How does an Aries Woman Express Love?

In this article, we are going to show you how an Aries woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her partner, and at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Aries woman to express her love more openly to you!

An Aries woman expresses love in an optimistic & childish manner, there is this sort of childish energy that can make you even more in love with her, she will be overtly romantic and adventurous to be around! In sex, she can be raw and fiery, she will be expressing love to her partner in a passionate way.

The Aries woman is the first sign of the zodiac, represented by the Ram. It is an extremely impulsive and thrill-seeking sign, often craving passion and “heat” in a relationship, she prefers her partner to be as outspoken, lively, and adventurous as her

The Aries Woman is represented by the Ram, in tarot, the Ram corresponds to the Emperor card. With that, there is extreme fire energy within an Aries woman, she is the leader, and she is full of courage. Often full of inspiring energy and mindset, she is the first to initiate.

She exerts forcefulness and strength, she is a trendsette. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

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With all of that said, The Aries Woman expresses her love differently and uniquely which makes her stand out from the other zodiac signs, now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how an Aries Woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her partner or loved one….

Let’s jump right in!

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How does An Aries Woman express her feelings?

The Aries woman knows what she wants and she wants you, no matter what it is, this fixated love can turn into an obsession, whether it is romantic or sexual love, or both. An Aries woman loves to love and you are deemed lucky if she feels you are worthy of her love and affection!

Aries women express their feelings by idealizing their partner, being the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries lady is extremely childish in her idea and pursuit of love. With that, she can be extremely romantic. She will feel love and will love passionately. She loves hard and her partner will feel it!

They will feel giddy whenever they think about someone they admire or love, they might not show it but deep inside they feel mushy-gushy to their partner and they will show it behind closed doors. They will also be communicative about their feelings.

Aries women are also known for their tough exterior. They’re the kinds of girls who would love playful banter, being insensitive is ingrained, which would make them incredibly fun and flirtatious to be around.

With all of that said, your Aries woman likes to show her love for you through physical touch, either by sex, romantic touching, and cuddles. She will also be extremely loud in her lovemaking with you, making the act more aggressive and powerful.

Her emotional expression will be full of force, fiery, and very straight to the face, it’s almost as if there is a fire that will explode right in your face. With that said, extreme emotional outbursts can happen when she feels jealous or unloved.

Those negative emotions could indicate her possessiveness towards you – meaning, she loves you…

It is also important to take note that the fiery energy of Aries can make your Aries woman more argumentative than other women in the zodiac wheel. She relishes the playful war between words, and more often than not, it can potentially charge up her sexuality, making her and you more aggressive for more aphrodisiac lovemaking…

Alongside that, when she is in a relationship or if both of you are dating, she will show signs of domination and control. She might be going a little overboard on checking where you are or what you’re doing. She is also very assertive when it comes to you, she will protect you at all costs, giving you extreme lavish attention and affection!

Overall, her expression of love is full of strength and vigor, no matter how hard she might try to hide it. The aggressive Martian energy gives life to her whole personality and style of love, hard-core romantic, sexually seductive, and spontaneous, she loves hard and she knows it.

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How to get your Aries Woman to express her love to you!

Tell her there’s nothing wrong with being outspoken

To get her to express her love for you more you must openly tell and show her that there is nothing wrong with being a fiercely independent and outspoken woman. Too many times, she can be humiliated or bullied just for embodying these traits that seem too “masculine” for other people.

To win over and get her to express her love for you, she must feel extremely comfortable around you. She must be able to express herself fully and freely without any repercussions or judgment. Letting her know you admire her for those qualities will make her more in tune to be with you! 

Tell her you deeply understand her

From a deep and psychological point of view, it is extremely important to show her that both of you are no different from each other. There is no point in showing her that you are the exact opposite of her. Tell her you deeply understand her motives and actions.

Match the energy she’s in! If she’s optimistic about life, tell her the things you’re so optimistic about, and tell her how much you love life! If she’s adventurous be adventurous too! If she’s fighting for a cause join her! Be a supportive lover throughout and watch her magic unfolding to you!

Take the lead!

As much as she likes taking the lead, your Aries woman still wants to be loved and chased after like a pretty woman. It is important to take the lead in the relationship and make her feel feminine around your energy…

She wants a man who’s strong and protective just like her, express your masculine energy by initiating and by being calmly confident. True confidence comes from within not from masking any of your insecurities or ego.

With that said, it is also best to tell her how you feel, no filters necessary. Be honest about when and how you want your relationship to turn out with her, this level of bluntness adds attraction points to you.

Get physical and show it to her!

Aries women are attracted to fit and sporty types. As such, cultivating a rigorous activity such as a sport, can be beneficial in showing her that you are the man of the house! Whether it is playing any sport such as football or basketball, this shows your masculine energy to her.

This is a good chance to offer her a supporting role that can make her feel feminine about herself. Instead of taking charge, which she is supposed to, and is used to doing anyway, it is also important to maintain your physical stature by maintaining a bigger and more muscular body.

Remember that your Ram lady is a sexually-charged individual and has certain tastes that turn her on. It is your choice to make her more in love and confident to be with you…

Travel, Travel, Travel, and Lots of Travel!

The first sign of the zodiac loves the jam-packed action of traveling! Whether it is in another country, place, or even in your local area that she might have not visited yet. Traveling together can build love, trust, and romance all at the same time!

Be Experimental in bed

Tease her, flirt with her in most unexpected ways, and try to do the flirting when both of you are outside.

Surprise her with romantic dates that can lead to more serious lovemaking. It is the best way to keep the thrill and passion in your relationship if she feels that her partner is experimental in terms of finding the right formula for romance and sex…

Acts of Love combined with passion!

Be open, communicative, and honest with her but don’t be sour pus when dealing with your emotions. Try to be more optimistic when handling difficult situations and not let anger get the best of you. Remember that your Aries lady can have a short volatile temper so try to be understanding.

Acts of love that are combined with passion will surely get her more to express her love for you! With that said, give her encouraging words, tell her how much you mean and care for her, and do not be afraid to tell the three words “I love you”.

Tell her directly how much you want her, her body, mind, and soul. Being as much in love with her will show that the relationship is worth it and she will be more inclined to pursue you! Doing all of these will surely get her to express more affection like no other!

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How an Aries Woman expresses love (and how to draw love from her!), final thoughts…

When an Aries man truly loves and cherishes you she will express her love and affection to you like those things mentioned above. When she is in love, she will see the world in red-colored glasses, and everything will be extremely fun and passionate in the relationship!

Applying some of the things mentioned above to encourage her to express her love to you will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Aries woman. Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong.

Remember that this applies to women with their Sun sign in Aries or those women who have plenty of heavy Aries placements in their birth chart, if you want to know more about your Aries woman’s full birth chart, you should determine her exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of her birth.

There can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Aries traits of your Aries woman, for example, an Aries woman has a Scorpio moon along with other water placements can make which can make her extremely secretive and strategic as opposed to the usual impulsiveness of an Aries.

Another example could be an Aries woman can have Aries stellium which means her Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of her inner planets are under the sign of Aries, amplifying the energy of Aries, giving her the stereotypical nature of an Aries — forceful, outspoken, impulsive, optimistic.

The only way to truly find out his full personality is by finding out his birth chart, specifically looking for his Venus sign which will determine how he expresses love and pleasure and how he would like to be loved by his partner…



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