What Body Type Does An Aries Woman Like?

If you are someone who looks for some adventure in the bedroom, an Aries woman is a dream to be with! She has the energy, the charm, and the body for it. If you were wondering if you are fit for her, then you stumbled upon the perfect article!

An Aries woman likes to be with someone who is physically strong to keep up with her in the bedroom. She wants someone who exercises regularly, who trains his whole body. She prefers someone who is comfortable enough to be both submissive and dominant.

Lastly, an Aries woman likes to be with someone who has high stamina.

To understand the Aries woman’s preference even more, you might want to read more about her down below. I have included how she is in bed and how to sexually attract her and keep her hooked.

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Aries Woman In Bed

The Aries woman is someone you want to be with when you are very adventurous in bed because she is both a giver and a receiver.

She likes to have a lot of fun and is very passionate when it comes to making love. She can dominate and at the same time, give that role to her partner. She knows what she wants and what she needs to do to give you the pleasure that she thinks you deserve.

For an Aries woman, making love is an activity that is a combination of everything she loves – fun, passion, adventure, and excitement.

So, you can expect her to want to do it very frequently. After all, she is one of the most passionate signs out of all the zodiac signs, so there is no doubt that she will want more of what keeps her on her feet.

Making love with someone that she truly likes is something that an Aries woman enjoys doing.

If she is comfortable enough, she likes to have playful banters as a form of foreplay. She likes dominating and being able to be in control. She likes the little mind and loves games that you let her play. This turns her on and will surely want to do it over and over again.

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What Body Type Does An Aries Woman Like?

Now that you know what an Aries man is like in the bedroom, you can already imagine what body an Aries is.

She likes someone who can keep up with the energy she gives in the bedroom. With that being said, she likes to be with someone who goes to the gym regularly to train his core and cardio because you know how wild an Aries woman can be.

She wants someone who is comfortable tuning into their feminine side – someone she can dominate.

At the same time, she wants someone who can dominate her. So, she really needs someone with broad shoulders and strong and lean arms and legs. This will allow them to have several adventures together in the bedroom.

If you do not have this body type though, there really is no need to worry.

As long as you are able to connect with her sexually, you are all good! But if you are serious about staying with your Aries woman for a really long time, you might want to consider going to the gym because you are going to be challenged a lot!

Ways To Attract An Aries Woman Sexually

Be okay with being dominated

An Aries woman is naturally very mentally strong and has really good leadership skills. She is a ram after all, and she was born a leader. In order to attract an Aries woman, you need to show her that you are okay with being submissive from time to time.

You can simply start doing this by letting her win in playful banters.

When you do this, she will get excited and will probably imagine how you are in the bedroom. She might fantasize about what she wants to do to you. Make her feel that she is the boss because she lives for that kind of thing. You need to be okay with being in tune with your feminine energy in order to attract her.

Do not chase her

As I have said, an Aries woman is very playful and there is nothing that can turn her on and make her want you more than making her feel that you are someone for her to chase. It is going to be her pride when she gets you to make love to her when you made her work for it.

There is nothing that keeps her excited than the chasing game.

However, make sure to not let her feel that you do not want her. Drop hints little by little that you really want to be with her but do not overdo it.

You can maybe tease her a little by kissing her and rubbing her back. This will get her excited and make her want more of you. When you do this, watch her want to get a taste of you more every time.

Show your adventurous side

If there is something to say about an Aries woman, it is that she is intense in almost every aspect of her life.

She likes to do activities that are extreme – including sexual activities. She likes to experiment and experience new things in the bedroom every time. So, as I have said, you really need to have the stamina and strength to be with an Aries woman sexually.

To seduce her, show her that you are adventurous yourself. Show her that you are willing to try and experience things that you have not experienced before.

You can maybe post outdoor activities you have done in the past. When you get to have a conversation with her, you can also try to incorporate the things that excited you in the past. This will surely excite her!

Ways To Keep An Aries Woman Hooked

If you really want to keep this Aries woman because you enjoy her company in the bedroom, you need to continuously show strength both emotionally and physically.

You need to be a little bit assertive too. Show her that although she can be very dominating, you are still the man in the relationship and that you can take care of her in all aspects – financially, sexually, and emotionally.

With that being said, you also need to respect and value her independence. Again, she was naturally born a leader, and there is nothing that she hates more than someone trying to control her.

This will definitely turn her off! All you need to do is support her in every decision she has in life, and if she asks for help, do not ever hesitate to help. This only means that she trusts you enough.

An Aries woman is naturally competitive, so you really need to keep her excited and on her feet by getting competitive as well. When you are having a good conversation about something and she tries to make a point, playfully deviate from that point and contradict. This will say something a lot about you already if you do this because she will see you as someone with substance.

What body type does an Aries woman like? Final thoughts…

An Aries woman prefers:

  • Someone who is physically strong
  • Someone who exercises regularly
  • Someone who has a high stamina



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