What Zodiac Sign is the Most Difficult to Understand?

What Zodiac Sign is Most Difficult to Understand?

Every single zodiac sign is unique. Some are quirky and curious, like Aquarius. Others are intuitive and sweet, like Pisces. But there’s a sign that people don’t get: The elusive and mysterious Scorpio.

Scorpio is the most difficult zodiac sign to understand because they are ambitious but emotionally volatile people who love taboos and the supernatural but fear betrayal more than anything. This makes them seem mysterious to the outside world.

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Proditiophobia: The Fear of Betrayal

The deepest desire of a Scorpio is a partnership: To fully merge with another human being and work as a team forever. They want someone who they can completely trust with their secrets, insecurities, and inner struggles that they have.

Paradoxically, their greatest fear is to be betrayed: To be openly mocked, judged, and ridiculed by someone that they opened up to. They fear being dominated and ruled by a partner that will one day engulf them into a lifestyle they never wanted.

The fear of betrayal from friends, family, romantic partners, and the world at large is so great that some Scorpios can go ages without coming out of their shells and being vulnerable.

This deep suspicion can also make them incredibly lonely: It puts Scorpio into a cruel, ironic situation. They just want to find someone to love, but they don’t trust anyone!

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This ferocious inner conflict is why no one can understand Scorpio. Other signs, such as Libra or Gemini, are socialites who gossip for fun and tell the world about their latest exploits.

They have no fear because they just don’t care about what others think. They live and laugh without emotional baggage while Scorpio suffers emotionally.

No other sign embodies a fear of traits or embraces such a harsh worldview, and this is why other signs paint Scorpio as cynical and pessimistic.

But why does Scorpio have such intense feelings?

A good theory for Scorpio’s emotional volatility is that it does not have one ruling planet. Every single other sign in the zodiac is ruled by one planet that gives it a certain energy. Here are a few examples:

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so that’s why it has an appreciation of the arts and a taste for the finer things, an adoration for aesthetics.

Aquarius is quirky, innovative, and intellectual. This is because it is ruled by Uranus, the planet of awakening,

But Scorpio is a unique case. It has not one but two ruling planets! It’s ruled by warlike Mars and distant Pluto. Mars is fiery, energetic, passionate, warlike, and has an insurmountable urge to conquer and be influential.

Mars is typically associated with the Fire signs yet it appears in Scorpio, explaining their temper.

Far away and underestimated, Pluto governs great struggles, death, rebirth, and seeking the truth. The combination of these two mystical energies is what yields this unique personality.

This makes Scorpio difficult to understand and hard to relate to. They can often appear to be living their lives as if they are constantly facing a great adversary, or achieving some grand quest. This is Scorpio’s mindset for facing life and helps us understand why they can be polarizing.

This explains why Scorpio can have such intense moods and desires, such as the desire for being wholly independent, the urges to control others, record every single aggression against them with their eerily accurate memories, and their legendary obsession with vengeance. 

Scorpios Drive to Succeed

Last but not least, a big reason that nobody understands Scorpio is that they have so much passion for what they do, and have so much will succeed that they can appear like they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

One of the driving forces behind their immense motivation is the fact they are a fixed sign.

For context, a sign can be one of three different modalities; Mutable, Fixed, and Cardinal. Each modality represents major roles that the signs take on for humanity as a whole, and it breaks down how the signs interact with each other.

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The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) represent willpower, stability, persistence, resistance to change, and the ability to see that something is done. That is what makes fixed signs unique: Cardinal signs may start a project, whereas Mutable signs end one and give it the completing touches.

This strong, fixed-sign will to get things done makes them seem like an impenetrable and mysterious figure who is respected but also feared.

But there are also some downsides to this. Being a fixed sign, like Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus, they can be very domineering. At their worst, Scorpios can choose to totally ignore logic and want to make all the decisions, even if all of them are based on emotion.

They can be very defensive, so calling them out on their behavior isn’t always an easy way to calm Scorpio down. Instead, they can take it personally and put you on their ever-growing list of people they have a burning hatred for.

But don’t let their fixed qualities deter you, a lot of that is traits inherited from their ruling planet, Mars. Since they are technically water signs, they are also capable of great amounts of empathy and can spot who needs some affection.

This is part of why they are so hard to understand: They shut out the world so much and will often stand against everyone, yet also be so altruistic!

Scorpio and the Odd Side of Life

The final reason they are hard to understand is their obsession with offbeat, taboo, sometimes frightening ideas that are larger than life.

Remember how their other ruling planet, Pluto is said to represent seeking the truth about everything? This is why Scorpio is so fascinated by anything involving sex, death, rebirth, transformation, pain, and pleasure.

Their ruling planet, Pluto gives a powerful and mysterious aura to them that makes them philosophical, curious, and intellectually strong throughout their lives. Scorpios are also superstitious: They likely believe in destiny, karma, and other supernatural elements.

This makes them seem weird to others and can make Scorpio’s perspective harder to understand for those, not in tune with the stranger side of life.

Does this mean Scorpios are Evil? Of course not!

Yes, Scorpios are the most difficult sign to get to know, by far. They are the most mysterious, and secretive out of the entire zodiac, but this doesn’t mean they are evil, or not worth getting to know.

Because the truth is, they are misunderstood! They are extreme personalities that are also capable of extreme acts of kindness and compassion. They just get a bad vibe because people are afraid of what they don’t understand.

To begin to understand Scorpio, you just have to look at situations from their point of view, which is one where trust doesn’t come easy.

So being patient, getting to know them, and not judging them too quickly is the key. Don’t pry or pressure them to spill the beans, and just be honest. They don’t like any indication that you may be lying!

They will know if you are since they have a nearly psychic ability to sniff out lies, and they won’t take kindly to it. Last but not least, (and this goes for interacting with anyone, but especially with Scorpio) have good intentions. They don’t like playing games with people!

Most importantly, give them space and let them be independent. Scorpio often gets into a lot of fights with other people over this.

They don’t like being told what to do when to do it, or how to do it. This aspect of their personality is influenced by fiery Mars, and it’s where Scorpio appears to borrow a lot of traits from fire signs.

So even though Scorpio is officially a water sign, just know they are independent like fire signs. Only become clingy and overbearing when they ask for it. Sometimes the Scorpion becomes tuckered out from its emotions and needs a shoulder to cry on.

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