How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

So, you fell in love with the hardest sign to understand. It is probable that your situation is you’re confused about whether your Pisces man likes you. It may be because one day, he’s all affectionate and very much into you but cold and uninterested the next day.

If you want to put a stop to that, keep reading because this is how you can let him melt into you.

To get a Pisces man to chase you, you need to be empathetic, romantic, and uninhibited. You need to be filled with soul – questioning the unimaginable in this universe. Kiss him long and hard with passion. Create an escape for him when he needs to hibernate by himself. Visit him with pets and spoil him.

These suggestions above are just the tip of the iceberg! And, I must request that you don’t use these tips to manipulate these gentle souls.

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Understanding your Pisces Man

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

People with Pisces placement tend to have deep, beautiful, and soulful energy. Even so, Pisces is a water sign, and these people can be sensitive and very emotional. Typically, they will combat their sensitivity through humor and charm.

Remember the time you first got to know your Pisces man? You might have gotten through a range of emotions. This is because he does not do well with consistency. In your situation, you think you have a good grasp of him but later change his path.

He has this childlike manner and loves to laugh and play a lot. This is his way to deal with his emotions. With this, it can be a little hard to tell if he’s being serious or not. It is challenging to get a clear answer from him.

You really should study his actions because he can say something but mean it in the completely opposite way.

When in love, your Pisces can be very romantic. He is the type of guy who’d go the extra mile for your birthday or anniversary. Bet he’ll be decorating your house and doing a big dance number or something. He’s the one to go big and do something really special. He will really lay it on very thick if he likes you.

However, a Pisces man can be a little dishonest sometimes. He will say things you want to hear. Honesty is not something that he really portrays. This is most probably the reason why you’re here. You don’t know which is true – does he like you or not?

What are your chances with your Pisces man?

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9 Ways to Get a Pisces Man to Chase You

Be empathetic

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

Your Pisces man is a gentle soul. And so, you need to channel grace and be caring and compassionate. You need to learn how to lead with concern for others. Empathize with them and feel what they need. And then, do everything in your power to help.

Do not be oblivious to the world around you. Always be ready to help. You can join local organizations that do programs to help the less fortunate. You cannot also be selfish because she cannot stand that.

This does not mean that you need to be weak. Be strong with compassion. He likes strength, but he also wants to see the sweeter side of you as a tough person. Let him see your wounds and sufferings. He needs to see that vulnerability that lives inside of that strength.

Be filled with soul

Be curious about the world and ask questions about what’s unimaginable. Be filled with curiosity about the unknown. These can be aliens, the pyramids, the Law of Attraction, and the like. You can also discuss the lyrics of your favorite song or maybe explain why you like a particular painting.

Kiss him long and hard

Your Pisces man is a very romantic person, so he will enjoy you bringing him to his knees through a long and passionate kiss. Kiss him as if you are drinking him into your soul. Lose yourself and merge deeply so that you let him feel like he’s transcending into another dimension.

He loves seduction and wouldn’t mind if this takes way too long. You can expect that sex with an experienced Pisces is going to be magical and will be an overwhelming euphoria.

Create an escape for him

At some point, your Pisces man will have the urge to ghost you. But before you get worried, know that this is normal. He will need time for himself, and to let him know that you understand him, create an incredibly sacred love den.

This love den will be the place where he can hibernate and be creative. Make it something that when he walks into it, he’ll completely lose the concept of time.

Bring him animals

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

Your Pisces man is an animal communicator in nature, and he may love animals more than he loves people! So, one way to get in touch with his soul is to arrive with animals. You can bring him an injured animal, and he’ll be more than willing to help you rehabilitate it or cure it.

Spoil him with everything

Your Pisces man is a receiver more than a giver. But he also deserves to be spoiled! Spoil him with comfort and warmth. Lead him into sex or a relationship by making things so comfortable, and then eventually, move it into something sensual, sexual, and passionate.

The things that you can do are lay him down on cushy pillows and prepare him yummy drinks and snacks. Just overdose him with all the yummy pleasures of your company. The way to win his heart is by blessing him!

Be romantic

When you finally get together, reciprocate his romantic gestures. You can create an artful ambiance, light some candles, and give him gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive and glamorous though. Just give him something thoughtful and meaningful to both of you. He is a big old sucker for romance.

Your Pisces man likes to dig into the mysteries of the world and of life, and he would love to have his own soul be quietly exposed or known. So, when giving a gift, it has to be something that exposes one hidden thing in them.

Let him hibernate

This is where the love den you created will be put to use. Let him hibernate without your presence though. Let him recharge, and do not get offended that he has to recover from you. He needs time to repair and recover.

So, the least that you can do is give him permission to get outside of your energy and let him be.

This is because of how deeply you too emerged that he needs to get away from you for a hot minute. When this happens, he lost himself in you and would need to find it again away from you.

Be uninhibited

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

Be vulnerable and be open to letting him see your soul. Your Pisces man wants to see all of you. So, be willing to open some wounds and hurt. Be open to sharing some of your wishes and desires. It is also important to be willing to lead.

Create the first invitation or signal the green light. You have to be capable of doing this.

Now, when a Pisces man really likes you, he is going to be generous with you. He has a spirit of generosity and would not even assume something in return. Know that being with a Pisces man means you are willing to do more than what’s mundane for him.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, check out Anna Kovach’s book, Pisces Man Secrets, for more in-depth training for you to get your Pisces man to chase you, desire you, and think about you all the time.

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Get a Pisces man to chase you, final thoughts…

To get a Pisces man to chase you, you need to:

  • Be empathetic
  • Be filled with soul
  • Kiss him long and hard
  • Create an escape for him
  • Bring him animals
  • Spoil him with everything
  • Be romantic
  • Let him hibernate
  • Be uninhibited

Happy chasing and being chased!



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