How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac. In the Tarot, he is represented by the Moon in which we feel our ways through our emotions and allow that to guide our instincts.

The Moon is also represented by dreams and unconscious and is aligned with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. Things don’t appear as they seem especially with the Pisces man.

The way a Pisces man will test you is your loyalty. He wants to be the only man in your life. He loves to give everything to his partner and make her feel like a real Disney Princess but only if you can keep him interested and hopeful that you can make it work.

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Profile of a Pisces man

How Does A Pisces Man Test You

The Pisces man wants to be a woman’s knight in shining armor. He is very generous to his lover. He wants to give her all that he can give. He is an emotional man, quite sensitive to what you say to him. He might overthink and whether or not he tells you about it, it is best to be careful about the words you throw at him.

As a mutable sign, he is indecisive and adaptable to change. He tends to go with the flow. The New Zealand songwriter Hozier is an example of a Pisces man. Try to read his song’s lyrics and that’s how a Pisces man in love would feel about you.

The Pisces man is ruled by Neptune, this is a planet that is shrouded with mystery and the unknown. A Pisces man that loves you will never understand the reasons why he does, or he can be drowning in listing the ways he can make love to you.

He is a hopeless romantic and may constantly be worrying about what you think of him. The Pisces man is not the best at making decisions because he always puts your feelings and needs first. A Pisces man lost in love is like a man in a path of self-destruction, he is not afraid of losing it all for the sake of love.

What are your chances with your Pisces man?

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7 ways a Pisces man will test you

He will test you by being a pushover

How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

Out of all zodiac signs, the Pisces man is considered the most feminine. He is soft-spoken and acts like a gentleman. What he really is doing is that he has a desire to make others happy. The Pisces man is selfless and sacrificial.

If you are looking for a husky, masculine man, he may not be your type. However, if you like men that can blend well in a boy band and is attractive, then the Pisces man could make it work.

He will test you with his closeness to women

According to a conversation with a Pisces man, he thinks people smell his femininity from far away and he feels that he is different from most guys at the same time he feels like they fear him.

It feels as though men have this secret language wherein, they must pretend they’re strong and set their emotions away so that they’re not perceived as weak.

Maybe it’s how society just expected them to behave, although things are changing now, in the context of the Pisces man, we could expect they are at a disadvantage.

Instead, they do have the advantage, the Pisces man is so welcoming of his emotions that he attracts a lot of women as his friends. The Pisces man is open to giving this side of himself. They are comfortable with him because he is caring and kind. As if he really understands and validates a woman’s feelings.

Please do take note that some of the most notorious ladies’ men also come from the male Pisces, one of which is Albert Einstein. Just have awareness if what you have is a game or something real.

He will test you with his anxiety

The Pisces man is an overthinker. He will do anything for his partner but can seem to be prideful when it is the lover giving back.

He has a hard time accepting gifts and help from those he cares about. The Pisces man tends to have this perspective that he shouldn’t bother anyone with his problems. He doesn’t want to be blamed when things go wrong, and he won’t let anyone have a reason to blame him for it.

He will test you with his secrets

The Pisces man is secretive. He observes a lot of things even though he appears to be harmless. He is an emotional sponge and can sense the overall feelings in a group. He has the ability to manipulate but whether your Pisces man does that to you is a different story.

He always tends to hide things that’s why a lot of people do not understand Pisces. It is a way to protect his already fragile heart. They would rather remain silent than confront, it also adds to their tendency to escapism. They would rather not face their conflicts head-on.

He will test you with his indecision

How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

In general, Pisces is not the go-to sign for any decision. They are indecisive to a fault. Sometimes he loses interest when ideals are not met.

There are cases that there have been mind games played. Pisces men can make dedicated lovers but there are stories by some of them, after getting hurt they end up becoming ladies’ men, chasing the superficial and closing off their true selves in order to protect their own hearts.

He is emotionally unstable when he doesn’t have an outlet. Some people even paint Pisces men as the ones who would most likely become an alcoholic.

Traditional astrology points to Pisces to be ruled by Jupiter, which is about expansion and more modern approaches attach Neptune, which is about illusions, either way, both of these planets will contribute to his confusion.

If you don’t know your standing with a Pisces man, just don’t expect too much. When he realizes what you mean to him, he will come chasing. It’s best to place yourself first. If a Pisces man truly loves you, he will see your worth.

He will test you with his jealousy

You will know a Pisces man is jealous when he feels threatened. He could seem like he’s playing a video game on his phone but is secretly using his phone camera to check your reactions. When a Pisces man is jealous, he might resort to doing oblivious things just to find out something.

It’s hard to keep a secret from this already secretive sign.

For the Pisces man, the truth will always come out. While everything seems at peace, and you are enjoying each other’s company he is collecting receipts that prove his theory. If you know you are not doing anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about.

He will test you with his indirect way of handling anger

When a Pisces man is distressed, he will overthink. Your once sweet Pisces man becomes distant and will become cold emotionally. He will start to withdraw and the worst case that will happen is that he could rebel in the relationship.

It’s possible that he might do something with a lack of thought that he harms himself or both of you. Another case is that he will be angry in an explosive fist. Pisces are not always weak-willed. 

When a Pisces man has allowed himself to drown in resentment, they make effective stalkers and are even listed in one of the top zodiac signs for serial killers. For the Pisces man, wherever he will pour his heart, he will also direct all his energy.

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Is your Pisces man testing you, final thoughts…

How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

The Pisces man will test you on your loyalty to him. He has a hard time accepting gifts and help from others even from the love of his life.

He is able to validate what you feel and understands where you are coming from, he may test you with his position as a potential ladies’ man. It is just natural for him to attract a lot of female acquaintances.

The Pisces man is attractive, soulful, and indirect. He may test you on how dedicated to making things work. He wants to give his all to the woman he loves where he feels emotionally safe and can rest after giving all of his physicality to keep his woman happy.



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