Why is your Aries Woman Jealous?

Are you worried that your Aries woman is jealous? Are you experiencing any negative feedback in your relationship? Don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to tackle the reasons why your Aries Woman is jealous in a relationship.

Also in this article, we’ll teach you what are some of the ways you can deal with her jealousy positively.

The Aries Woman is fiery and spirited, represented by The Ram and is a cardinal fire sign, she is lively, thrill-seeking, passionate, and highly romantic in terms of love, she loves to love and be loved, and she wants her partner’s attention all to herself and when she doesn’t get it she becomes possessive or jealous! 

When you’re in a relationship with your Aries Woman it is pretty obvious to look out and ask for help on how to properly deal with her especially when she’s showing traits that you don’t like.

With all of that in mind, we’ll give you obvious flat-out signs that will surely tell your Aries Woman is jealous. We will also tell you some good ways to handle her jealousy and possessiveness…

Let’s jump right in!

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How Jealous Can Your Aries Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 9.5/10

When she’s jealous it will be apparent to everyone and especially to you, she’s extremely confrontational and can be domineering or argumentative behind closed doors. This is usually to show her that she’s experiencing these intense emotions and she wants you to do something about it.

When jealous, she’ll be extremely fixated on gaining the “upper hand” in the relationship that she will be extremely competitive, she will show that she has seemingly “better” options so you should do your best to appease her. She might also be catty or mean to the person she’s jealous of.

Her fiery Martian energy can naturally come out when she’s insecure and trying to protect what’s hers. In this case, she is protecting you from any potential people who might take you away from her, in this case, it is a good sign that signals that your Aries woman is truly in love with you.

Signs Your Aries Woman Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She Becomes Aggressive and Confrontational all of a sudden…

The first and foremost significant sign that your Aries Woman is jealous in the confinement of the relationship is her becoming aggressive and confrontational all of a sudden. Whether it’s a sudden change in her mood in-home or at the workplace, it usually signifies something isn’t getting in her way.

Her being aggressive and confrontational can be terrible at times as it can be extremely confusing and draining to the one she’s arguing with, this is usually because she cannot control her emotions as a whole and is acting up…

2. She Becomes Self-Destructive and Reckless

All of sudden she starts showing you that she’s an all-around “bad girl” that you shouldn’t mess with, she’s happy and contented with just hanging out with you but now she’s showing she has options. She tries to show you that people are wanting to go out and hang out with her.

She might also become reckless in her actions, she might get drunk or party or do a girls’ trip without you to show that she’s having the utmost fun.

This is a tactic that she does to divert her anger and strong emotions away, she doesn’t like the idea that she’s head over heels for a guy and she masks it by appearing fun/

3. She acts childish to get your Attention 

Related to the No.2 sign, this is usually a childish way to get your attention and show you that she is jealous and that you need something to do about it. She is accentuating her negative Aries traits by becoming immensely reckless in her actions.

Any reckless or childish acts should go noticed, this is a usual sign that your Aries woman is in trouble and is unable to truly cope with the fact that she is jealous of someone in your life.

When this happens it is best to talk things out with her and make sure that she resolves her conflict within herself slowly and surely.

4. She becomes argumentative

Every day-to-day interaction with her will be extremely argumentative, beware that this can cause the relationship to turn toxic so instead of arguing back be a calm listener that doesn’t respond to any negativity she tries to push.

5. She will relish hating the person she’s jealous of!

This will be the most obvious sign that she is jealous!

She will spend extra time hating the person she’s jealous of! She will go off and stalk the person on social media and judge everything that’s wrong with her, she will have the meanest things to say about that person and no one can stop her from hating that person!

6. She Overshares too much with her friends 

Your Aries Woman is deeply upfront and confrontational, she cannot contain her feelings any longer and she will be pouring it out on her close-knit friends, she will certainly tell them what she feels about the situation and the things that made her jealous. 

7. She tells you directly she is jealous

Last and most obvious sign on the list…She tells you directly who she is jealous of and what made her feel that way! This sign is extremely blunt and confrontational to the point of being explosive!

When she’s pouring out all her rants about the situation be an understanding partner and listen to her very carefully and know where she’s coming from, try to understand that she’s only jealous because she deeply loves and cares for you.

Try to reconcile by telling her the truth that you are faithful all-throughout the course of the relationship.

How to stop your Aries Woman from being Jealous!

Now that you’ve known the signs, it is best to truly reconcile his feelings by appeasing her through words of affirmation and acts of love! To stop your Aries Woman from being jealous and overtly negative about the situation you must be compassionate and reassuring towards her.

You must reconcile by having an open flow of communication, letting her express her anger about the situation openly, and when she’s done fully explaining to her your side. Reassure her and reaffirm to her that she is the only one you truly love and desire and her jealousy is unfortunately imaginary.

Be romantic and expressive when telling her these things, feel it to the bone, and show her your love is extremely strong for her so that she will realize she is in the wrong and there’s nothing to be insecure of!

Alongside that, when doing words of affirmation you must also add acts of love in the mix! Prioritize your relationship and she will feel it, prioritize her self-care and pleasure, do a thing that will make her happy, and do some wild and adventurous trips together that will truly excite her.

By doing all of these things you are curing her jealousy and making sure that the relationship goes strong and long-term…

Aries Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The tough and strong Aries woman, a fierce leader but a passionate lover who wants to feel cared for and taken care of by her man, her Martian energy is strong in a romantic relationship and it shows through her extreme possessiveness and jealousy of her loved one, this woman is a keeper!

If she’s jealous of someone be understanding of her instead of fighting fire with fire!

To cure her jealousy you must reconcile with her by reaffirming your love and faithfulness to her and at the same time doing things that would utmost please her. Exhilarating things that give an adrenaline rush to the body would be preferred so spontaneous and wild trips are a must in the relationship!

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