5 Signs A Libra Man Is Using You

A Libra man will always treat his partner right, but only if his feelings are genuine and sincere. If you want to know the signs when a Libra man is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Libra man is using you if he doesn’t even try to communicate with you and won’t show any type of affection.

He can start to be critical of everything you do, and he never reciprocates or shows any gratitude for all the things you do for him. A Libra man may also be seeing other people while he is still with you.

It is also important to know about a Libra man’s weakness in a relationship and how to keep him interested. Read further!

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Signs A Libra Man Wants To Break Up

He doubts you

A Libra man may be trying to drive you away if you give him no reason to have any doubts about you, yet he still questions your faithfulness. He will make up a story about how you are the one that is hurting him and leading to the potential breakup.

This entire diversion is intended to give the impression that you are at fault because this offers a Libra man a simpler way to leave.

He’ll begin laying the groundwork for the idea that he couldn’t trust you to begin with, so he won’t have to feel bad about ending things with you. A Libra man might be conscious of his overreaction to some extent. Even then, he’ll start to believe the lies he’s been fed to justify why he is ending things with you.

He starts arguments

When a Libra man is prepared to call it quits on a relationship, he’ll start by instigating fights. He’ll search for absurd things to gripe about, so he’ll bring up the mistakes you committed a long time ago. He will bring up past disputes that you believe were settled, and his voice will start to get louder.

A Libra man who has one foot out the door will do anything to sabotage your relationship even more.

A Libra man won’t maintain the relationship’s tranquility; instead, he will push back and express his true feelings. He’ll stop being sensitive to your sentiments, and you’ll notice that he’ll start acting more aggressively. A Libra man might disagree with you merely to stir up an unnecessary argument.

5 Signs A Libra Man Is Using You

He doesn’t communicate

He would never try to communicate with you unless he needs something from you, which is one of the most obvious signs that a Libra man is only using you. He will either ask a favor and end the conversation after you respond, or you will have to start every interaction.

If you’re the last person your Libra man approaches when you’re both at the same place, he might be using you.

You should consider what might be going on if trying to talk to this sign feels like a hard thing to do. In order to prevent you from becoming too irritated, he would occasionally keep up a conversation, but he won’t make an extra effort to initiate one.

He isn’t affectionate

You may have noticed that your Libra man no longer shows you affection. This kind of behavior is normal for this sign if he is using you for his own benefit.

Even if he loses interest in you, a Libra man might not end things straight away. He’ll act in this manner for a variety of reasons, one of which is that he still needs something from you.

Your Libra man will become much less affectionate than he once was, which will be a sign that something is wrong. You’ll know when he is only playing with your feelings because he won’t only start to act cold for a few days.

Talk to your Libra man if you notice he’s acting less affectionately than normal. If he’s not interested, he can dismiss you or claim he doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

He is critical

It’s likely that a Libra man doesn’t really like you and is only using you if he frequently criticizes you. This sign would typically make an effort to be diplomatic when disagreeing with his partner about something. A Libra man might choose to ignore it or try to alert them gently.

But a Libra man may be overly critical if he is using you or isn’t genuinely interested in you. He will let you know if you do something improper, and he won’t necessarily care if he offends your sensibilities. It’s possible that your Libra man isn’t really attempting to be critical.

He’ll probably say things without considering how they will affect you because he doesn’t care about how you feel.

He cheats on you

A Libra man will probably begin dating someone else, even when he is still in a relationship with you. This is probably not a problem for you if both of you have agreed to have an open relationship. If you learn that he is dating someone else when you believe you two were exclusively together, that raises serious suspicion.

Loyalty is important to Libra men in a relationship. When this sign decides to settle down and have an exclusive relationship, he usually remains devoted to that person. He can be using you if you discover that your Libra man frequently changes his mind about joining you on dates with other women.

He never reciprocates

A Libra man dislikes becoming overly dependent on others. He won’t demand you to do everything for him, but he will probably ask for assistance occasionally. However, he may ask you to complete significantly more tasks than usual if he is utilizing you.

A Libra man might also continually ask you to do chores or run errands for him.

When a Libra man values you, he will be appreciative of whatever favors you do for him, and he’ll probably help you out too.

If he’s using you, a Libra man won’t bother to reciprocate. He probably keeps you around because he knows you’ll do him favors if he rarely calls and always requests something when he does.

A Libra Man’s Weaknesses In A Relationship

Although he adores romance, he values the enjoyment of courtship and dating over the responsibility of a committed relationship. Even if he doesn’t make a commitment just yet, you might see obvious indicators of a Libra man falling in love.

You’ll be perplexed as to how a Libra man can act as though he loves you but refuse to take the chance and settle down.

You might question if he’s only playing with you, and you could doubt your ability to correctly interpret his behavior. Before committing, this sign is probably going to keep rethinking all of the decisions he should make. However, a Libra man may still avoid committing and make the relationship official.

How To Keep A Libra Man Interested

A Libra man dislikes when others pressure him into making pretty significant commitments.

When you make it simpler for him to make a decision, he will eventually come up with a conclusion sooner. In the meantime, you should concentrate on making every time with your Libra man romantic, enjoyable, and exciting

You should let go of concerns for the future and avoid expressing dissatisfaction with the things going on in your life.

He will want to be with you today, tomorrow, the day after, and so on if you both live in the now and make each other happy. In conclusion, be supportive of your Libra when he takes his time in your relationship because that will have a good impact on the two of you.

5 signs a Libra man is using you, final thoughts…

If a Libra man is using you:

  • He doesn’t communicate
  • He isn’t affectionate
  • He is critical
  • He cheats on you
  • He never reciprocates



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