What Zodiac Sign is Michael Jackson? With insights into his life…

What Zodiac Sign is Michael Jackson?

I don’t recall when I first heard of Michael Jackson, but I remember watching his Thriller video, like it was yesterday! I can hear the voice of Vincent Price speaking in my head right now.

Michael has had so much go on in his life, I recently wondered what Michael Jackson’s zodiac sign is and whether his astrological chart could provide insights into his life?

Michael Jackson was born on 29 August 1958 at 7:33 pm in Gary, Indiana, US. His horoscope shows fame through his Pisces rising and its ruler planet Jupiter placed together with his natal Neptune and Rahu. This combination gave him the mesmerizing ability for transformation, dance innovations, and glittery appearance.

Was Michael Jackson Truly Talented?

From the astrology perspective, Michael Jackson was destined to achieve a rather high level of fame while he is alive and to become a legend after his death. You may now wonder how this is possible, but astrology is very exact when it comes to his “Peter Pan” natal chart.

First of all, he was born with his natal Sun placed together with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, as the astrologers often refer when describing this planet.

However, this fact wouldn’t mean a thing besides the possibility that he might become a truly dedicated administrative worker or a servant who acts in the shadow, most likely, if his natal Jupiter positioned together (astrologers would say in “conjunction”) with Neptune and Rahu, didn’t make the productive aspect with this Sun-Pluto combo.

This Jupiter, Neptune, Rahu combination multiplied with his natal Sun-Pluto mark, produced one of the biggest entertainment stars by the end of the last century. And after his death, his fame stayed preserved and even increased by the planet Saturn placed right there on the cusp of his area of career, reputation, and yes, karma.

Perhaps this sounds a bit complicated to you if you are not so informed about astrology, and this is why you should read on and find out about the separate meaning of Michael Jackson’s horoscope and his natal planets.

Exclusive and very interesting information you should know about Micheal Jackson is that one famous clairvoyant in Egypt, at the time, back in the eighties, in a personal reading predicted his death at the age of fifty. It sounded very unlikely then, but it apparently came true.

The basics of Michael Jackson’s natal chart

This famous singer and entertainer was born with his natal Sun and Pluto placed in the sign of Virgo, in his sixth house, therefore he is a Virgo in astrology, in general. However, his rising sign is placed in Pisces, which is always related to various forms of arts, phantasies, and “flowing”. And in his case, this “flowing” trait could be seen through his innovations when it comes to singing and dancing.

His natal Moon is also placed in his first house Pisces and this shows someone who is truly vulnerable, extremely sensitive to stressful situations, and the “outer” world.

When it comes to elements in astrology, his natal chart is full of water and fire qualities, some earth, and very little air. This is why he wasn’t able to communicate properly while he spoke, but he was more than capable to clearly express his emotions through a high voice while singing and dancing.

The planet ruling his rising sign and therefore his whole chart is the planet Jupiter. And also, this planet ruled his area of career and accomplishments, so he was the one to bring himself fame. His mere appearance, his spiritual and artistic presence, his essence was the main factor for his success. Anyone else doing his dance moves or singing those same songs wouldn’t achieve the part of Michael Jackson’s legacy for our modern popular culture.

Now, the interesting part comes… His natal Jupiter was positioned in the sign of Libra, the sign of publicity, and it was very close to his natal North Node of the Moon, Rahu, placed right at the fixed star Spica, which brings fame, and also together with his natal Neptune. All those celestial bodies were in his eighth house which is all about the deep transformation, legal issues, surgical procedures, death, and yes, sexuality.

Was Michael Jackson a “normal” person?

First of all, Michael Jackson never had a “normal” childhood. He came from a very humble origin with nine children in the family, and from his early days, his father organized all the children to work in the entertainment industry. Michael started to work when he was just six and he never had the usual schooling routine nor was he free to carelessly play with the other neighborhood kids.

When he reached the age of eleven he was a big national star and he began his solo career when he was thirteen. His natal Sun and Pluto show his father as someone who was very “dark” and surely demanding, and someone who had regularly put a lot of stress on a young Michael’s mind.

At that time, the money was flowing in abundance, but he couldn’t care less because he was already consumed by the world of an illusion.

His natal Venus is placed in the sign of Leo in his sixth house together with his natal Uranus and Mercury, the stage performance was his daily obligation. However, this Venus with Uranus forms the “inconjunction” aspect with his natal Moon, and this clearly shows the inability to maintain stable relationships and the clash between his inner world of fairy tales and the real world of interacting with the other people.

He surely had some issues with his sexuality and please, don’t jump to the conclusion that he was gay, or even a pedophile, because he had to deal with several accusations regarding sexual abuse of children. However, his planets emanate the energy of scarce and inability to fully “surrender” to another human being. And this is likely why he compensated this energy with numerous charity and humanitarian campaigns.  

His natal chart shows the tremendous amount of fear when it comes to sexual, or a deeper, or better to say, closer physical and psychological contact, and this is why none of his two marriages lasted, and they were most likely “faked” anyway.

The same goes for his natal Mars forming the in-conjunction aspect with his Saturn. Oh, Michael was a furious warrior, a hero, a fighter, a passionate lover, but solely while he is on the stage, and not in a real-life where he felt restrained and confused. His Leo Venus just loved uniforms and as a true king, he always had his hat, as the form of the crown, and his gloves, not to be mixed with the common people.

And no, he wasn’t arrogant or pretentious; he just had this innate need to be the prince. Actually, he was this prince in his mind. This need was “dictated” through his natal Jupiter, Neptune and Rahu placed in the area of transformation, and the same trait emerged through his obsession with the facial plastic surgeries and most likely, autoimmune health issues which accompanied those surgical procedures.

Speaking about death and taxes

As you probably know by now, the only two things we can’t avoid are death and taxes. And you can be pretty sure about the taxes part of this equation. And when it comes to Michel Jackson, he had many issues with his income and expenses since South Node of the Moon, Ketu, was placed in his area of direct income, while the North Node of the Moon, Rahu, was in his area of investments, taxes, and all other legal issues.

Having Ketu in the second house, as he had, meant that he had to struggle with poverty at one part of his life, and then the money just flowed without him ever taking care of his business dealings or even talking with the people who were hired to take care of his finances. Or, this could be more probable, even if those people pointed at some facts and predicted “the bad” news, Michael was never able to understand them.

Money was something extremely important during the “dry seasons” and yet something so ephemeral and easy when his popularity was at its peak.

In general terms, you have to understand that the position of the Moon Nodes, which are always opposite to each other, shows are greatest fears, fluctuations and most dramatic events we will experience during our lifetime.

Having that in mind, astrology can claim with great certainty that he wasn’t clever with his direct incomes, but he needed to feel safe and was terrified several times in his life when money and the safety which this money offered in the form of his assets was taken from him due to taxes or through out-of-the-court settlements.

The true nature of Michel Jackson

Due to his natal Jupiter which was the ruler of his Ascendant or the rising sign, his area of career, and placed in the area of transformation, Michel was a true artist and someone who used his own body, voice, and soul, not to achieve success and fame purposely but to fulfill his calling, his dharma in this life and to leave a legacy.

He couldn’t become anything else or anyone else because his natal chart shows the dominance of Jupiter, Neptune, and Rahu combo.

Michael’s North Node of the Moon, Rahu, placed on the fixed star Spica, which grants the glory, carried out its mission. By having his natal Saturn placed at the cusp of his area of career and also karma, he fulfilled his destiny and he will earn way more respect as time goes by.

If you are wondering about the true cause of Michael Jackson’s death, astrology has suggests the answer too.

Yes, after many exhausting years of bad publicity, financial losses, and children’s sex abuse accusations, his body, and his nerves were exhausted. And he did use some substances because he wasn’t able to sleep at night and be well during the day.

However, the true cause of his death was a heart attack and the medications doctor administered to him a few hours before, might or might not affect his overall state, but the true cause was the exhaustion due to the high stress which consequently impacted his heart directly.

In the terms of astrology, this can be seen clearly since the transiting Saturn and Uranus created the exceptionally strong opposition at that time, and Saturn crossed over his natal Sun while the Uranus transited over his natal Moon.

Saturn broke his body, while Uranus ripped his soul out… And it was the time to “go home” somewhere up in the stars.

Whether you love or hate Michael Jackson, we will never forget him.

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