues you just can’t get past? Readings during the waning time can help you shed those things and heal.

Should you wait for specific Moon phases?

Do you have to wait for a specific moon phase to have a reading? Not at all. A reading sooner rather than later could do you a world of good in avoided anxieties.

If you have time, then you might want to wait.  Schedule some time for that reading during the appropriate moon phase. Try it!

You can even make personalized and specific spreads for your Tarot for each moon phase. The three-card draws are very adaptable in this respect.

For example,

For the new moon, you could pull a card for your goal, one for your actions to get there, and one for the result.

The full moon could be about spiritual growth, how to expand on what you have now, your result, and things to avoid.

The Takeaway

All in all the Tarot is flexible in its use as long as you can find a bit of calm in the storm to work with your cards or work with a tarot reader. You can use them any time you need to, with certain times of the month giving a bit of a bonus to your reading.

If you want to try something different, you can always rephrase your question to fit the moon phase that is happening.

You can also re-purpose or create a spread to fit your purposes.

Hopefully having such an adaptable tool available to you will help you to keep your calm making times you can’t use it quite rare.

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