What Tarot Cards Represent Pisces?

What Tarot card is Associated with Pisces

Do you enjoy Tarot and/or Astrology and wonder how Pisces is associated with certain Tarot cards? If you have any Pisces in your life or chart, then you will recognize the dreamy, Neptunian energy it brings.

In astrology, Pisces is the ruler of the 12th house, which is the house of the subconscious. This is why we may often find our Pisces friends with their heads in the clouds!

I often hear people ask, what tarot card represents Pisces?

With its focus on the subconscious and the development of wisdom, Pisces is most closely associated with the High Priestess card. Its Neptunian influence also associates it with the Fool card. As a water sign, it is represented by the Page, Ace, Two, and Seven of Cups.

Like any sign, the story of Pisces is about mastering the challenges of its energy and making the most of its benefits. While Pisces is known for being capable of great love and capturing the magic of dreams, its tendency to romanticize anything and everything can sometimes present problems.

Let’s take a look at how the story of Pisces is told through these cards.

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The High Priestess

In Greek mythology, Venus (ruler of Libra) called on Zeus to transform her and her son, Eros, into fish to escape from a monster.

Tied together, they swam to safety and were memorialized as stars in the sky. Thus, Pisces represents divine female energy that is transformed by a higher spiritual power and submerged in the waters of the subconscious before finding its way home.

According to this story, Pisces’ central lesson in life is to transcend the challenges of the material realm through mastery of the inner self. The inner self includes all expressions of the subconscious, including dreams, intuition, fantasies, inner guidance, and spiritual mysticism.

The ultimate goal of mastering these forces is to achieve wisdom.

The High Priestess card represents the mastery of these inner forces and the commanding power we have at our fingertips when we seek wisdom from our higher self, which resides in our subconscious, to overcome life’s challenges.

This is the perfected form of Pisces energy, which seeks to bring higher spiritual knowledge to the material world through the inner self.

The High Priestess and the next card, the Fool are both found the Major Arcana, read more about the Major Arcana here.

The Fool

No one likes to be called a fool, and Pisces is no exception. Yet under the influence of its ruling planet Neptune, the shadow side of a Pisces fantasy is sadly nothing more than delusion.

There is a purity within the Fool, who is said to be a soul who has not yet experienced or been affected by the material realm. But with innocence and lack of experience comes naivete, and this can be part of the Fool’s downfall.

No experience on earth is wasted, and every disaster offers an opportunity to learn. While Pisces’ shadow may be vulnerable to those who would take advantage, there is great wisdom to be gained in learning to see the reality that may lie beneath.

To make the most of this lesson, the Fool must be willing to let go of unrealistic ideals and accept the hard truths of mundane existence.

While there is inevitable disappointment in the discovery of an imperfect world, it is a necessary lesson for Pisces, who must transcend the innocent fantasies of youth and learn how to use their understandings of the material realm to master their shadow side.

The next cards that we will talk about can be found in the Minor Arcana, to read more about the Minor Arcana cards, click here.

I’ve also written an article about the Fool card, you can read that here: The Fool Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

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The Page of Cups

Perhaps more worldly than the Fool, the Page of Cups is a young man who personifies pure Pisces energy in a material world. Idealistic, full of creativity, and riding on the wings of fantasy, the Page of Cups is Pisces energy at its most potent and pure.

Such purity of energy, delightful as it is, has certain downsides in astrology. This is because it allows the shadow side of a sign to operate without being mitigated by other balancing energies. As such, the Page of Cups can represent the challenges of overcoming the weaknesses of Pisces Energy.

These challenges could require the Page of Cups to become more down to earth by getting his head out of the clouds and his feet firmly on the ground. He must learn to operate in the material reality without the rose-colored glasses while retaining his tender spirit and great ability to love.

The Fool can sometimes represent a loss of innocence, but this is the cost of maturity. While the Page of Cups may be asking us to become older and wiser by balancing heady Pisces energy with the mundane, it is also asking us to remember its importance and proper place in our lives.

This is what the rest of the cards teach us.

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents an overflowing abundance of the spiritual forces of love, fantasy, emotion and imagination. This is the essence of Pisces energy, and this card encourages the querent to access and embrace these forces in his or her life.

In terms of the positive energy available to a querent, it really is the ace card in the deck!

Part of the Pisces journey is recognizing and calling on the better nature of others and the self in the face of challenges.

This card suggests an opportunity to do so, indicating that love in all its forms is very near. Perhaps the most poignant lesson here is learning to find the abundance of wonder that is lying just beneath the surface of all people and circumstances in life.

This lesson is not only for the benefit of Pisces but also for others, as an open heart is much more able to love than one that is closed. The Ace of Cups suggests that it is time for the querent to open themselves to the reflective wonder of their inner worlds, embracing the inner magic of others at the same time.

The Two of Cups

The energy expressed by the Ace finds its counterpart in the Two of Cups. This card shows us what happens when Pisces reaches out to find love and is greeted by another reaching out in the same way. This energy resonates and multiplies as all of Pisces’ wonderful dreamy forces bounce off one another.

It encourages us to reach out, assuring us of the benefits this will bring to ourselves and others.

No story that captures the Pisces energies of love, fantasy, and imagination would be complete without a reference to the expression of that energy as romance. The Two of Cups can be said to represent the mystical perfection divine male and female union.

This can be within a soulmate relationship or within the querent themselves, depending on the rest of the spread.

This card can also represent other types of relationships beyond romantic partnerships. It is showing us the rewards of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to open ourselves to and receive love. Its essence is the understanding that, in the words of John Donne, “No man is an island.”

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The Seven of Cups

In every spiritual journey, there is a point at which we discover the fact that our imaginations create our reality. The Seven of Cups is a representation of this lesson, encouraging us to explore our inner landscapes to manifest our deepest desires and overcome our biggest challenges.

This card teaches us that although the material world is limited, our potential to influence our reality is infinite.

Pisces, which rules the world of dreams, resonates deeply with this energy. The theme of empowerment through spiritual knowledge is important here, as is the transformation of the self through surrender to the subconscious.

As Pisces swam to freedom in the depths of the ocean, so we are encouraged by the Seven of Cups to liberate ourselves from our everyday existence by drifting off into our dreams and fantasies, coming back refreshed and replenished to take on life’s mundanities once more.

It only asks that we keep within us a little Pisces magic and remember the divine power of our imaginations in creating our waking life.

Note, the Tarot cards illustrated in this article are from the Muse Tarot Deck. Check for availability here (on Amazon) or through Esty.

The Muse Tarot Deck

Pisces in the Tarot Spread

Pisces cards in the Tarot spread are undoubtedly lovely to encounter. With Pisces’ ever-persistent belief in the ideal and desire to see the best in everyone, what’s not to love?

In these cases, the querent is likely to have access to the wonderful blessings Pisces energy brings, but they should also be reminded of the spiritual work necessary to master this energy and bring it to fruition in their lives.

Some cards warn of Pisces’ shadow side and the dangers that await those of us who allow our dreams and fantasies to overtake our sense of reality, while others encourage us to journey further into the depths and discover the gifts they contain.

Either way, Pisces cards ask us to balance dreams and reality, gaining control over our imagination rather than letting it control us.

So when you see a few of these cards in a spread, remember that the lesson of Pisces is all about developing wisdom. It’s just like the old saying, you may fool a Pisces once, but you definitely won’t fool them twice!

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