Where does your Scorpio Man like to be touched?

Do you want to know where your Scorpio Man likes to be touched? Do you know where your Scorpio Man’s erogenous zones lie? Do you wish to know where these spots are? If so? Do you know how to work your way through it?

Should you massage, caress or touch these pleasure spots? What should your preparations be in massaging these particular areas of sensation? What extra efforts should you do to make him feel pleased and comforted?

Worry no more! We are here to help and guide you as we teach you the most significant ways to touch, massage, and caress your Scorpio man as well as to find out the pleasure spots of your Scorpio man! We will also give you some information about your Scorpio man and what makes his personality!

Alongside that, we will give you insider tips on how to properly turn your Scorpio on by touching! We will give you special techniques on how to work your way through his pleasure sports and we will also give you tips on how to massage these areas properly to give a Scorpio man an immense amount of pleasure! 

Let’s jump right in!

Scorpio is a blunt and straightforward sign! This sign rules sex so it’s no surprise that your Scorpio man is direct and upfront about lust and sex.

To put it plainly Scorpio rules the genitals and therefore careful and gentle genital stimulation which includes stroking, and light pressure touches using your fingertips accompanied by sensual hand movements in his genital area will surely make him pleasured, relaxed and comfortable!

Scorpio Men are the incredibly passionate and skilled in-bed machos of the zodiac! The eighth sign of the zodiac wheel is a fixed water sign represented by the Scorpion. The Scorpio man looks dangerous and is dangerous!

Known for their fearsome reputation and reputation to uphold! Scorpio season starts from October 23 to November 21. If your husband, boyfriend, friends with benefits, or significant partner is born under these dates then you’ve got a Scorpio man to work with!

Emotional, driven, passionate, skilled, persuasive, powerful, has a great amount of self-control, and capable of feeling extreme rage and violence. Your Scorpio man is one of a kind.

Tough and intimidating but deeply emotional and craves meaningful relationships and experiences. Deeply understanding yet can be rigged and fixed in his world.

Scorpio men have a powerful presence that demands respect. They may look like authoritative figures or someone who may rebel against the authorities. Their energy and aura scream “bad boy with good heart” and this can make them incredibly attractive to the ladies.

Their passion, drive, and inner enigma help them shape the world they live in which makes them one of if not the most interesting signs.

Scorpio sun men individuals are driven and have this strong personality about them whether it is their drive or intensity. Scorpio men are deeply complex yet flawed individuals who manage to face the challenges around them with bravery and fierceness.

It is interesting to say that a water sign could exhibit such fire behavior! Although you have to remember that the ruling planet of Scorpio is Mars and Pluto — both are incredibly aggressive, dominating, and powerful planets in Astrology.

In Astrology, Scorpio men and also other men with heavy Scorpio placements such as Scorpio Rising or Scorpio moon may tend to repel or attract people based on their level of intimidation.

Whether they know it or not Scorpio men are known to exude a powerful presence that can sometimes be overwhelming for other people. This can make them seem standoffish, cold, and unapproachable.

This is far from the truth, however! Scorpios just like the water signs are incredibly multifaceted individual who has their emotions as their driving force. Sometimes a Scorpio man is driven by what he feels and therefore he is considered to be emotionally complex.

It may be subtle or he may be good at hiding it but he is often experiencing a wide range of powerful emotions that can make or break him.

Scorpio men at best are loyal, passionate, powerful, sensitive, protective, intense, emotionally driven, and lusty individuals that move around the world with their instincts.

They may be seen as dark and evil but this is often a mask to protect themselves as they know that this world can be a terrible place to live in and trust should not be given easily.

 At worst Scorpio men can exhibit overtly survival skills that involve being selfish and manipulative, gaining power through utilizing and using other people, overtly secretive and mysterious, obstinate, stubborn, resentful, vengeful, and caring too much about the past which can make them hold grudges for years!

In romantic relationships, your Scorpio man seems to be the kind of man who would kill to protect you! This is often true of him! Loyal and deeply protective of his loved ones! He can also be possessive and easily jealous, he wants you and he wants all of you — your mind, body, and soul.

He can be a clingy and emotional partner behind closed doors and he likes physical touch as a form of intimacy and love language.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of what your Scorpio man is like let’s now dig deep into how does your Scorpio like to be touched? Where does your Scorpio man like to be touched during foreplay? Where does he like to be massaged for maximum relaxation? Let’s find out!

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Where does a Scorpio Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Scorpio man is lusty and sensual! He is not the kind of guy who will shy away from the topics of sex and death. You can interchange these two topics and it won’t weird him out! This man is deeply vampiric and this exudes in the charming yet seductive way he looks and acts.

He is passionate and he wants you to be passionate about him as well. This man knows how to please so you should learn how to please him too!

Scorpio rules the genitalia – the penis and the Vagina. Both are very obscene words and topics in the public view but to a Scorpio, this is a powerful and regenerative part of our body. The genitals are a powerful and sacred organ that can create another life.

This is why your Scorpio man rules death, rebirth, and transformation. Sex is a very transformative part of a relationship that can strengthen the bond the soul tie.

You have to remember that your Scorpio man’s genitals are his innermost pleasure spot. This also means that he will be extra sensitive there than any other sign in the zodiac which could also mean why he loves sex so much!

He gets too much pleasure using this part of his body! However, you also have to remember that the muscles near and connected to the genitals are also part of his erogenous zones.

When you are trying to touch, massage, or caress him you must center your focus around the genitals and the perimeter where his genitals are near. This means you can also massage his inner thighs and lower abs.

If you are going for the relaxation route then you can perfectly massage the thighs and the abs even the back if he wishes to! You can do hard pressure massage on the back and light to medium massages, especially on the thighs!

This can be incredibly effective in pleasuring him and alleviating stress and tension in his body but this can also make him feel aroused so you have to be prepared for how he acts up when you trigger his emotions like that!

If you are trying to seduce him and you are incorporating touches into the foreplay then you can begin touching him on the back and then assuming the dominant role of seducing him.

Lightly massage his back as you work your way in the chest down to the abs. Then you can begin touching and stroking his genitals as you work your gentle circular and vertical strokes to make sure he gets the utmost pleasure!

When massaging or stroking his genitals you are deeply activating raw sexual energy that is innate to your Scorpio man. It is dangerous, powerful yet fulfilling so you should be brave for what comes next after.

You might get scared but you must show him that you are loyal to him and that you are open to being vulnerable no matter what.

When touching him or caressing him in this particular area you are opening up to him by branding yourself as a seducer – a woman capable of feeling and experiencing lust and desire. This is what will truly satisfy your Scorpio man.

He might become pleasured by the fact that you are touching and caressing his only erogenous zone but you are also fulfilling an emotional milestone with him.

Overall whenever you are trying to seduce your Scorpio man the best way to do it is to focus on stroking his only erogenous zone which is his genitals.

Alongside that, you can also massage his back and his inner thighs if you are going for the relaxation route and you just want to massage him and make him feel relaxed and pleasured.

Quick Overview: Scorpio Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Wear red or black lingerie!

In color theory, black and red are the most attractive colors! They signify a level of power, dominance, and sexiness. Someone who is bold and in charge. With that said it also comes as no surprise that Scorpio rules this color!

Being a Plutonian and martian sign black and red can be significantly appetizing colors you can wear to seduce your Scorpio man. Wearing sexy red and black lingerie can be a good way to set up the mood if you are trying to seduce him and get into foreplay. 

Alongside that, you can put up a show for your Scorpio man. With his erogenous zone being his genitals you can give him a show he would die for by dancing sexily or doing some of the moves you’ve incorporated.

Remember that visual and auditory methods of seducing him are just as equally important as touching and caressing his only pleasure spot.

This will be a good way to incorporate your dark feminine energy and let your seduction style get the best out of the situation. Working on it builds your character, confidence, charisma, and also your sexual prowess in the bedroom!

2. Begin touching his hands

Touching his hands can be a sweet intimate way of initiating contact with your Scorpio man. It is sweet and delicate yet sends a signal of lust and attraction. When you are trying to initiate contact or foreplay you can being by grasping his hands and touching him with feelings.

Clasp his fingertips with your fingertips and do not show any signs of malice but rather show love.

When you touch his hands in a delicate manner you are showing love to your Scorpio man this subtle way of saying “I love you” is incredibly pleasing and relaxing to your Scorpio man and not only that he will also be relieved and feel loved in a way that you do not expect him to feel.

3. Massage his lower back and thighs

Another great way to make her feel relaxed is by deeply massaging your Scorpio man’s lower back!

The genitals which are his main erogenous zone are tightly connected to his lower back which you can utilize and massage greatly to help him alleviate stress and at the same time make him feel aroused without touching yet his genitals!

Massaging his lower back is essential so you have to make sure to have your scented oils on hand to prevent rubbing friction when massaging him!

To massage, this part lets your Scorpio man deep breathe in and out to let the tension out. Let him lie down on the bed with his face leaning towards the bed. Let him feel relaxed as you gently put pressure on her lower back. Sink the palm of your hands into the muscles and beg to clutch your way in.

Massaging and stroking this area deeply with pressure and ease. Also, put circular motions into the muscles. Rub and sink your hands into her muscles as you feel the tension in his lower back.

You can also massage his inner thighs. Try using one-point pressure in these areas if you have the chance to massage them to ensure that your Scorpio man feels utmost relaxed and pleased. 

4. Begin to whisper things into his ear as you touch his hands and chest

Whenever you are in the mood you can begin to carefully touch his chest as you work your way into seducing him with your own words. Touching his chest signifies your want and lust over his masculine dominance and sex appeal.

This is also to ensure that you are showing him how much you truly find him attractive. Whenever you begin to whisper things into his ears as you touch his chest and other parts of his body you are giving him auditory and sensory pleasure both of which can be extremely good at making him feel aroused. 

5. Lastly…Begin to stroke his genitals

Last but not least! The only erogenous zone of his body is his genitals so put emphasis on touching and caressing this part of his body. Remember that Scorpio is a sign that rules sex so therefore sexual pleasure will be intense for your Scorpio man!

His genitals will be extra pleasurable and extra sensitive so even gentle touches can give him an immense amount of pleasure.

With that said they can get hot and bothered with the lightest of touches. When you want to arouse him then you can do some teasing with kisses, strokes, and finger play around this area. Gently stroking back and forth this part of his body and seeing how he reacts to it.

Touching a Scorpio Man…Final Thoughts

Your Scorpio man is dangerous and sexy! He is the personification of the bad boy archetype in films and movies! He is powerful yet emotional and sensitive.

He has the power to control and manipulate yet is capable of great love and sacrifice for the right person. Your Scorpio man is interesting and is by far the most complex zodiac sign on the list.

Mysterious has an affinity with dark and morbid, rules sex and death…Your Scorpio man may seem to have an edge of intimidation but his real complexity lies in how intense he feels.

He loves hard and this shows through his loyalty and commitment like no other! 

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Scorpio man feel relaxed and aroused are

  • His lower back
  • His higher thighs
  • His hands
  • His chest
  • His genitals

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