Why is your Scorpio Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to talk about your Scorpio man in a relationship and his jealousy issues! We’ll dive deep into why your Scorpio man gets jealous and how jealous can your Scorpio man be? Also in this article, we’ll show you the signs that he’s jealous and the things you can do about it!

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The Scorpio man is the 8th sign of the zodiac wheel, incredibly known to be the most powerful in the zodiac wheel. He is a known non-conformist who can be able to shed his layers and transform them into something greater and more powerful.

He is the archetypal menace and he knows he is dangerous himself.

Being a fixed water sign, he is incredibly good at hiding his emotions and creating an icy surface that seems so impenetrable but deep inside the waters run deep and are churning. Scorpios are known for being immensely passionate lovers and fighters. You don’t wanna mess with their bad side!

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, the sign of Scorpio is known for its intensity.

In romantic relationships, he is known to pour out his love with so much force that it can be overbearing sometimes. His affection and care for his partner are one of a kind and this powerful love can bring about possessiveness and clinginess to the partner.

This is why his jealousy is incredibly overlooked, he is just seen as this stingy menacing creature but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Let’s tackle more on what makes your Scorpio man jealous and how jealous can he be.

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How Jealous Can Your Scorpio Man Be?

Jealousy level: 11/10

Your Scorpio man’s jealousy is an innate emotion it is one of the emotions that he often feels because of his past traumas and tragedies, being born under the sign of the Scorpion is no joke!

Life can be hard and miserable but this is seen as a cosmological interference that gives Scorpios the challenge to be powerful in their own right.

With that said, the jealousy the Scorpio man has is probably because his instincts are going through the roof and he is seeing danger in the relationship, whether it’s a person whos making advancement towards you or a situation.

He can often feel it and his initial instinct is to use his sting to protect you from anyone trying to get you.

Scorpio man’s jealousy can be overlooked by the fact that he is often misunderstood and is perceived as this evil, brooding creature that has no heart this doesn’t make sense because he wouldn’t get jealous in the first place if he didn’t care about you at all! Because of this, you’ve got to understand how powerful his emotions are.

Like the other water signs he is guided by emotions and he acts upon his emotions so that he intuitively or intrinsically feels that that person is doing something that’s going to destroy the relationship.

He’ll act upon it immediately and you might only see his scary sting all the while not looking at the whole situation…

Signs Your Scorpio Man Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He will stalk you and the guy he is jealous of 24/7

A similar tactic that Joe Goldberg uses on the Netflix show YOU, he will act as a predator stalking his prey and he will do these things to garner more information about the person. It can be dangerous because he’ll go to any lengths just to get the information he wants.

2. His body language will be closed off

The second sign that your Scorpio man is jealous is his body language will be commanding and shrouded with intimidation.

He might be sterner and his face may look more scary than usual or he might be less romantic to you at that time. When you’ve noticed that he is less engaged towards you and something else it could be the fact that he is jealous of someone.

3. He becomes obsessed with power and control

As a part of his coping mechanism, his psyche will be more paranoid than usual and he will try as much as possible to get control by attaining more power whether it is in his work or his social interaction, he will try to gain more influence about certain situations because it is his way of practicing his power.

Whether it’s real or imagined, jealousy will always be a real and raw emotion for him, so it is important to understand that this coping mechanism can only be broken with an effective communication habit from both of you!

4. He talks dump about the person

The most obvious sign that he is jealous of that person is that he will talk crap about that person! He will be mean and spiteful and might try to use derogatory humor to make fun of that person he might even ask if you are interested in dating that person to prove if his accusations in his mind are right!

5. He’ll be extra possessive of you

He’ll be extra possessive of you! Whether you’re at work or you’re with your friends, he will make sure he can control you by not allowing you to go into these social scenes where he perceives the possible danger of you.

If he doesn’t get what he wants from you the arguments can be heated up and turn volatile!

6. He will have a confrontation with the person

The next sign that he is jealous of that person is that he will be extremely confrontational to that person he extremely dislikes to the point that physical conflicts might arise. Remember that your Scorpio man isn’t afraid to fight for the ones he truly loves!

7. He turns to his dark habits

Last but not least, the last sign that your Scorpio man is jealous is that he will turn to his dark habits as copes with the jealousy he is feeling. It might be alcohol, sex, drugs, or some sort of self-destructive habit. It is best to try to talk him out of it instead of fighting him.

How to stop your Scorpio Man from being Jealous!

To stop a Scorpio man from being jealous you must be an open book to read, to be like that you must be able to show to him that you are honest, faithful, and are keeping no secrets from him whatsoever. Be a gentle and calm listener while he is expressing his thoughts about the situation.

In another sense, you must be receptive to his ideas and suggestions for making sure the relationship goes smooth-flowing. Reassure him by telling him how much you love him deeply and passionately. Tell him everything that you like and admire about him.

It is best to be understanding and not try to fight fire with fire. Always remember that when effective communication starts more and more deep-rooted issues will come and arise and always remember that acknowledgment is the first step in tackling the root cause of the relationship!

Alongside those things try to incorporate more passionate and romantic attachments by being more physically close to him, intimacy is needed to prove to your Scorpio man that you still deeply love him. Remember that your Scorpio man does not live through words but through actions.

Show him that he matters in your life by giving more time and affection to him, whatever it might be, whether it’s a date night at your place or simple romantic gestures that can make him remember that there is still goodness in this world.

It is important to incorporate these things to stop your Scorpio man from being jealous!

Scorpio Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Scorpio man is a deeply powerful sign! Shrouded in mystery and darkness! He holds an immense power to love and sacrifice himself to the ones he truly deems to be worthy of his love! With that in mind, it is always important to show him that you can reciprocate back the intensity of love he gives to you…

Following these steps will cure your Scorpio man’s jealousy issues and will ensure that your life will be at its best with him! This will also ensure that the relationship will be long-term, happy, and successful!

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