Is Your Pisces Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

The Pisces man is charismatic and sensitive. He has the natural affinity to interpret the mood of a room.

He is the feminine man; one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac wheel. The reason that he is so successful in love and romance is that the Pisces man is able to validate what a woman feels, which can be lacking for more masculine types.

The Pisces man is done with you when he has set you aside. You are no longer his priority. He will not feel guilty when meeting someone other than you. He doesn’t see you as his princess anymore or your prince in shining armor.

He may still be friendly and even love you but won’t think of you in that special way anymore…

The Pisces man may still be able to love you from a distance or remain your friend but when he has totally let you go, he will already be seeing new people.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Pisces man is in love…

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The Pisces man in love

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

The Pisces man in love looks like a script made for the movies. He is the type to give you flowers, drive you home and call you beautiful whenever he can. He is affectionate and can be clingy to his woman. He adjusts to the things you like and cares about your opinion of things.

He is the type of man to stare at your eyes and get lost in it. Sometimes the Pisces man can seem shy at first, but you may be surprised when he has grown to be comfortable with you. For the Pisces man, he wants to have a connection to you beyond the physical. He seeks oneness and surrender to one another.

When the Pisces man is in love, you are his number one priority. They are what you call the hopeless romantics. He enjoys cuddles. He may also be full of fantasies due to having Neptune, the planet of fantasies and dreams, as his ruler. You may be caught off guard when you finally make love to him.

Having a Pisces man as a partner makes a caring and devoted partner. He stays as long as there is passion and a string that keeps him coming back. He needs to feel connected with his lover. He will always remind you how much you mean to him and accepts you as you are.

He wants to make you feel like you’ve met your dream man. The Pisces man craves acknowledgment and praise from the woman he loves and he only asks for her to be loyal and he will take care of the rest.

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How to tell when a Pisces man has moved on

He stops taking care of you

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

The Pisces man that gave up on the connection will stop taking care of you. He stops paying attention to your stories. He doesn’t listen to what you have to say. When a Pisces man cares for someone, their opinion holds weight.

The fact that there is a lack of emotions involved in that, is a significator that he might feel nothing from the relationship.

You may have been used to him buying you food and picking you up, but now that you’re separated, he might stop initiating conversations. The grieving Pisces man may still do some actions that take care of you but it will still fade gradually until he is no longer there in your life.

He doesn’t open up his heart to you anymore

During the time that you were falling in love with your Pisces man, he would try to get to know you on a soul level. He would enjoy having deep conversations with you. Unlike Scorpio that wants to get to know someone to check his judgment, the Pisces man is making a gamble and is motivated by a fairytale.

He wants to risk it in the name of love.

A Pisces man that becomes distant and unable to share his emotions with you, means he doesn’t trust you anymore. He can be an escapist.

He can become a playboy after the separation. There are some forums that slander Pisces men as flirtatious players but if you dig deeper, he is trying to live a fantasy and running away from what he really needs to face.

Sometimes a Pisces man starts as a faithful and devoted lover and then after betrayal, he becomes the very villain that he used to loathe. He becomes self-centered but it is a defense mechanism hopeful that he will never be hurt by a betrayal ever again.

He stops making time for you

The Pisces man is caring towards the person he loves. He is a natural romantic and can be sensitive. He can absorb the feelings in a room and can put himself in the other person’s shoes. They are usually the ones taken for granted because of his kindness.

He is indecisive and can be flaky because sometimes he is unable to express what’s on his mind. He may say things as he feels it without thinking of how it sounds. When a Pisces man is truly finished with the connection, there are two outcomes, one where he will be mature about it and end it like an adult.

The second one is to make excuses, set them aside, act busy, and he might even be meeting someone new without your knowledge. A Pisces man that still loves you will move mountains to make time for you. Don’t convince yourself that he still loves you when he starts flaking out.

He could be making a scene

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

A Pisces man that cares for you looks out for your well-being. When he has nothing but love for you, he is at peace. He is forgiving by nature. He understands the torment of emotional and mental breakdowns and wouldn’t wish it for someone he puts first.

When the Pisces man can no longer represent a side of him that is compassionate, be warned. Their ability and depth for kindness are also the same levels if he used it for vengeance.

Though this is more seen in Scorpio signs, Pisces men can do it and he would seem innocent for it. People would still think he is kind when he executes his plan. They are not to be underestimated.

He slipped away already

As Pisces is represented by two fishes in opposite directions, he can really give you a push and pull or tug of war. He may seem like he is into you and then change his mind the next day. The Pisces man will not enjoy a controlling relationship and this may encourage him to swim away.

It may also manifest that the Pisces man is the one pushing you away. He knows the things that you dislike and does them anyway. He has no consideration for what you would think. The Pisces man will make you feel that he didn’t know you at all.

He refuses to remain, friends,

A Pisces man that is not interested anymore will not maintain any form of relationship.

He will not choose to remain friends. He may push you off as being friends but he’s actually trying to ghost you. He may be passive-aggressively hinting to you about what is bothering him but won’t push it enough to make a conflict.

He will encourage you to see other men, he will say things like you deserve better. He is actually passing the guilt to you, depending on what happened to the relationship.

He tests your patience

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

When the Pisces man becomes disconnected from someone, he will start hinting at it to the other person. If you still hold on despite him doing his best to get rid of you, he might plot things just to rub you the wrong way.

A Pisces man that loves you won’t dare think of things that can hurt you. He is an empath. He might be using the vulnerabilities that he knows to get things done his way. This will only happen when he no longer sees being with you in the future.

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Is your Pisces man done with you, final thoughts…

The Pisces man is done with you when he no longer cares for you. He may have used to do you favors. When he is in love, he listens to you, gets to know you on a deeper level, and values your opinions above his.

He would want to provide for you and make sure you have a better life with him. He wants to be your hero. The Pisces man that is no longer interested in the connection may play mind games, give subtle hints and if that didn’t work, he might push your buttons until you have to.

A Pisces man can go two ways. He may make a faithful and devoted lover but his sign is also famed for being heartbreakers that collect hearts. He is charismatic and women fall for him because he is able to validate the needs of a woman.

Once a Pisces man has shown you disinterest or signs that he moved on, do yourself a favor, and do see someone else. Relationships end and that’s okay. Nothing is really lost; it will just change forms in some way. Besides, if you know you treated him right, he will regret it even if it’s been a couple of years.



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