Why is your Pisces Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to talk about Pisces Man and his jealousy issues! We’ll also talk about your Pisces man and how he gets jealous and what are the reasons that he gets jealous! We will also talk about how you can help alleviate your Pisces man’s jealousy!

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To start your Pisces man is the 12th and the last sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the fishes, your Pisces man is a creative and emotional individual ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination, illusions, and spirituality.

With all of that said expect your Pisces man to be romantic, expressive, and vivid when expressing his love and affection to you!

Alongside that being a mutable water sign he is the most changeable and flexible out of all the water signs! Because of that, he can be fond of traveling especially to bodies of water. Lakes and the ocean can be a great romantic escapade for both of you!

With all of that said his being extremely romantic can also make him prone to jealousy and other negative feelings toward the relationship. Let’s tackle the reasons why your Pisces man would be jealous and how jealous can he be.

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How Jealous Can Your Pisces Man Be?

Jealousy level: 7.8/10

Your Pisces man will be jealous because he will intuitively feel that the person is looking out for ways to get with you! Your Pisces man is most noteworthy to his almost seemingly powerful ability to feel energies around him and he can genuinely feel if someone is interested in you or not.

With that said, this person can be your long-term friend or your officemate, or someone you know from friends of friends whatever it may be it is rest assured that your Pisces man knows about it and he’ll be jealous about it!

Your Pisces man will be the clingy and shy jealous type, it’s almost cute to see when he’s jealous because, unlike the other zodiac signs who have the temperament, he’ll use his innocent looks to make you feel bad or guilty about it!

He’ll also be incredibly emotional to the point that it can become toxic because he is a master gaslighter and guilt-tripper. He’ll also be incredibly spiteful towards the person he is jealous of and you’ll see more of the negative traits water signs exhibit such as being moody, closed-off, and manipulative.

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1. He becomes moody

The first and foremost sign that your Pisces man is jealous is that he will give you a cold shoulder all of a sudden. If he becomes moody to the point that it affects your romantic and sex life it could be a good indication that he is feeling unwell emotionally due to the negative feelings clouding him.

2. He implies in his messages he is jealous

The second sign that your Pisces man is jealous is that he will imply in his messages that he is jealous! He will subtly tell in his messages that he is jealous and he might be clingier than usual often wanting to know where you are or who you are with at the moment.

When you are noticing these things it is a sign that he is becoming suspicious of you because he is jealous…

3. You’ll experience terrifying nightmares

Your Pisces man is a deeply intuitive and psychic sign and he will have some limited access to the spiritual powers some people might deem to be unreal.

With all of that said if you’re noticing terrifying and vivid dreams of some sort, whatever it may be it can be due to your Pisces man sending you off those vibes indirectly or directly!

4. He will post it on social media

The fourth sign that your Pisces man is jealous is that he will insinuate or use innuendoes on social media hinting at disliking the person! It will be petty and sneaky but this is his form of coping mechanism! He will let others know that he is upset and most especially he wants you to do something about it!

5. He sneakily goes into your phone

Suspicious and mildly sneaky your Pisces man will try to resort to investigating whether his feelings are real or imagined as such he’ll try to sneakily go into your phone and see if you are talking to the person he is jealous of!

If you catch him doing these things then it is a pretty good sign that he is also stalking you on your social media pages!

6. He will use music as an escape

The sixth sign that your Pisces man is jealous is that he will be all over his head and he will often seem spaced out or “high” because of these things you might usually see him with his headphones on or him actively singing or playing a musical instrument of his choice!

Pay attention to the song and specifically the lyrics he is uttering as it could give you a clue on what his heart is feeling at the moment! If you’re noticing that he is singing more depressive heartbreak songs then it could be a pretty bad sign that he is jealous of someone!

7. He will bottle up until he snaps

The last sign but the most flat-out obvious that your Pisces man is jealous is that he will tell you either through an emotional outburst or a sob! Your Pisces man is extremely emotional and as much as he tries to hide his feelings it will eventually come off!

He will tell you the reason why he is jealous and he’ll tell you how he truly feels about the person he is jealous of!

How to stop your Pisces Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Pisces Man from being jealous you must appeal to his emotional heart and mind!

Be a kind and understanding lover who appeals to him through sweet words, gestures, and romantic touches. Try to win him over by apologizing first then telling him how loyal and faithful you are to him and genuinely expressing the love you feel for him!

Apologize to him that he feels he is inadequate enough that it makes him jealous. Apologize to him that he is feeling that way because somehow you have made him feel he is less than enough. Then while doing that incorporate lots and lots of sensual touching and kissing…

Express your love with strong and affectionate words. Remember that your Pisces man needs a lot of romantic gestures and pampering to feel good! You must do these things in order to show him that you truly are faithful to him and that there’s no need for him to be jealous in the first place!

While communicating with him be easy with your words and try to have an open flow of conversation with him. Always remember a healthy and positive communication goes both ways so allow yourself to express yourself too! Communication is the key to a successful relationship with your Pisces man!

By doing these things you are appealing to his emotional point of view. Alongside that, you must also show your loyalty by showing him that you will do the necessary steps in order to block that person out of your life!

Not only you are reassuring him that he is the only one you are also making sure he will not feel any ounce of jealousy at all!

Pisces Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Pisces man is the most psychic and spiritual zodiac sign and as such, there is this ethereal feel to his vibe and looks. Your Pisces man is extremely loving and romantic so handle him well because he is ultra-sensitive especially when it comes to his thoughts and emotions!

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely ease the jealousy your Pisces man is feeling and not only that you are ensuring a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with him!

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