Where does an Aries Woman like to be touched?

Do you want to step up the game and give utmost pleasure to your Aries woman? Are you in a relationship with an Aries woman and you want to surprise her? Do you want to be more engaging and more passionate towards the end of the day with her and do you want to have fun in the bedroom?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you the best ways to touch your Aries woman! Whether it’s foreplay or just teasing or just making her overall satisfied, relaxed, and more in tune with you we will teach you the best parts of her body to touch and massage!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Aries woman is action-packed and fiercely adventurous. With a fire burning inside of her she likes to have utmost passion and fun in the bedroom so spontaneous touching is essential to turn her on.

The touching must be full of sensual touches to light massages…Touch around her neck, face, and skull! The level of touch depends on the matter situation. Be extra sensitive about his head as this is a vulnerable part of her.

Aries Women are the fierce and independent women of the zodiac, powerful and natural-born leaders born between March 20th to April 19th of any given year. Strong, courageous, brave, loyal, determined, and exudes natural charisma due to their confidence.

Aries women are known for their strong beauty…prominent foreheads, cheekbones, and strong facial features, and not only that! They exude natural excellence for athleticism and sports!

In romantic relationships, your Aries woman might tend to be dominating towards you which can create an imbalance in the relationship. Being a known leader she can be rough and aggressive sometimes which can take a little femininity off her.

With that in mind, it is good to be masculine and take the lead once in a while and let you be the man of the house to make her feel feminine towards you.

This might sound simple and effective but it can be tough to execute! Nevertheless, we have just scratched the surface of how to truly turn on your Aries woman through effective touching!

Don’t fret as in the next section we will dive deep into how to touch an Aries woman and where does she like to be touched? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does an Aries Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Aries woman is a known baddie of Astrology! Yes, you heard that right! She is a baddie! Courageous, powerful, brave, and can create an independent life of her own. She is ruled by Mars so she is more action-oriented than most women out there.

Her aura radiates confidence and power so this can be intimidating to men who might try to pursue her.

Your Aries woman can sometimes be unafraid to speak her own opinion on matters which can make her seem egotistical and selfish to others who don’t know her enough! But this is far from the truth! Behind closed doors, she can be a needy partner who wants the utmost love and affection from her partner.

People often overlook the fact that Aries is the baby of the zodiac wheel which can make her extremely needy and emotional.

She is overshadowed by the fact that people think all fire signs are feisty and confident that they don’t feel any vulnerable emotions such as needing affection from others.

Touching during foreplay or touching just for the mere showing of affection must be done with feelings and genuine affection.

Your Aries woman might not be the most intuitive sign nor the sign that feels the “vibes” of the person or environment but she feels things with her own emotions and this means the more passion you put into the sensual touching the more turned on or relaxed she will feel.

Your Aries woman might seem tough or fierce but deep inside she is extremely sensitive and this means in romantic relationships she will be craving spontaneous romance in and out throughout the relationship.

She wants you to make her feel loved and feminine in the bedroom so be extra passionate when doing so!

Always remember that your Aries woman likes to be touched with feelings and passion…the kind of touch where she will truly feel that you mean her love and passion towards her. When touching her it is essential to be emotional and romantic as it leads to better results.

Now as to where to touch her you have to remember that in Astrology the twelve zodiac signs correspond to each part of the human body. Aries rules the head and this means the pivotal pleasure points in an Aries woman’s body will be located in her head or near her head.

This means you should focus more on her scalp or skull, and face such as her temples, forehead, and cheekbones. Her neck is also particularly sensitive as it is near her head.

Touch her face with light strokes and pressure while incorporating heavy and deep breathing that shows off your masculine voice.

This session can be sensual for both of you as you both engage in some form of symbiotic relationship that is both sensual and vulnerable.

Stimulating her head with your fingers is a great way to truly turn her on and get her in the mood! If you are just doing it for the affection you are doing it the right way as her head can be extremely sensitive! 

Overall, when touching her in these body parts you must be in touch with your feelings. Try as much as possible to put feelings whenever you’re touching her. It is important that touching her neck, hair and head must be essential and should be accompanied by feelings of affection and love towards her!

Quick Overview: Aries Woman’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage her forehead and the rest of her head

Her forehead is the focal point of stress and pressure to your Aries woman it is notable that Aries women in general experience terrible headaches due to the fact that anger can be a troubling feeling that they should control and focus on decreasing.

With that said massaging her forehead alongside her eyebrows is a good way to destress her mind and get her in the mood.

Your Aries woman rules the head so this part of her body will get extreme pleasure if given the right amount of focal pressure with hand massages. Her prominent skull and forehead must be put in emphasis when you’re doing massages on her but only do this with her consent. 

Make her sit in front of you in a chair or the bed as you carefully and sensually put light massages on her forehead. Alongside that, it is good to unknowingly turn her on by putting on your best and a deep masculine voice asking her if the thing you’re doing on her head feels good and pleasurable.

Putting soft pressure on her head is essential in making her feel calm she probably had a lot of stress at work that day or in general and this can make her agitated and stressed. Emphasizing her forehead during head massages is a great way to make her relaxed and at the same time turned on…

2. Touch her face 

Touching is a little bit different from massage. Touching her face which includes the forehead, the cheeks, and the upper and lower chin denotes a sign of affection and admiration towards her.

Touching her face is an essential subconscious signal that denotes how much attracted you are towards her and this can be deeply flattering to your Aries woman who is probably never touched in the face because of how intimidating she sometimes looks.

When touching her face go for the light strokes on her skin. Do not go hard on her face as it will just be weird on her part. Instead, make it sensual and go for the light strokes that will surely get her in the mood.

When you touch her face you denote some sort of power dynamic between the both of you. You become the masculine archetype who admires her feminine archetype.

Touch her face with genuine admiration and passion you can also express your feelings and compliment her beauty. This will truly make her feel something – appreciated and loved both of which can be rare feelings felt by your Aries woman.

3. Touch her neck

Your Aries woman’s neck is also a great body part to touch as it can be also classified as an erogenous zone of your Aries woman. Explore that part of her body and put light to heavy strokes, especially in the back muscles of her neck. This is where her muscles are usually tensed and agitated.

Massage this part of her body with ease while gently whispering some sexy words into her ears. Make her feel loved and relaxed at that moment while putting slight pressure on her tense muscles.

Often her aggressiveness can cause stiffness in this body part which can be painful so easing her stiff muscles will be a great way to truly make sure that she is comfortable and relaxed.

4. Touch her hair

Gently giving strokes in her hair is also a great way to signify your love and affection towards her. If she’s laying beside you try to gently play with her hair by stroking her messy hair continuously.

This is incredibly relaxing to your Aries woman as her head can be a pivotal part that can bring pain or pleasure to her body.

Lightly touch and stoke hair you can also put a gentle amount of pressure on her scalp for more relaxation and smoothness. This will make her truly in awe of you as you become deeply entranced with her own body!

When you do this successfully you’ll surely have won your Aries woman’s heart and affection!

5. Put sensation in her ears

Just like Judas Iscariot is depicted in paintings sensually saying something in Jesus’s ears. The ears are a delicate part of the body that can be touched for pleasurable reasons. By uttering heavy and deep words into your Aries woman’s ears you are subconsciously attracting her and seducing her. 

You can also put your fingers and slightly run them back from her ears. Touching it playfully is a wonderful way to turn her on as it can excite both of you. Touching her ears is a fun and flirtatious way of saying “I’m into you”.

Touching an Aries Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Aries woman might be overlooked for being dominant, aggressive, fierce, confrontational, and sexual but deep inside she is a genuine and loyal person who wants to feel vulnerable around her partner and this is the best way to truly make her feel special and worthy. 

Have the courage to be the man and take the lead no matter how dominant she might seem to be. Alongside that, you have to always remember that Aries being the first sign of the zodiac will mean that she has “infant” emotions.

She will not sit around repressing her thoughts and feelings. She will say exactly what she feels so use this advantage when she tells you where to put the pressure points in the touching part.

Alongside the information given, to sum up, your Aries woman likes to be touched in areas such as:

  • Her neck especially the back of her neck
  • Her hair
  • Her face especially her cheeks and forehead
  • Her head (back and front)
  • Her hair (stroke her hair gently)

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